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Profiles of Radio Stations


  Radio 1630AM, La Plata


  Radio Yura, Yura
  Radio Mallku, Uyuni


  Super 1440, Rio de Janeiro RJ


  Tianjin Radio, Tianjin


  Information Radio Iraq
  The Future (al-Mustaqbal)
  an article of clandestine stations to Iraq including the following:
  Twin Rivers Radio
  Radio Tikrit
  Radio Nahrain
  Voice of Iraqi Liberation
  Ashur Radio
  Voice of Iraqi People
  Republic of Iraq Radio - Voice of Iraqi People
  Voice of Islamic Revolution of Iraq
  Voice of Rebellious Iraq
  Radio Free Iraq
  Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan
  Voice of the People of Kurdistan
  Radio Kurdistan
  Voice of Kurdistan Toilers

Congo (Dem. Rep.)

  Radio Okapi, Kinshasa


  NRK Ingøy


  Radio América, Asunción


  CPN Radio, Lima
  Radio Santa Rosa, Lima
  Radio La Hora, Cusco
  Radio San Miguel, Cusco
  R Libertad de Junín, Junín
  Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cusco
  R San Miguel Arcangel, San Miguel de Pallaques

Sierra Leone

  Radio UNAMSIL, Freetown


  A3Z Tonga BC, Nuku'alofa

United Kingdom

  Radio Cavell, Oldham

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