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For Journalists


Editor Mika MäkeläinenDXing.info is edited by Finnish journalist Mika Mäkeläinen. For more than 40 years Mäkeläinen has monitored, investigated and reported about international radio broadcasting. Mäkeläinen works as foreign news reporter for the Finnish Broadcasting Company, based in Helsinki, Finland. You can get in touch with Mäkeläinen via Facebook.

Press releases

New radio propaganda operation uncovered in Iraq
(March 11, 2003)

Comprehensive website on DXing opened
(May 15, 2002)


DXing.info is the reliable information source for radio hobbyists and professionals alike. From small-town stations in rural South America to war-zone clandestine stations in the Persian Gulf, DXing.info news section has often been the first on the world wide web to report about new radio stations. DXing.info is for anyone interested in monitoring international radio broadcasting. Though primarily about DXing for DXers, if you're into broadcasting, shortwave, radio propagation or radio propaganda, you will find compelling new information.
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In the press

(sorry, this hasn't been updated since 2006, too many to list)

Nippon Hoso Kyokai, Asahikawa, (Japan): Morning TV News (NHK video mpeg video file)
(March 8, 2006)

Radio KVTA, Port Hueneme CA (USA): The Spence and Bob Show
(March 6, 2006)

Radio KPRL, Paso Robles CA (USA): News
(January 20, 2006)

Radio KHTS, Canyon Country CA (USA): Afternoon show (KHTS audio audio)
(January 18, 2006)

Radio Sensación, Caracas (Venezuela)
(December 5, 2005)

Radio Satélite, Guacara (Venezuela)
(December 2, 2005)

Radio Singapore International (Singapore): Undertones (Audio Radio Singapore International audio 9.3 Mb WAVE)
(January 31, 2005)

Radio HCJB (Ecuador): DX-HCJB in Portuguese (Audio HCJB audio 2.5 Mb MP3)
(January 15, 2005)

BBC Radio Guernsey (United Kingdom): Studio One
(April 29, 2003)

Sydney Education Radio 2SER (Australia): Undercurrent
(April 14, 2003)

Radio Vlaanderen International (Belgium): Radio World about Information Radio (text) (Audio RVI Radio World on April 13, 2003 audio 3.6 Mb MP3)
(April 13, 2003)

Guardian (United Kingdom): Daily briefing
(April 8, 2003)

Deutsche Welle (Germany): Newslink
(March 24 & 25, 2003)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (Germany)
(March 23, 2003)

ARD (Germany): Studio Praha, first and second version about War on the Airwaves (in German) - broadcast on many German radio stations
(March 24, 2003)

WBAI Pacifica Radio (New York City, USA): Wake Up Call
(March 14, 2003)

ABC (Australia): The World Today: Propaganda war underway in Gulf
(Audio ABC on Radio Tikrit RM audio, Windows Mediaplayer audio)
(March 14, 2003)

YLE Radio 1 (Finland): Päivän peili (audio in Finnish, 3 MB)
(March 12, 2003)

New Scientist (United Kingdom): New Iraqi radio station enters airwave war
(March 11, 2003)

Radio Netherlands: Psychological warfare: Voice of Iraqi Liberation
(March 10, 2003)

Radio Vlaanderen International (Belgium): Radio World about Monitoring Iraq (text) (Audio RVI Radio World March 9, 2003 audio 3.1 Mb MP3)
(March 9, 2003)

YLE Radio 1 (Finland): Ykkösaamu (audio in Finnish, 10 MB)
(March 5, 2003)

Ether Zone (USA): Black radio exposed: An interview with shortwave specialist Mika Makelainen
(March 3, 2003)

Business Nieuws Radio (Netherlands): Radio Tikrit (Audio Radio Tikrit on Business Nieuws Radio (in Dutch) audio 346 kb Real Media, in Dutch)
(March 2, 2003)

Radio Vlaanderen International (Belgium): Radio World about DXing.info (Audio RVI Radio World March 9, 2003 audio 3.3 Mb MP3)
(March 2, 2003)

ABC (Australia): US owned radio station broadcasts through Iraq (Audio ABC on Radio Tikrit audio)
(February 28, 2003)

BBC (United Kingdom): US escalates psy-ops war
(February 27, 2003)

New Scientist (United Kingdom): Iraqi radio station may be US 'black' propaganda
(February 25, 2003)

Guardian (United Kingdom): Wargames open with clandestine broadcasts
(February 25, 2003)

(studio quality sound files made available on DXing.info with permission from the broadcasters - only some samples listed)

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