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AIH159 DXpedition in Lapland: A trip to Norway, stunning aurora and random AM catches

Aurora borealis on AIH159Being able to take a break from war reporting was the most important benefit of the 159th DXpedition to Aihkiniemi in Lapland. Conditions were average and pretty stable, but there were no historic openings. We were able to find a few new stations mostly from the US, Mexico, China and Spain. Additionally, seeing rare reddish northern lights, getting some media attention and taking a road trip to meet Norwegian DXers in Kongsfjord were the highlights of AIH159.
 To the AIH159 DXpedition report (November 6, 2022)

A second building added to the Aihkiniemi DX base in 2020

Aihkiniemi cabinsImagine spending a week in the middle of nowhere with 14 Beverage antennas — each roughly a kilometer in length and capable of catching hundreds of rare stations. It's possible because we've made our famous DXpedition base in Aihkiniemi, Finland available for rent to other DXers. The facilities have greatly improved in 2020. Going on a first class DXpedition has never been this easy.
 To the article (updated in Oct. 2022)
 To the latest DXpedition report from Aihkiniemi (Nov. 6, 2022)


AIH142 DXpedition in Lapland: A steady flow U.S. stations until a major solar eruption

Mika with coax in a tunnelOur traditional October DX trip (AIH142) focused squarely on North American stations. We had a couple of nice openings, and reception improved gradually until October 28th. Just as we expected to enjoy daytimer-filled final days of the month, a large solar eruption silenced the AM band for the remaining days. Apart from DXing, a definite highlight was an excursion to the Arctic Ocean coast, where we enjoyed the hospitality of our Norwegian DX friends over a fabulous king crab dinner.
 To the AIH142 DXpedition report (November 9, 2021)

How to Identify Chinese Radio Stations

China National Radio logoChina is one of the few countries increasing its presence on the medium wave (AM) radio dial, as DXers have been able to observe. Identifying Chinese stations can however be tricky if you don't understand the language. With this guide you will learn how to identify Chinese stations based on just a few keywords and phrases. Don't let the language barrier intimidate you, because DXing Chinese stations can be extremely exciting and rewarding.
 To the Article (January 1, 2014)

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