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AIH133 DXpedition in Lapland: Business and pleasure combined

Aihkiniemi in the Finnish Lapland is an ideal place to work remotely while spending the rest of the day scanning the AM dial. Also, antenna maintenance provides more than enough exercise. As impressive northern lights hint, propagation conditions were quite variable. Still, there was plenty to listen to from all directions, detailed in this AIH133 DXpedition report. 15 TB of SDR recordings are waiting for closer inspection.
 To the AIH133 DXpedition report (February 25, 2021)

A second building added to the Aihkiniemi DX base in 2020

Aihkiniemi cabinsImagine spending a week in the middle of nowhere with 14 Beverage antennas — each roughly a kilometer in length and capable of catching hundreds of rare stations. It's possible because we've made our famous DXpedition base in Aihkiniemi, Finland available for rent to other DXers. The facilities have greatly improved in 2020. Going on a first class DXpedition has never been this easy.
 To the article (updated in Dec. 2020)
 To the latest DXpedition report from Aihkiniemi (February 25, 2021)


Brazilian DXers set up a DX shack in the Amazon rainforest

Martin Butera and Ivan DiasTwo very experienced Brazilian DXers, Martín Butera and Ivan Dias, made history by traveling to Marajó Island at the mouth of the Amazon River for a DXpedition in November 2019. Martin and Ivan built antennas as buffalos were roaming around them. In this report you will find loads of scenic photos from exotic locations, as well as plenty of AM loggings.
 To the Marajó Island DXpedition report (PDF, February 15, 2020)

How to Identify Chinese Radio Stations

China National Radio logoChina is one of the few countries increasing its presence on the medium wave (AM) radio dial, as DXers have been able to observe. Identifying Chinese stations can however be tricky if you don't understand the language. With this guide you will learn how to identify Chinese stations based on just a few keywords and phrases. Don't let the language barrier intimidate you, because DXing Chinese stations can be extremely exciting and rewarding.
 To the Article (January 1, 2014)

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