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LEM482 DXpedition in Lapland: The top DXer of North American stations in Finland makes many rare discoveries

Northern lights over LemmenjokiThe last week of October and the first week of November turned out to be a lucky choice for us in Lemmenjoki in terms of geomagnetic disturbances caused by solar activity. This good situation, with the peak area being Northern California and Southern Oregon, lasted for a couple of days. Having previously 155 stations heard and QSLed from the state of California, on the first day I personally got 6 new ones, writes Hannu Niilekselä.
 To the LEM482 DXpedition report (PDF) (December 4, 2023)
 To the LEM487 DXpedition report (PDF) (February 24, 2024)

Kongsfjord, Norway – The world’s northernmost DXpedition site

Kongsfjord cabinKongsfjord at the northern tip of Norway is one of the premier AM DXing sites in the world. Regular DXpeditions are organized by owner Bjarne Mjelde and detailed on his website. In this article Bjarne and Norway's other leading AM DXers tell about the conditions and highlights of their DXpeditions in Kongsfjord over the past four decades. You can also get an up close view of the sophisticated equipment used in Kongsfjord.
 To the PDF article (January 6, 2024)


AIH176 DXpedition in Lapland: Gold nuggets from California and TIS treasures from the Pacific Northwest

Enter AIH176 reportOn the 176th Aihkiniemi DXpedition we scored three extremely rare Travelers' Information Stations (TIS). They are the ultimate DX targets from North America due to their very low transmitter power. Normally, such stations are heard just a few kilometers away, but we caught three of them from the Pacific Northwest, about 7,000 kilometers from Lapland. Additionally, conditions strongly favored California, resulting in a dozen personally new AM catches from there.
 To the AIH176 DXpedition report (November 14, 2023)

How to Identify Chinese Radio Stations

China National Radio logoChina is one of the few countries increasing its presence on the medium wave (AM) radio dial, as DXers have been able to observe. Identifying Chinese stations can however be tricky if you don't understand the language. With this guide you will learn how to identify Chinese stations based on just a few keywords and phrases. Don't let the language barrier intimidate you, because DXing Chinese stations can be extremely exciting and rewarding.
 To the Article (January 1, 2014)

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