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Radio News in April 2010

Radio Sweden closing shortwave and mediumwave

Sveriges RadioRadio Sweden is joining many other European broadcasters by closing down its transmissions on the mediumwave and shortwave bands. Broadcasts will end on October 31, 2010, and instead, Radio Sweden will continue to operate on the Internet. English-language service will continue to serve the domestic audience also on the FM band. Russian broadcasts will be available on the Internet just like German programs already are. Among the immigrant languages, Albanian, Assyrian-Syriac and Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian are to be terminated in the end of October. Meanwhile, Arabic and Somali - the largest immigrant language groups in Sweden - are to be boosted. The same applies to Romani, which is one of Sweden's five official minority languages. The Persian service is to include also Dari spoken by the rapidly increasing number of Afghan refugees coming to Sweden. Kurdish broadcasts remain unchanged. Swedish Radio's output in immigrant languages will be available on the web and nationwide on the FM band.

(DXing.info, April 26, 2010)

New Peruvian shortwave station on 5485.6 kHz

Radio Frecuencia Popular is a new shortwave station broadcasting from Olmos in Peru. The station plays traditional Peruvian music on the frequency of 5485.6 kHz, heard closing down around 0200 UTC. According to announcements heard by DXer Rafael Rodriguez in Colombia on February 20, the station also broadcasts on 1320 kHz mediumwave, which is listed in the current World Radio TV Handbook as "Radio 1320", call sign OBU1S and address as Jirón San Francisco 239, Olmos, Provincia de Lambayeque, Peru.
(DXing.info,April 26, 2010)

Radio Scombro in Buenos Aires on 1320 kHz AM

Another Latin American station on 1320 kHz is Radio Scombro from José C. Paz, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires in Argentina. AM programming is a relay of 90.7 FM, according to local DXer Arnaldo Slaen. He heard the station announcing telephone numbers 4663-4000 and 02320-581615, with street address as Cruce de la Ruta 8 y la Ruta 197, en José C. Paz, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Slaen reported the station on Condig mailing list on April 19.

(DXing.info,April 26, 2010)

Three Angels Network in Australia on 1629 kHz

3ABN Radio3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting Network) has begun transmissions on the extended AM band in Australia. 3ABN is broadcasting from Busselton, West Australia on the frequency of 1629 kHz. Transmissions began on January 7, 2010. 3ABN also plans to broadcast from the Perth metropolitan area in WA on the same frequency. John and Rosemary Malkiewycz are running the Busselton transmitter, which has a power of 400 watts. DXer Gary Deacon in South Africa was the first to report the station. 3ABN is a worldwide Christian media network, but until launching the Busselton station, in Australia they only operated on the FM band.

(DXing.info, April 26, 2010)

The purpose of the radio news section is to inform about new mediumwave (AM) and shortwave broadcasting stations worldwide. Other news are published only on major international broadcasters or issues very relevant to DXers. New programs and schedules are not covered.

News are edited by Mika Mäkeläinen. If you have first hand news about radio broadcasting or DXing, please email us (info at dxing.info). You may also post news items yourself in the DXing.info Community. News items originate from the DXing.info website or own sources unless another source is mentioned. Extracts from news items may be quoted if the website http://www.DXing.info is mentioned as source. See terms of use for details.

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