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Mika Mäkeläinen, Finland
Editor of DXing.info

Mika reporting in the air above Rio de Janeiro

Mäkeläinen is a Finnish broadcast journalist, currently working as foreign news reporter for the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE), based in Helsinki, Finland. In 2015-2017 Mäkeläinen was the Asia correspondent of YLE, living in Beijing. In 2006-2009 Mäkeläinen worked as the U.S. bureau chief and chief correspondent for YLE in Washington DC. Prior to that, he worked as foreign news reporter and duty editor for YLE, and reported also for CNN (mostly for the CNN World Report, renamed as World View in 2009), which earned him four CNN prizes in 1997-2003.

Mäkeläinen graduated from the University of Helsinki. He has also done postgraduate work in political science as a Knight Fellow at Stanford University in the United States and new media concept design at the University of Arts and Design in Finland.

Mika in Gitmo

Mäkeläinen regularly reports from hot spots around the world. His assignments have taken him to many developing nations, including Brazil (picture above), and Peru; a report of an adventure from a DXing perspective has been published on this website. He has authored and edited several nonfiction books, the latest of which is titled "Kimlandia", an eyewittness account from North Korea, published in Finnish in 2019, in Swedish in 2020 and in Polish in 2021.

Mäkeläinen's expertise both in foreign news and in shortwave broadcasting has made him an often-quoted expert in international radio and radio propaganda. If you're a fellow journalist, this website can sometimes give you interesting news from the world of radio, check out info for journalists.

Mäkeläinen has been DXing since 1980. By 2018 he had collected 5000 verified AM and shortwave broadcasting stations from 222 countries and territories around the world.

Freezing closeup

Mäkeläinen lives in the interference-infested capital region, which unfortunately is not the ideal place for serious AM DXing. This is why Mäkeläinen travels to Lapland every winter. Here you can find his latest DXpedition report from Aihkiniemi. Although it can get cold, it is worth the trouble. All his DXpedition reports since 1990 are posted in the DXpeditions section of this site.

Aside from being an active DXer, Mäkeläinen has used his experience in Internet concept design to promote DXing on the Internet. His website Freeze! DXing Arctic Style was launched in 1998 and later rebranded as DXing.info. He maintains also other websites, including award-winning Finnish national debt clock Velkakello.fi. You can reach Mäkeläinen by emailing him at: mika at makelainen dot com, or follow this Twitter account:

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