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Stations logged by Mika Mäkeläinen in 2003

All stations listed here were heard at my suburban home in the city of Vantaa, next to the capital Helsinki, with wire antennas of 45 and 70 meters, and during the winter also a K9AY loop. No DXpeditions this year. The stations were heard from the start of the year until the beginning of August, when I moved to the U.S. Stations heard there are listed separately in the Silicon Valley Bandscan 2003-2004.

 kHz day.month. time UTC station, comments
666 25.1. 0605 Inforadio (Sender Freies Berlin)
5945 10.2. 1529 BFBS, for UK forces in the Gulf, but presumably transmitting from a European site.
6954.7v 9.4. 2049 R 3 Network, Poggibonsi, denied knowing about this shortwave relay
7436v 12.6. 0125 R Krishnaloka in Russian, QTH is said to be Orel with 150 watts
13855U 3.5. 2157 AFRTS Grindavik (near Keflavik)
 British Isles
 kHz day.month. time UTC station, comments
 kHz day.month. time UTC station, comments
1080 4.2. 2333 R Granada. Once again trying to get this one verified.
1224 12.2. 2327 COPE Albacete, finally caught this one
 kHz day.month. time UTC station, comments
1584 6.2. 2104 ERTU, Idfu/Baris. Holy Koran programming produced in Cairo.
 kHz day.month. time UTC station, comments
720 18.4. 1744 Voice of Mujahedin, a pro-SCIRI station in Arabic, perhaps via IRIB facilities
1170 18.5. 2315 R Farda, Dabiya
1548 9.3. 2300 R Sawa, Kuwait. A special feed for Iraq.
1566 11.2. 1713 Twin Rivers R, "Idha'at Wadi al-Rafidayn", a clandestine service targeting Iraq
1584 6.2. *1900-2100* R Tikrit. Even though the programming is pro-Saddam, I would bet that this is in fact a US-sponsored operation, and broadcasting via the US-run transmitter in Kuwait which is used for other clandestine radio services as well.
1584 23.2. 1639 IRIB Urumiyeh with a local ID
3880.81 25.2. -1830* Voice of the Communist Party of Iran, promoting its website www.cpiran.org. Heard also on the following morning.
3899.97 26.2. 0400 Voice of Iraqi People, Iraqi Communist Party.
3901.94 24.2. -1846* Voice of Iraqi People, Iraqi Communist Party.
3975 25,26.2. 0300 Voice of Iranian Kurdistan. Aira Dengi Kurdistana Irana, the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan is backed by the government of Iraq. The station broadcast in 1973-1975 and again from 1980 to present day. The station broadcasts at 0230-0530 UTC on 3975 kHz (audible until 0358 UTC, when Radio Budapest begins programming on the same frequency) and in the evenings at 1430-1630 UTC with programming in Kurdish and in Persian. The previously used frequency of 3985 kHz has been taken over by Iranian Radio in the evenings. The address of the station is P.D.K.I., c/o A.F.K. (French Association of the Kurdistan), P.O. Box 102, F-75623 Paris, Cedex 13, France, and email pdkiran@club-internet.fr
Voice of the People of Kurdistan
// 4417.5, soon drifting to 4026.08 // 4416.9
4025.5v 6.3.
Voice of Iraqi Liberation, (via Voice of the People of Kurdistan, Sulaymaniyah), a new clandestine station in Arabic to Iraq
4050 24.1. 1645-1900* Hit Shortwave, UNID QTH. The language has been identified as Dari. Who knows more about this mysterious station?
4085 24,25.2. -1931* Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan, the strongest one of the Kurdish stations
4090 26.2. 0400- Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan, first an ID in Kurdish, but the rest of the programming was in Arabic
4141v 26.2.
R Kurdistan, Voice of the Kurdistan Socialist Democratic Party
4245.7v 26.2.
Voice of Kurdistan Toilers, with announcements in Kurdish, but later the news in Arabic
4500 4.4. 1840 Information R (Iraq), the strongest frequency
4939.93 9.3. -1600* Hit Shortwave via UNID QTH
7100 26.2. 0400 Voice of Islamic Revolution in Iraq (probably via IRIB transmitters) // 9535, but better on 7100
7525 24.4. -1958* R Yaran in Farsi. A clandestine station presumably via Norway.
9155 12.3. -1757* Ashur R
9570 24.2. 0010 Voice of the Iraqi People, back here for a change, ex-9750, ex-9570
9745 18.4. 2156 R Bahrain has reactivated
 Australia & Oceania
 kHz day.month. time UTC station, comments
15480 30.1. 1340 HCJB Kununurra, very strong on this new frequency
 North America
 kHz day.month. time UTC station, comments
1470 22.1. 0548 WMBD Peoria IL. The first identified US station of the year.
5919.77 8.3. 0337 WBOH Newport NC testing
 Central America & Caribbean
 kHz day.month. time UTC station, comments
 South America
 kHz day.month. time UTC station, comments
1350 17.1. 0653 Teleradio, Guayaquil. A very nice surprise, and the first new station of the year for me.
4964.97 6.3. 2313 R Santa Mónica, Cusco
6140.62 31.1. 0634 R Melodía, Bogotá.
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