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Radio News in September 2009

Low-power stations on 1386 and 1602 kHz in the United Kingdom

J-com Radio logoA new low-power station has begun broadcasting on 1386 kHz mediumwave in the United Kingdom. Radio Jcom is the Jewish Community station in Leeds. Radio Jcom says that it is the first wholly dedicated Jewish radio station in the UK. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, six days a week, staying off the air during the Sabbath. Radio Jcom's address is P.O. Box 1386, Leeds, LS17 1FX, United Kingdom, and telephone number 0113 218 5836. Information about the station was first circulated by Andrew Tett on the BDXC mailing list, who heard the station testing on September 3, 2009. The same mailing list also published information about two motor racing related RSL stations operating on the AM band in September: Radio Croft in Croft on Tees broadcasts on 1602 kHz on September 12-13, and Radio Rockingham transmits from Rockinghom in Corby on September 19-20, 2009, on the same frequency.
(DXing.info, September 13, 2009)

KYES 1180 AM begins broadcasting in Minnesota

KYESCatholic radio station KYES (K-Yes) has begun broadcasting in Minnesota, the United States. Programming consists mostly of Catholic talk radio, including national programs by Relevant Radio. KYES operates on 1180 kHz on the AM band with a power of 50 kilowatts daytime, 5 kW nighttime and 8 kW during the so-called "critical hours". KYES began regular broadcasts in August 2009, but according to the station's Facebook page, the first test transmission took place already on July 10, 2009. The mailing address of the station is P.O. Box 547, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379, USA. Program director David Rydberg can also be reached by email.
(DXing.info, September 13, 2009)

New AM stations launched in Buenos Aires

In Argentina, Radio Creativa is transmitting from Olivos on 1230 kHz. Radio Creativa is located in the same address as Radio Onda Latina (1010 kHz) used to be: Avenida Callao 441, 17º Piso "G", (C1022AAE) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. The telephone numbers for the station are (011) 4372-5863 and 4372-5867. The station can be contacted also by email. Station director Sr. Aníbal Honorato Guerrero used to be in charge of Radio Onda Latina as well. Radio Creativa was first reported by DXer Marcelo A. Cornachioni on Condig mailing list on August 30.
     Cornachioni has also reported that Radio Amanecer on 1540 kHz is another new station on the capital area AM dial, transmitting from Barrio de Villa Lugano.
     Finally, Radio Libre is one more newcomer in the capital region, broadcasting from San Justo on 890 kHz. The unlicensed station can be contacted by email, phone 011) 4651-1694 and 4651-2828, or by writing to Calle Juan Florio 3573, (B1754AJK) San Justo, Partido de La Matanza, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. News about Radio Libre was published first by Cornachioni in Conexión Digital on July 5.

(DXing.info, September 13, 2009)

The purpose of the radio news section is to inform about new mediumwave (AM) and shortwave broadcasting stations worldwide. Other news are published only on major international broadcasters or issues very relevant to DXers. New programs and schedules are not covered.

News are edited by Mika Mäkeläinen. If you have first hand news about radio broadcasting or DXing, please email us (info at dxing.info). You may also post news items yourself in the DXing.info Community. News items originate from the DXing.info website or own sources unless another source is mentioned. Extracts from news items may be quoted if the website http://www.DXing.info is mentioned as source. See terms of use for details.

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