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Radio News in July 2008

Progressive talk KXLJ in Alaska launched on 1330 AM

KXLJ logoA new progressive talk station is conducting test transmissions in Alaska on 1330 kHz mediumwave. KXLJ is licensed in the capital Juneau, and has been testing its transmitter for the past three months. Regular AM broadcasting will begin by the end of August, says production manager Jacob Caggiano in an interview with DXing.info. According to Caggiano, KXLJ will eventually have a daytime power of 10,000 watts and a night-time power of 1,000 watts, although currently daytime power has remained around 1,000 watts because of transmitter problems. KXLJ is an Air America Radio affiliate, and aims to offer a progressive alternative to conservative talk radio. During the current test phase programming feed is retrieved from the Internet, while a satellite feed is still under construction. KXLJ can be reached by writing to 1105 W. 9th St., Juneau, AK 99824. The telephone number is 907-796-1330.
(DXing.info, July 23, 2008)

The purpose of the radio news section is to inform about new mediumwave (AM) and shortwave broadcasting stations worldwide. Other news are published only on major international broadcasters or issues very relevant to DXers. New programs and schedules are not covered.

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