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Radio News in September 2003

Radio Onda Imperial and Radio Panorama from Peru reactivated

Two Peruvian stations have reactivated their shortwave broadcasts; Radio Onda Imperial from Cusco on 5055 kHz and Radio Panorama from Recopampa on 5459 kHz. Both stations were heard by SWB’s Björn Malm in Ecuador, Radio Onda Imperial on September 25 at 0135 UTC, and Radio Panorama on September 24 at 0000 UTC, the latter with a program called "Potencia Tropical". In the World Radio TV Handbook, Radio Onda Imperial is listed on 5056 kHz, and Radio Panorama on 5907 kHz. Radio Onda Imperial has a domain, which is currently not in use.
(DXing.info, September 28, 2003)

Pan European Radio testing from Sweden on 1179 kHz

Pan European Radio from the Netherlands is planning to conduct two test transmissions via Sweden on 1179 kHz mediumwave. As reported by Bernd Trutenau in Lithuania on mw-dx, the transmitter used is located in Sölvesborg and is operated by Teracom at either 300 or 600 kilowatts of power. The broadcasts will be aired from Friday, September 26 at 2230 UTC to Saturday, September 27 at 0030 UTC, and again at the same time on Saturday evening, closing down at 0030 UTC on Sunday September 28. An address for reception reports will be announced in the broadcasts. In December 2002, Pan European Radio conducted a similar test transmission via a transmitter in Koszecin, Poland on the frequency of 1080 kHz. Back then the station gave P.O. Box 10386, Beverly Hills, CA 90213, U.S.A. as its address for reports.
        During the test transmissions on September 26-27, an email address was given for reception reports. In responses received from the station, the following postal address was given: P.O. Box 16913
Beverly Hills, CA 90209.
(DXing.info, September 24, 2003, updated September 28)

WSWK Avondale Estates GA heard on 1690 kHz

A new X band AM station has begun broadcasting from Georgia. WSWK from Avondale Estates near Atlanta signed on on September 9, and was heard by DXer Kent Winrich in Wisconsin on September 16. WSWK is broadcasting on the frequency of 1690 kHz and is licensed to transmit with a daytime power of 10 kW and a nighttime power of 1 kW. Currently the station is broadcasting tourist information about the Wild Adventures theme park near Valdosta, Georgia, and simulcasting with WDDQ on 92.1 MHz FM. The station has been heard identifying as "Tourist Radio 92.1" and "Wild Adventures Radio." The original city-of-license for WSWK was Adel, Georgia.
(DXing.info, September 20, 2003)

Two new low-power AM stations in the United Kingdom

Radio Hope, broadcasting from the Liverpool Hope University College in Liverpool has been reported testing on 1350 kHz. According to Tim Foulsham of Radica Broadcast Systems quoted on BDXC-UK, the station is not yet operational, although it tested on September 12. Radio Hope is expected to launch in the next few weeks.
     Another new low-power mediumwave station from the United Kingdom is BFBS Gurkha Radio from Gamecock Barracks, Bramcote, Nuneaton on 1134 kHz. The station has been operating since September 16, relaying output from Shorncliffe studio. Morning and evening programs are in Nepali, rest of the time carrying BFBS1 English service. According to Foulsham, hours of Nepali service are expected to increase in the future.
(DXing.info, September 20, 2003)

Luxembourg powerhouse begins a regional service in German

RTL logoRTL Radio has launched a new regional radio service for the German state of Nordrhein-Westphalia using the traditional RTL wavelength of 208 meters. As reported by Radio Netherlands, the service is broadcast on mediumwave 1440 kHz as well as in analogue on the Astra 1A satellite at 19.2 east on 11.391 GHz H (audio subcarriers 7.74/7.92 kHz) and 11.273 GHz H (audio subcarriers 7.38/7.56 MHz). The service is also carried digitally on Astra 1H transponder 97 (12.343 GHz H) and on cable systems in Nordrhein-Westphalia. The power used on 1440 kHz is 300 kilowatts, except between 0330 and 0800 UTC when it is increased to 1200 kW. Using the slogan "Best hits with a feeling" (Die Besten Hits mit Gefühl), the station can be heard regionally also on 93.3 and 97.0 MHz. Regional weather and traffic information is promised every half hour.
(DXing.info, September 20, 2003)

Opponents of WTO broadcasting on shortwave from Mexico

A station calling itself Radio Free Cascadia International (RFCI) has been heard on 15045 kHz shortwave. Scheduled to be on the air on September 10-14 in connection with a World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting in Cancún, Mexico, the station is airing views of the opponents of the WTO who have also gathered in Cancún. The transmission schedule, published by DXLD 3-159, is as follows: 1700-0500 UTC on 15045 kHz, daytime alternate 1700-2300 UTC on 17552.5 kHz (variable), evening alternate 2300-0500 UTC on 9310 kHz (variable). Depending on propagation and other factors, the broadcasts may run instead between 1900 and 0700 UTC. On September 11, the clandestine radio operation was heard by several North American DXers on 15045 kHz, with both English and Spanish-language programming. According to DXLD, where the station was first reported, the station has no connection with Radio for Peace International (RFPI), although it is broadcasting on a frequency previously used by RFPI. RFCI can be contacted by email or by writing to P.O. Box 703, Eugene, OR 97440, U.S.A. More in the DXing.info Community.
(DXing.info, September 11, 2003)

News edited by Mika Mäkeläinen. News items originate from DXing.info site or own sources unless another source is mentioned. Extracts from news items may be quoted if the website http://www.DXing.info is mentioned as source. See terms of use for details.

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