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Mediumwave Stations from Africa
logged in Finland 2005-2006

kHz - country - station, location - logger (* = many) - first date

576 CNR RNE1 Canarias, Las Palmas LEM216 LEM218 LEM222
594 NIG FRCN Kaduna, Jaji LEM211
621 CNR RNE1 Canarias, Santa Cruz de Tenerife LEM220
747 CNR RNE5 Las Palmas LEM213
819 EGY ERTU Batra TTH
837 CNR COPE Las Palmas LEM216
1053 LBY LJBC Tripoli ANH
1098 AFS Ikwekwezi FM, Ga-Rankuwa LEM214
1107 EGY Vo Arabs, Batra VJR/N 1106,78
1152 KEN KBC Wajir JHY/V
1179 CNR R Clube Tenerife, Las Palmas LEM222
1197 EGY R Alexandria SSS
1197 LSO Family R, Maseru JHY/V
1269 CNR R ECCA, Las Palmas LEM211 LEM213 LEM216 LEM223
1296 SDN SRTC Reiba SSS
1377 TZA R Free Africa SSS
1386 GUI R Rurale, Labé * 1385,91
1386 EGY ERTU Luxor LEM214
1386 KEN KBC Maralal TJ LEM216
1431 DJI R Sawa, Djibouti Dorale KTU
1458 MYT RFO Mayotte, Pamandzhi LEM223
1530 MDR Posto Emissor Funchal LEM213 (LEM214) 1529,87
1530 STP VOA Pinheira JVA
1539 DJI R Djibouti, Arta JP JKH/K PJN
1550 AOE RN RASD, Rabouni JVA SDR1
1584 CEU R Olé PJN JVA

compiled by Mauno Ritola

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