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Mediumwave Stations from the British Isles
logged in Finland 2004-2005

kHz - country - station, location - logger (* = many) - first date

198 G BBC R4/WS, Droitwich/Burghead/Westerglen JTS STS
252 IRL RTE Clarkestown JTS STS SEH
567 IRL RTE Radio 1, Tullamore ANH/L PJN
693 G BBC R Five Live, 11 st's PUL/R
738 G BBC Hereford & Worcester, Worcester TAT
774 G BBC R Leeds, Farnley UKI74
792 G BBC R Foyle PUL/R UKI74
792 G Classic Gold 828/792, Bedford UKI74
810 G BBC R Scotland, Burghead/Westerglen/Redmoss ANH/L JMN JYS
828 G Classic Gold 828/792, Luton LÅ265 LEM203 TAT
828 G Magic 828, Leeds UKI74
837 G BBC Asian Network, Freemen's Common PUL/R UKI74
837 G BBC R Cumbria, Barrow LEM201 UKI74
846 IRL R North, Carndonagh PUL/R LÅ265 unlicensed
855 G BBC R Lancashire, Preston UKI74
855 G BBC R Norfolk, Postwick (Norwich) JHY/V UKI74
882 G BBC R Wales, 4 st´s JYS YAP (STS)
909 G BBC R Five Live, 11 st's YAP
936 G Classic Gold 936/1161, Naish Hill RG
936 G Fresh R, Hawes TAT UKI74 RG
954 G Classic Gold 666 & 954, Torbay LÅ265
972 G Club Asia, London JJK UKI74 PJN
981 IRL Star Country R, Emmyvale PUL/R UKI74 LEM199 unlicensed
990 G BBC R Nan Gaidheal, Redmoss PJH
990 G Magic AM, Doncaster UKI74
999 G Classic Gold Gem, Nottingham LEM199
999 G Magic 999, Preston *
1026 G BBC R Cambridgeshire, Cambridge TAT UKI74
1026 G Downtown R, Belfast UKI74 TAT
1035 G Northsound 2, Aberdeen UKI74 PJN
1053 G Talksport, Droitwich + 12 st's JMN
1107 G Moray Firth R, Inverness VEH JHY/V STS JYS
1116 G BBC R Derby, Burnaston Lane UKI74 TAT AW
1116 G Valleys R, Ebbw Vale TAT UKI74
1134 G BFBS Gurkha R, Bramcote/Sandhurst Berks JMS
1152 G Capital Gold 1152, Birmingham AW
1152 G Classic Gold Digital Amber, Norwich UKI74
1152 G Clyde 2, Glasgow TAT CER
1152 G Magic 1152, Newcastle PEV AW
1161 G Classic Gold 936/1161, Swindon UKI74
1161 G Magic 1161, Hull PEV AW
1161 G R Tay AM, Dundee PEV AW
1170 G Capital Gold 1170/1557, Portsmouth TAT
1170 G Classic Gold Amber, Ipswich UKI74
1170 G Magic 11-70 AM, Stockton LEM199 PEV AW
1170 G Signal 2, Stoke-on-Trent UKI74
1215 G Virgin R, 14 st's *
1242 G Virgin R, Boston/Stockton/Dundee/Sideway IRA
1251 G Classic Gold Amber, Bury St. Edmunds TAT
1260 G BBC R York/North Yorkshire, Scarborough TAT UKI74
1260 G Classic Gold 1260 Bristol LÅ272
1260 G Virgin R, Lydd/Guildford POS
1278 G + R Caroline, Tilbury POS 3.9.2004
1287 G 1287 Classic VRN, Kirkcaldy JMS
1287 G + BFBS R 1, 10 st's LÅ272 2.2.2005
1287 G Catterick Garrison R JMS
1287 G Garrison R, 3 st's LÅ272
1296 G BBC WS, Orfordness * also DRM
1296 G R XL, Birmingham UKI74 AW AW
1305 G Magic AM, Barnsley LÅ265 UKI74 TAT
1305 G Premier Christian R, Epsom/Chingford TAT
1332 G Classic Gold 1332, Peterborough JHY/V LEM201 LEM199 PEV
1341 G BBC R Ulster, Lisnagarvey JYS
1350 G Kingstown R, Kingstown-upon-Hull LÅ273 PJN POS
1359 G BBC R Solent, Bournemouth UKI74
1359 G Classic Gold Breeze, Chelmsford VEH AW
1368 G BBC R Lincolnshire, Lincoln TEJ JKH AW PJN
1368 G BBC Southern Counties R, Duxhurst PJN POS
1368 G Manx R, Douglas *
1377 G Asian Sound R, Ashton Moss UKI74
1386 G Anker R, Nuneaton JMS UKI74
1386 G Carillon R, Loughborough *
1413 G BBC R Gloucestershire, 2 st's JHY/V IRA PJN AW
1413 G Fresh AM, Richmond UKI74
1413 G Fresh AM, Richmond/Skipton TAT JKH LEM199
1431 G Classic Gold Breeze, Southend-on-Sea PEV AW
1449 G BBC Asian Network, Gunthorpe PJN
1458 G BBC Asian Network, Langley Mill STS TAT
1458 G BBC R Cumbria, Whitehaven (Carlisle) UKI74 TAT
1458 G BBC R Devon, Torquay TAT JKH UKI74
1458 G BBC R Newcastle IRA
1458 G Capital Gold, Manchester UKI74
1458 G Sunrise R, London JKH UKI74 AW
1485 G BBC R Humberside (Grimsby), Hull IRA UKI74 AW
1485 G BBC R Merseyside, Wallasey UKI74 TAT
1485 G BBC Southern Counties R, Brighton TAT
1503 G BBC R Stoke, Sideway JSN/LÅ AW
1503 G Forest of Dean Community R, Newent JSN/LÅ
1521 G Classic Gold 15-21, Reigate IRA PJN
1521 G Forest of Dean Community R, Cinderford LÅ265
1530 G BBC Essex, Southend-on-Sea TAT PJN
1530 G Classic Hits, Worcester TAT PJN ex Classic Gold 1530
1530 G Pulse Classic Gold, Huddersfield TEJ UKI74 TAT PJN ex West Yorkshire's Classic Gold
1548 G Capital Gold 1548, London UKI74 PJN
1548 G Forth 2, Edinburgh AW
1557 G BBC R Lancashire, Oxcliffe (Lancaster) UKI74
1557 G Classic Gold 1557 Northants, Northampton PJN AW
1566 G BBC R Bristol & Somerset Sound, Taunton *
1566 G County Sound R, Guildford *
1575 G Jam AM, Kingston-upon-Hull LÅ273
1584 G BBC R Nottingham, Clipstone TAT
1584 G London Turkish R POS SIN
1584 G R Tay, Perth TAT
1602 G BBC R Kent, Rusthall JMS POS PJN AW
1602 G Desi R, Southall PUL/R TAT

compiled by Mauno Ritola

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