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Mediumwave Stations from Africa
logged in Finland 2004-2005

kHz - country - station, location - logger (* = many) - first date

252 ALG ENRS Chaîne 3, Tipaza MR
540 MRC RTM A/Reg, Tahadart/Tanger TTH
576 CNR RNE1 Canarias, Las Palmas LEM203
594 NIG FRCN Kaduna Channel 1, Jaji (ANA)
621 CNR RNE1 Canarias, Santa Cruz de Tenerife LÅ265 LEM201 LEM205
621 EGY ERTU Vo Arabs, Batra TTH
630 TUN ERTT Tunis SIN
638 NIG Kaduna State Media Corporation, Katabu ANA
690 LBY LJBC Vo Africa, QTG? MR temporary offset
711 LBY LJBC Vo Africa/Great Homeland, Ghadames/Jefren/Sebha LEM202
819 EGY ERTU General prgr, Batra JMN ANH JRÄ
837 CNR COPE Canarias, Las Palmas LEM203
846 AFS Umhlobo Wenene, Komga LEM200
846 KEN KBC Swahili Sce, Nyamninia JHY/V
882 KEN KBC Swahili Sce, Kitale JHY/V
900 KEN KBC English Sce, Marania JHY/V
927 KEN KBC Swahili Sce, Malindi JHY/V
945 NIG R Kebbi, Birnin Kebbi (JHY/V)
972 ETH R Ethiopia, Robe JHY/V POS
972 LBY LJB Home Sce, Sirte JHY/V
990 NIG Bauchi Radio Corporation ANA
1026 NIG Jigawa BC, Dutse JHY/V
1053 LBY LJB Home Sce, Tripoli JHY/V JMN
1107 EGY ERTU Vo Arabs/Palestine prgr/Wadi El Nile R, Batra VEH PUL/R LEM201
1107 KEN KBC Swahili Sce, Maralal JHY/V MKA
1134 KEN KBC English Sce, Kitale JHY/V LEM207 MKA
1152 KEN KBC Swahili Sce, Wajir MKA
1161 EGY ERTU Mid Delta R, Tanta PUL/R
1197 EGY ERTU Alexandria R JSA LEM199
1233 KEN KBC English Sce, Marsabit JHY/V JLN/H LEM207 MKA
1251 LBY LJBC Vo Africa, Tripoli JMN
1269 CNR R ECCA, Las Palmas *
1269 KEN KBC Central Sce, Ngong JHY/V MNKA
1296 SDN SRTC General Sce, Reiba JHY/V LEM207
1305 KEN KBC English Sce, Wajir JHY/V LEM207 MKA
1377 TZA R Free Africa, Mwanza JHY/V LEM200
1385,9 GUI R Rurale, Labé *
1386 KEN KBC English Sce,Maralal *
1431 DJI R Sawa, Arta *
1449 LBY LJB Vo Africa, Misurata? JHY/V OLE6 ANH
1530 STP VOA Pinheira *
1539 DJI RTD Djibouti *
1584 CEU Radiolé, Costa del Estrecho via Ceuta PUL/R ODXK1/JVA JHY/V

compiled by Mauno Ritola

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