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Mediumwave Stations from Oceania
logged in Finland 2003-2004

kHz - country - station, location - logger (* = many) - first date

567 GUM KGUM Agaña LEM194 LEM190
729 AUS 5RN ABC R National, Adelaide SA LEM194 LEM190
801 GUM KTWG TWR Pacific, Agaña LEM187 LEM190
891 AUS 5AN ABC Metropolitan Netw, Adelaide SA LEM194 14.3.04
940 HWA KHCM Waipahu LEM187 LEM186
1035 NZL 2ZB Newstalk ZB, Wellington LEM187 6.1.04
1060 HWA + KHBC Hilo LEM187 3.1.04
1080 MRA KCNM Chalan Kiya LEM187
1080 NZL + 1ZB Newstalk ZB, Auckland LEM187 5.1.04
1161 AUS 5PA ABC Regional Network, Naracoorte SA LEM194
1278 AUS + 3AW Melbourne Vic LEM194 13.3.04
1404 AUS 6TAB OzBet, Busselton WA LEM194 12.3.04
1420 HWA KKEA Honolulu (LEM192)
1460 HWA KHRA Honolulu (LEM192) Korean
1500 HWA KUMU Honolulu LEM185 LEM192 LEM187
1540 HWA KREA Honolulu LEM192 Korean
1548 AUS 4QD ABC Central Queensland, Emerald Qld LEM194
1611 AUS + 3XX 16-11 Double X, Melbourne Vic LEM187 3.1.04
1611 AUS 6AY Independent R, Albany WA MKA
1611 AUS NTC R 16, Armidale/Tamworth NSW LEM187 4.1.04
1620 AUS 2MORO, Sydney NSW LEM187 (LEM188) ex 2KM
1620 AUS 4KZ KZ-FM Radio, Ingham Qld LEM187 LEM186
1629 AUS 4DB Country Music Network, Dalby Qld LEM187 2.1.04
1629 AUS NTC Radio 16, Armidale/Bathurst NSW LEM187 2.1.04
1638 AUS 2ME R Lebanon, Sydney NSW LEM187 LEM194 LEM186 (LEM188)
1701,16 AUS R 1701, Brisbane Qld LEM187 4.1.04 vf

compiled by Mauno Ritola

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