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Shortwave Stations from Oceania
logged in Finland 2001-2002

kHz - country - station, location - logger (* = many) - first date

2310 AUS ABC Northern Territory SW Sce/CAAMA R, Alice Springs NT HEP MAA21 PJN
2325 AUS ABC Northern Territory SW Sce/CAAMA R, Tennant Creek NT MAA21 1.1.2002
2410 PNG Tent. R Enga, Wabag MAA21 1.1.2002
2485 AUS ABC Alice Springs/TEABBA R via Katherine NT MAA21 1.1.2002
3204,97 PNG R West Sepik, Vanimo PUL/R MAA21 LEM163
3220 PNG R Morobe, Lae LEM163 19.1.2002
3235 PNG R West New Britain, Kimbe MAA21 LEM159
3275 PNG R Southern Highlands, Mendi PUL/R MAA21
3305 PNG R Western, Daru PUL/R JHY/V LEM163 LEM164
3315 PNG R Manus, Lorengau LEM164 30.1.2002
3344,86 PNG RRI Ternate LEM163 22.1.2002
3365 PNG R Milne Bay, Alotau PUL/R LEM159
3375 PNG R Western Highlands, Mount Hagen MAA21 (JHY/V)
3905 INS RRI Merauke *
3905 PNG R New Ireland, Kavieng JP MAA21 YK
3935,4 NZL R Reading Service, Levin HEP 30.1.2002 also r National R
3959,71 INS RRI Palu LEM163 22.1.2002
4789.1 INS RRI Fak-Fak
4890 PNG NBC Karai National R, Port Moresby *
5019,9 SLM SIBC R Happy Isles, Honiara * also r BBC WS
5995 AUS RA Brandon LEM165 8.2.2002
6153,6 INS RRI Biak LEM163 24.1.2002
7260 VUT VBTC Emten Lagoon MAA21 31.12.2001
9355 MRA VOA Tinian TTH 21.10.2001
9580 AUS RA Shepparton DC 10.2.2002
11565 HWA KWHR World Harvest R, Naalehu PJN 17.2.2002
11840 AUS Voice International, Darwin PJN 17.10.2001
11900 GUM KSDA AWR Agat PJN 6.1.2002
13362 GUM AFN/NPR Barrigada VEH MAA20 SEH USB
13615 MRA VOA Tinian PJN 30.3.2002
15330 GUM KTWG TWR Pacific, Agana AW PJN
15340 NZL RNZI Rangitaiki PJN
15415 AUS RA Shepparton PJN 30.3.2002
15475,5 ATA RN Arcangel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza *
17780 HWA KWHR World Harvest R, Naalehu VEH 29.9.2001
21820 AUS RA Shepparton PJN 6.1.2002

compiled by Mauno Ritola

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