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Mediumwave Stations from Africa
logged in Finland 2001-2002

kHz - country - station, location - logger (* = many) - first date

540 KEN KBC Swahili Sce, Voi LEM166 9.3.2002
594 NIG R Kaduna Channel 1, Jaji LEM163 21.1.2002
612 MRC RTM A, Sebaa-Aioun MTM LÅ227
621 CNR RNE1 Canarias, Santa Cruz de Tenerife LEM153 27.9.2001
621 EGY ERTU Vo Arabs, Batra VJR/N 8.12.2001
638 NIG Kaduna State Media Corporation, Katabu JJK
639 KEN KBC English Sce, Garissa LEM163 21.1.2002
657 NIG FRCN Ibadan National Station LEM163 21.1.2002
657 TZA RT English Sce, Dar es Salaam IPA 23.4.2002
675 LBY LJB Home Sce, Benghazi JJK 25.5.2002
720 TZA RT English Sce, Mwanza LEM166 9.3.2002
774 EGY ERTU Middle East R, Abis HAR MR
819 EGY ERTU General px, Batra VEH JKH MR
828 ETH R Ethiopia National Sce, Arba Minch JJK LEM166
837 CNR COPE Canarias, Las Palmas LEM162 LEM166
837 ERI VoEBM 2nd px, Sela'i Da'iro LEM166
846 KEN KBC Swahili Sce, Nyamninia LEM166 9.3.2002
864 EGY ERTU Holy Koran px, Santah HAR 21.11.2001
882 KEN KBC Swahili Sce, Kitale LEM163 21.1.2002
900 KEN KBC English Sce, Marania LEM163 20.1.2002
909 BOT VOA Mopeng Hill HAR LEM155 CW/P
954 KEN KBC English Sce, Nyamninia LEM163 LEM166
972 ETH R Ethiopia National Sce, Bale Goba JJK POS
972 LBY LJB Home Sce, Sirte JJK 25.5.2002
972 NIG + Katsina State Radio and Television Service JJK 25.5.2002
981 KEN KBC English Sce, Voi LEM166 9.3.2002
990 NIG Tent. Bauchi R Corporation JJK 25.5.2002
990 TZA RT English Sce, Songea LEM166 9.3.2002
1008 CNR Onda Cero R, Las Palmas * ex R Voz
1026 MOZ EP de Manica, Chimoio ARI LEM163
1026 NIG Jigawa BC, Dutse ANA JJK
1071 EGY ERTU Greater Cairo R JHY/V MR
1107 KEN KBC Swahili Sce, Maralal SSS/S 30.3.2002
1125 LBY LJB Home Sce, El Beida JJK 25.5.2002
1134 KEN KBC English Sce, Kitale POS
1152 KEN KBC Swahili Sce, Wajir LEM163 LEM166
1161 EGY ERTU Mid Delta R, Tanta JHY VEH MR
1197 EGY ERTU Alexandria R MR HAR JHY/V
1233 KEN KBC English Sce, Marsabit JHY/V LEM163 HS
1260 MOZ EP do Niassa, Lichinga IPA JJK LEM163 POS
1268 KEN KBC Central Sce, Ngong LEM153 25.9.2001
1296 SDN SNBC General px, Reba VEH SSS/S
1305 EGY ERTU General px, Assiut HAT 31.3.2002
1305 KEN KBC English Sce, Wajir LEM163 LEM166 JHY/V POS
1305 SEN TENT. SNRTS Chaîne Internationale, Dakar JJK 14.8.2001
1323 TZA + R One, Moshi JJK IPA 9.6.2002
1341 EGY ERTU Cultural px, Cairo VEH POS
1350 BOT RB Tsabong IPA 6.7.2001
1350 EGY ERTU General px, Quseir HAT 29.3.2002
1368 EGY ERTU Quran px, El Kharga JJK LEM166
1377 TZA R Free Africa, Mwanza MANA2 JHY/V SSS/S PJN also r VOA
1385,91 GUI R Rurale, Labé *
1386 EGY ERTU Holy Quran px, Luxor JJK IPA 25.12.2001
1386 KEN KBC English Sce,Maralal *
1422 EGY ERTU Matruh R/Holy Quran, Salum MR 3.5.2002
1440 TZA R One, Dar es Salaam JJK 9.6.2002
1458 MYT RFO Pamandzi LEM166
1502 AGL EP de Benguela PEH LEM153 CW/P MAA22
1530 STP VOA Pinheira *
1584 CEU Radiolé, Costa del Estrecho via Ceuta * ex 1583,64
1584 EGY ERTU Holy Quran px, Idfu/Baris JJK LEM166
1593 EGY ERTU Matruh R/Holy Quran, Siwa MSA MTM RLO/V JHY/V

compiled by Mauno Ritola

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