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Seefontein 9 DXpedition

March 28-31, 2011

by John Plimmer

This was a great gathering of South Africa’s top DXers with a total of 156 years of DXing between them. For the first time in Western Cape DXing we were joined by veteran DXer from the Highveld hinterland, Vashek Korinek from Johannesburg. Vashek has DXed inland mainly from his Copperton site near Prieska on the Orange River. Present were John Plimmer and his wife Dawn, Vince Stevens, Gary Deacon and Vashek.

Four dxers
DXers John, Vashek, Gary and Vince

We arrive in lovely clear weather with a nice breeze to cool the hard working layers out of the beverage antennas. We get out seven beverage antennas in all directions from Gary’s famous 220m BOG to Vince’s finely strung 400m beverage on 5 foot poles and dead straight. Look up previous visits to Seefontein for more detail on where it is and what its facilities are. Our hostess has improved the basic cottage over the years and at last the hot water system works and we can all get hot baths. There is a gas heater in the one bathroom and a solar heater in the other. I never liked solar heating – it’s fine when the weather is hot and sunny, but on a cold cloudy winters day all you get is cold water. Do have a look at Gary’s lovely video by clicking on the DX video link.

Five o’clock we are all ready and tested – the batteries are fully charged and all we need is some signals from the East. However, propagation is not good and we have to wait for seven p.m. until the first Aussie MW signal gets in = Adelaide on 1395. Meanwhile we are getting some Tropical Band signals before sunset at quarter to seven. Gary gets a nice signal from AFN Guam. Conditions are not good though, propagation is poor and there is a high level of static from nearby tropical storms giving S9+10 on the S meters. A few of the more powerful Aussies get through this noise, mainly the West Coast stations. John and Vince give up at about 9 but Gary and Vashek DX on into the night. Vashek turns out to be very serious night DXer, catnapping only a few minutes here and there and DXing all night long.

Tuesday morning conditions are still poor, bad propagation and still noisy from the storms – no sign of any North Americans but plenty of South Americans which Vashek is fascinated with. I hate DXing the Brazilians because the lower powered village stations can go for two hours without an ID and are a waste of time – Vashek is having a field day though. One of Gary’s BOGs is pointed to Europe and he is getting some very nice N. African and European catches.

John and Vince at the braai (barbeque)

Tuesday is another nice sunny day with little wind, so we decide that will be our “braai” day (barbeque). The lads sleep and John and Dawn go to town in Veldrif to shop for food and charcoal for the braai. Vince is braai master and we have a feast. I try a local sauvignon blanc to wash the boerewors (farmers sausage) down with and declare it to be first class battery acid. Vince likes it though (see picture) and downs a couple of glasses.

Tuesday evening conditions are better propagation and less static. We all get some reasonable catches. Wednesday the weather turns foul with rain and wind, so this is fish and chips day. John and Dawn go to town again and get it from a shop in Veldrif. The lads love it and devour it with appreciation, Vince washes it down again with the battery acid and I have got a high quality Nederburg Sauvignon blanc which I enjoy with relish.

Last time we were at Seefontein our hostess had lots of cattle which browsed around and cut and dragged our beverages. This time there was only three cattle and they kept to their kraal (cattle pen) far away from us and the antennas were left undamaged.

Despite the lousy weather Wednesday evening yields better propagation and less storm static. Gary gets a bonanza of Europeans on his BOG directed to Europe and some Tropical Band loggings of PNG and Solomon Isl. which have not been heard for some time.

Seefontein cottage – the pic is taken from the beach

Our last session, Thursday morning is the best, propagation is good and the storm static has all but disappeared. At last we get some N. Americans and Vashek gets a Canadian which are usually as scarce as hens teeth. I get an ID of “ESPN R.” with sport format and I m tentatively claiming this as it is the most powerful on 1700 kHz and is often heard at Seefontein. That is 1700 kHz XEPE Tecate Mexico, which is 10,000 miles away or 16,000 km’s. The only other ESPN on that frequency is Des Moines with an output of 1 Kw and has never been heard here. XEPE came in at 0509z, well after sunrise at 0456, a wonderful experience. At sunrise 0500z Vince gets 1480 Fall River MA and is overjoyed to end his DXpedition on high note.

Altogether it’s another great DXpedition with wonderful cameradie between us and some good catches, although it has not been as good as some past Seefontein DXpeditions. Vince is very happy with his Drake R8A and Gary with his Icom IC-R71. Vashek is happy with his AOR7030 and I am over the moon with my outstanding Icom IC-7600. I am bitterly disappointed with my Perseus SDR as this is its third DXpedition and the recordings are really not up to scratch. Stations that are loud and clear on the Icom are unreadable to weak on the Perseus. The recordings also seem to be a lot noisier than listening to the Icom’s recordings on the excellent Edirol mp3 recorder. Vince’s 1480 catch was unreadable on Perseus!!

I must finish this report by reminding all of the tremendous advantages of a DXpedition by the sea. For those of you who live inland you might not know about the “sea gain” effect of DXing by the seaside. The sea gain boosts the signals by several dB above what you may receive inland. Seefontein is right on the high tide mark and there is no electricity for five kilometres round, so it is electrically very quiet. For instance when listening to XEPE there was not a flick of the “S” meter above zero and no noise at all, yet the signal came wafting in over the airwaves as clear as a bell – a wonderful almost orgasmic experience. As Vashek spent a lot of money flying from Johannesburg and hiring a car for four days, he was more than satisfied by this expense for the wonderful experience he had, and vowed to return. Many DXers in the USA spend big money joining the coastal fellas at their famous seaside DX sites. So if you haven't experienced it, make a big effort to go to a coastal DX site.

Propagation conditions on the 31st – Solar flux 113, A index 3, K index 1

Logs - Vashek Korinek – AOR7030 – 2 beverages

590.0 0415 VENEZUELA, R.Continente, Caracas, oldies hits, announcements, good signal, 30/3

600.0 0420 BRAZIL, R.Gaucha, Porto Alegre, RS, topical talks and chats, good signal, 30/3

620.0 0430 BRAZIL, R.Pelotense, Pelotas, RS, local oldies, announcements, promos, fair signal, 30/3

630.0 0235 BRAZIL, R.Novo Tempo, Campo Grande, MS, talks, local songs, good signal, 30/3

684.0 2150 MAURITIUS, MBC, Malherbes, light pops, time check at 2102 (i.e. 2 minutes out), French news, good signal, 30/3

700.0 0310 ARGENTINA, R.Cordoba, Cordoba, talks, ID, announcements, poor signal, 30/3

700.0 0515 BRAZIL, R.Eldorado, Sao Paulo, SP, sports programme, fair signal, 29/3

740.0 0030 BRAZIL, R.Soc. da Bahia, Salvador, BA, announcements, adverts, promos, fair signal, 29/3

770.0 0520 URUGUAY, R.Oriental, Montevideo, talks, adverts, announcements, good signal, 30/3

783.0T 1710 AUSTRALIA, 6VA, Albany, WA, programme of rock and pop oldies, announcements in Australian accent (TENT.), fadey poor signal, 30/3

890.0 0040 BRAZIL, R.Tamandare, Recife, PE, talks, announcements, ID’s, fair signal, 29/3

900.0 0450 BRAZIL, R.Nordeste Evangelica, Natal, RN, inspirational talks and songs, 30/3

910.0 0005 ARGENTINA, La Red, CF, actualities programme, good signal, 30/3

920.0 0100 BRAZIL, R.Novo Tempo, Salvador, BA, info, promos, announcements, good signal, 29/3

940.0 2250 BRAZIL, Super R. Brasil (RBV), Rio de Janeiro, RJ, “A Voz do Brasil”, own religious programme from 2300, very good signal, 29/3

970.0 0015 BRAZIL, R.Pampa, Porto Alegre, RS, talks, discussions on economy, fair signal, 30/3

970.0 0035 PARAGUAY, R.9-70, Asuncion, noticias and sport, poor signal, 30/3

980.0 0045 BRAZIL, R.Nacional, Brasilia, DF, programme of local songs, good signal, 30/3

1000.0 0120 BRAZIL, R.Record, Sao Paulo, SP, talks, announcements, ID’s, good signal, 29/3

1020.1 0050 PARAGUAY, R.Nanduti, Asuncion, a talk programme, poor signal, 30/3

1030.0 0130 ARGENTINA, R.Del Plata, CF, chats about chocolate, good signal, 29/3

1040.0 0135 BRAZIL, R.Capital, Sao Paulo, SP, programme of local oldies, good signal, 29/3

1050.0 0140 BRAZIL, R.Capixaba, Vitoria, ES, religious programme of talks, fair signal, 29/3

1100.0 0145 BRAZIL, R.Globo, Sao Paulo, SP, a talk programme, fair signal, 29/3

1110.0 0150 ARGENTINA, R.De La Ciudad, CF, adverts and announcements, fair signal, 29/3

1125.0 2015 LIBYA, Saut Libya Al Hurra (V.of Free Libya), El Beida, talks, reports, info, emotional songs, in Arabic, good signal, 28/3

1150.0 0155 BRAZIL, R.Globo, Belo Horizonte, MG, talks and announcements, good signal, 29/3

1370.0 0200 BRAZIL, R.Iguatemi, Sao Paulo, SP, light local songs, announcements, good signal, 29/3

1400.0 2020 BRAZIL, R.Rio de Janeiro, RJ, promos, announcements, adverts, very good signal, 30/3

1410.0 2030 BRAZIL, R.America, Sao Paulo, SP, announcements, talks, poor signal, 30/3

1450.0 0435 ARGENTINA, R.El Sol, CF, nice modern local music, announcements, ID’s, fair signal, 31/3

1457.6 1900 ANGOLA, E.P. do Moxico, Luena, Radiojornal in Port., fair signal, 28/3

1550.0 1915 CLANDESTINE, V.of The Saharan Dem. Rep., reportedly via Algeria, endless Arabic talks with musical inserts, fair signal, 28/3

1550.0 0500 CANADA, CBE, Windsor,ON, CBC news in English, poor, 31/3


212.5 0355 KZ SOUTH AFRICA, Kleinsee, weak, 29/3

220.0 0100 IS BRAZIL, Cimbra, Salvador, BA, very weak, 31/3

258.0 0110 LU ANGOLA, Luanda, weak, 31/3

274.0 0200 SAL CAPE VERDE, Sal Isl., very weak, 31/3

277.5 0120 PY SOUTH AFRICA, Plettenberg Bay, fair, 31/3

305.0 0130 MH SOUTH AFRICA, Mmabatho Int., weak, 31/3

320.0 0310 ORS UNID., very weak, 31/3

335.0 0405 WC SOUTH AFRICA, Worcester, weak, 29/3

350.0 0140 VTR BRAZIL, Vitoria, ES, fair, 31/3

356.0 0420 CVL BRAZIL, Caravelas, BA, fair, 29/3

365.0 0150 KM SOUTH AFRICA, Kimberley, weak, 31/3

400.0 0330 CAX BRAZIL, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, fair, 31/3

470.0 1140 DP UNID., fair, 29/3

485.0 2250 UR SOUTH AFRICA, Margate, fair, 29/3

520.0 0430 BHZ BRAZIL, Belo Horizonte, MG, fair, 29/3

1705.1 2230 MAU UNID., fair, 30/3

Logs – Gary Deacon

Icom IC-R71 and two BOG’s, one to Europe and one to New York

531 0435 ALGERIA Alger Chaîne 1 Ain-El-Beida in AA w male vocals, drums and strings w 'jazz style' pentatonic piano responses 1 sec delay // 549 kHz - very good 28/3

540 0423 MOROCCO RTM Sidi Bennour w AA chants - fair 28/3

549 0422 ALGERIA Alger Chaîne 1 Les Trembles in AA - good 28/3

585 0422 SPAIN Radio Nacional, Majadahonda (Madrid) in SS - fair

594 0432 NIGERIA FRCN Kaduna National Station, Jaji w EE recitation of the National Pledge of Nigeria - good 29/3

594 2114 MALAWI MBC Radio One Lilongwe w id and mx - good 30/3

621 0430 CANARY ISLANDS RNE Tenerife w id in SS - good 28/3

684 0430 SPAIN RNE Dos Hermanas (Sevilla) in SS - good 28/3

684 1810 MAURITIUS Radio Maurcice, Malherbes w "The Logical Song" by Supertramp and "MBC" id in FF - good 30/3

720 1845 AUSTRALIA 6WF Perth w discussion - fair 29/3

729 1810 AUSTRALIA 5RN Adelaide w interview - poor 30/3

729 2058 GREECE NET Athínai w traditional mx - fair 28/3

729 0429 NIGERIA Kano Broadcasting Corporation, Jogana w sign on sig tune, Nigerian National Anthem and EE recitation of the National Pledge of Nigeria - fair 30/3

738 0432 SPAIN Radio Nacional, Palau de Plegamans (Barcelona) in SS w news - fair 30/3

747 0438 CANARY ISLANDS Radio Nacional 5, Mesas de Galaz (Las Palmas) in SS w news - fair 30/3

747 0405 HOLLAND Radio 5 Nostalgia Zeewolde (Flevoland) w Oldies mx incl "That'll Be The Day" by Buddy Holly - good peak 30/3

783 0435 SPAIN Rock y Gol Radio Miramar, Ctra. Consería (Barcelona) in SS - poor 30/3

792 0438 SPAIN SER Radio Sevilla, Sevilla in SS w news - poor 30/3

819 1815 MAURITIUS Radio Mauritius 2, Malherbes w traditional Indian female vocals, tablas and strings - very good 30/3

828 1820 AUSTRALIA 6GN Geraldton // 720 kHz - poor 30/3

837 0436 SPAIN COPE Various locations - fair 30/3

855 0440 SPAIN Radio Nacional Various locations - fair 30/3

864 0412 FRANCE France Bleu Paris - Villebon-sur-Yvette w rock mx - poor 30/3

1008 2214 HOLLAND GrootNieuwsradio, Zeewolde (Flevoland) w mx - fair 30/3

1008 0438 SPAIN SER various locations in SS w news - fair 30/3

1017 1618 GERMANY SWR Cont.Ra, Wolfsheim w GG ann by female presenter - fair 30/3

1020 0140 PARAGUAY R.Nanduti, Asuncion, w discussion in SS poor 30/3

1026 0425 SPAIN SER Radio w "Horse With No Name" by America - fair 31/3

1035 2220 ESTONIA Tartuskoe Semeinoe Radio (Tartu Family Radio)Tartu (presumed) w male ann in RR - fair 30/3

1062 0348 DENMARK DR P5, Kalundborg w wx forecast - fair w good peaks 31/3

1088 2122 ANGOLA Radio Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos in PP - good 30/3

1098 0440 SPAIN Radio Nacional 5 various locations in SS w id - very good 31/3

1110 0455 ARGENTINA R.De La Ciudad w classical and latin jazz music - fair w good peaks 30/3 Always enjoyable to listen to the quality music played on this station!

1125 0419 SPAIN Radio Nacional 5, various locations in SS w ann - fair 30/3

1143 0415 SPAIN COPE various locations in SS - poor 31/3

1152 0412 UNITED KINGDOM LBC News 1152, Saffron Green (London) w discussion by male presenter - very poor 31/3

1179 0425 SPAIN SER Radio Valencia / Rioja w "Horse With No Name" by America - good 31/3

1206 0420 FRANCE France Info, Bordeaux-Néac in FF fair - 31/3

1215 0420 UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio various locations w mx - very poor under Radio Botswana 30/3

1224 0421 SPAIN COPE various locations in SS w ann - fair 30/3

1242 0431 FRANCE France Info, Marseille-Cabriès-Réaltor in FF - poor 31/3

1278 0422 FRANCE France Bleu Sélestat w "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas - fair 30/3

1296 0329 SUDAN Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation Reiba w id in AA - very good 30/3

1305 0417 SPAIN Radio Nacional 5 various locations in SS - fair 31/3

1314 0417 SPAIN Radio Nacional 5 various locations in SS - fair 31/3

1341 0335 UNITED KINGDOM BBC Radio Ulster, Lisnagarvey w Radio 5 live programming - poor w fair peaks 31/3

1377 0424 FRANCE France Info, Lille-Camphin en Carembault in FF w ann - good 30/3

1260 0406 SPAIN SER Radio Murcia, Murcia (Presumed) in SS - poor 31/3

1422 0404 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler w news in GG by female announcer - fair

1431 2209 DJIBOUTI Radio Sawa, Arta w id and hip hop mx - good 30/3

1440 0332 LUXEMBOURG KBS World w religious pr in GG - very good 31/3

1449 0333 LIBYA Radio Free Libya Misrata w AA chants - very good 31/3

1458 2120 ANGOLA Emissora Provincial do Moxico, Luena in PP - good 30/3

1458 0401 UNITED KINGDOIM Sunrise Radio Brookmans Park w news in EE - fair 31/3

1485 0352 SPAIN UNIDENTIFIED under Radio Today in SS poor 31/3

1494 0358 GREECE NET Rhodos w ann by female presenter poor 31/3 * personal first

1494 0427 FRANCE France Info various locations in FF - poor 30/3

1503 0357 SPAIN Radio Nacional 5, various locations in SS - very good 31/3

1521 0358 SPAIN SER Radio Castellón, Ctra Valencia (Castellón) in SS - very good 31/3

1539 00432 SPAIN SER Radio various locations in SS poor 31/3

1540 0259 BRAZIL Radio Litoranea Guaratuba w id and mx - fair 30/3

1548 0355 UNITED KINGDOM Capital Gold, Saffron Green w "House Of The Rising Sun" by the Animals - poor under Radio Islam 31/3

1593 2112 UNIDENTIFIED w EE pop mx - poor 28/3

1602 0315 SUDAN Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation Kadogi in AA // 1296 kHz - good 30/3

2310 1848 AUSTRALIA VLA Alice Springs w discussion - poor 29/3

2485 1848 AUSTRALIA VL8K Katherine w discussion - fair 29/3

3275 2019 PAPUA NEW GUINEA Radio Southern Highlands - a surprise appearance w mx - very poor 30/3. Noted for the first time after checking the PNG frequencies.

3345 2022 INDONESIA Radio Republik Indonesia w chants - fair 30/3. Thanks to Vashek for pointing this out.

3365 1919 PAPUA NEW GUINEA Radio Milne Bay w mx. NBC id, indigenous fanfare and news at 2002 UTC - very poor 30/3

3385 1919 PAPUA NEW GUINEA Radio East New Britain w mx incl inspirational gospel song "We Will Glorify" by Twila Paris at 1945 UTC. Phone in programme and abrupt sign/off at 1958 UTC which may have been the result of a possible tx problem - poor 30/3

3480 2014 KOREA Voice Of The People in KK w mx - poor 30/3

3912 1930 KOREA Voice Of The People in KK w mx - poor 30/3

4319 2100 DIEGO GARCIA AFN w id "Your 24 hour news, talk and information source ; The Voice on AFN Radio" - good 30/3

4750 2132 INDONESIA RRI Makassar w id - good 30/3

4780 2028 DJIBOUTI Radio Djibouti w conversation exchanges inbetween regular drum beats - poor 30/3

4835 2155 AUSTRALIA VL8A Alice Springs w interview by male presenter with David Helmers, CEO of the Australian Men's Shed Association. Time check for "26 past 7:00" at 2154 UTC, followed by a birthday tribute to Herb Alpert who turned 76 that day (31st March) and his 1962 hit "The Lonely Bull" - fair 30/3

4885 0525 BRAZIL Radio Clube do Para w romantic ballads and id in PP - fair 29/3

5005 2032 EQUATORIAL GUINEA Radio Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial Bata w african mx - fair 30/3

5010 1853 MADAGASCAR Radio Madagasikara w id and mx ballad - good 30/3

5020 1912 SOLOMON ISLANDS w religious early morning devotion programme in EE - poor 30/3. Another surprise visit from a rare Pacific guest. I last heard the SIBC on 9545 kHz during September 1989!

5025 2150 AUSTRALIA VL8K Katherine w an interview by female presenter with Mark Holden who mentioned the upcomming Urban Quest Finals Concert on the 2nd April at 7 o'clock at the Darwin Entertainment Centre. Also promo and id for "ABC Darwin". News headlines by Katrina Bolton at 2200 UTC - fair 30/3

5035 0525 BRAZIL Radio Aparecida w id jingle in PP - fair 29/3

5765 1700 GUAM AFN w id "Get the most talk, news and information from the only source that brings it all. The Voice on AFN Radio" followed by AP Radio News by Rita Foley - good 30/3

6010 6010 BRAZIL R Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte in PP - fair 29/3

6090 0518 ANGUILLA Caribbean Beacon w religious programme - fair 29/3

7295 1800 MALAYSIA Radio Malaysia w id and news - good 30/3

9470 1910 INDIA AIR Aligarh w tabla and sitar mx - fair 29/3

9525 1508 INDONESIA Voice of Indonesia, Jakarta in EE w news and id - fair 29/3

9565 0610 BRAZIL Radio Tupi w sports commentary - fair 29/3

9595 0620 JAPAN R Nikkei 1, Nagara, Chiba, Tokyo in JJ w discussion - fair 29/3

9655 1704 ALASKA KNLS Anchor Point w id in Russian - fair 29/3

9820 1915 BRAZIL Radio Nove de Julho Sao Paulo w id in PP - fair 29/3

11715 1355 USA KJES Vado New Mexico w id - fair 30/3

11725 0528 NEW ZEALAND Radio New Zealand International w news and promo for "Our Changing World" - good 30/3

11735 1930 BRAZIL R Transmundial, Santa Maria w id in PP - poor 29/3

12133.5 0525 U.S.A. AFN w sports news and a message re pre-diabetes - fair 30/3

Receiver : Icom R71

Antenna : 2 x 200 metre BOGs

Logs – Vince Stevens

RX Drake R8A
Ant: Beverage 350m towards NYC & Beverage 250m magnetic North(ish!)

729 17h15 28/03/2011 AUSTRALIA 5RN Adelaide Election news & callers fair

891 16h59 28/03/2011 AUSTRALIA 5AN Adelaide over Lesotho w nx & talk good

972 04h06 30/03/2011 SPAIN or MOROCCO RNE R.Nacional (PRESUMED) in SS w talks & mention of Canary Isl poor

1010 05h17 29/03/2011 USA WINS New York talk about firefighters poor

1053 04h31 30/03/2011 UK Talksport synchro's //1089 but much weaker very poor

1089 04h31 30/03/2011 UK Talksport synchro's Ad for insurance poor

1341 04h28 30/03/2011 N.IRELAND BBC R.Ulster Lisnagarvey Relay of BBC R.5 Live wx & football nx poor

1449 17h02 28/03/2011 AUSTRALIA 6TAB Mandurah usual horse racing results poor-fair

1480 04h58 31/03/2011 USA WSAR Fall River MA ID @ 05h00 ABC nx quite a surprise to find this one considering the conditions last log of Dxpedition and the only one on MW that I was truely excited about!! poor

1530 05h30 31/03/2011 USA WCKY Cincinnati OH ESPN radio ID's fair briefly

1550 05h05 29/03/2011 CANADA CBE Windsor ON (PRESUMED) with nx & talk fair briefly

1600 04h55 29/03/2011 USA WWRL New York YL talks fair

3325 16h00 29/03/2011 INDONESIA RRI Palangkaraya w usual TOH signature music then nx in Indonesian very bassy audio poor

3330 05h15 30/03/2011 CANADA CHU Ottawa Time signals & ID fair

5010.3 16h05 29/03/2011 MADAGASCAR RNM Ambohidrano mention of 'Malagasy' in local lingo poor-fair

5025 05h55 30/03/2011 CUBA R.Rebelde Havana nx & ID in SS good

Logs – John Plimmer

Icom IC-7600 and Perseus SDR.
One BOG 350m pointing to Australia and over shoulder over Atlantic to New York

Freq Time Date Lang Station Town Country Power Remarks
258 140 3/11/31 CW LU LUANDA ANGOLA 0
274 149 3/11/31 CW SAL SAL ISLAND ATLANTIC 0
350 104 3/11/31 CW VTR VITORIA BRAZIL 0
360 41 3/11/29 CW ASN ASCENSION ISL 0
365 366 3/11/30 CW CVL CARAVELAS BA BRAZIL 0
386 47 3/11/29 CW GZ GHANZI BOTSWANA 0
612 1903 3/11/30 EE UNID ID "FARDA" EE TALK 0
666 1854 3/11/30 FF R REUNION ST PIERRE REUNION 20
720 231 3/11/29 PP R CLUBE RECIFE BRAZIL 100
720 1840 3/11/28 EE 6WF ABC PERTH AUSTRALIA 50
729 1721 3/11/28 EE 5RN ABC ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA 50
747 419 3/11/30 HH NPS R5 ZEEWOLDE HOLLAND 200
780 300 3/11/29 PP R JORNAL RECIFE BRAZIL 10
810 1828 3/11/29 EE 6RN ABC PERTH AUSTRALIA 20
828 1717 3/11/28 EE 6GA ABC GERALDTON AUSTRALIA 10
882 1854 3/11/28 EE 6PR PERTH AUSTRALIA 10
990 1708 3/11/30 EE 6RPH SPORT PERTH AUSTRALIA 5
1130 500 3/31/31 EE WBBR NY NY USA 50 PERSEUS
1296 1718 3/11/29 EE 6RN ABC WAGIN AUSTRALIA 10
1377 431 3/11/31 FF FRANCE INTER LILLE FRANCE 300
1395 1655 3/11/28 EE 5AA ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA 5
1449 1702 3/11/28 EE 6TAB MANDURAH AUSTRALIA 2
1458 1705 3/11/28 FF RFO PAMANDZI MAYOTTE 5
1458 244 3/11/29 EE R SUNRISE LONDON UK 128
1540 17 3/11/29 EE ZNS1 NASSAU BAHAMAS 8
1548 411 3/11/31 EE ID "GOLD" LONDON UK 97
1557 11 3/11/29 EE FRANCE INTER NICE FRANCE 300
5765 1638 3/11/28 EE AFN GUAM GUAM 3
6676 1610 3/11/29 EE VOLMET BANGKOK THAILAND 10

(published on April 11, 2011)

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