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Australian Radio DX Club Branch Meeting

Nhulunbuy (Gove), Northern Territory, Australia

Craig Edwards - March 2006

Hello boys and girls, a picture says a 1000 words, so here's a picture diary of a recent unofficial Australian Radio DX Club branch meeting at Nhulunbuy. Highlights was a listening session for Asian and North American MW stations and sharing of recent MW QSL's received. A full listing of logs and QSLs are included here:

Branch meeting
After seeing an ad in the Nhulunbuy newspaper, I arrived at the local Nhulunbuy ARDXC branch meeting
Needless to say I was rather perplexed by the participants choice of a Sangean ATS404 as the branch receiver and lack of beer at the meeting
I was successful in proposing a change of branch receiver to an Icom R75 and securing a motion to make this a non-dry event
It wasn't long before the branch started to celebrate being in such a DXer friendly location
The meeting involved numerous DX challenges
Winners and losers
There were winners, then there were losers...
Good time
Ultimately everyone had a great time

The meeting concluded at an unspecified time…




610 1545 Voice of the People of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Not the sexiest station on the AM band but noted here with Vietnamese commentary from Mrs Ho Chi, Mar 11 (CE)

612 1430 JOLK Fukuoka, Japan. Fair in Japanese carrying NHK1 // 675 with musical, Mar 10 (CE)

720 0935 KDWN Las Vegas, NV. Nice surprise this as 720 is totally dominated by 4AT & Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in the early evening. Noted at fair levels for 10 minutes with ads then DJ hosting talkback radio, for each caller he'd introduce them as 'Hello you're on the air KDWN', Mar 10 (CE)

720 1106 RRI Ambon, Maluku. Fair with local programming in Indo with no sign of usual 4AT or Russia this evening, local Id at 1110, Mar 10 (CE)

730 0930 CHMJ Vancouver, BC. Fair signal with ESPN NBA feature on possible player movements, Feb 12. (CE)

740 0937 KTRH Houston, TX. Fair for a little while but soon disappeared, playing Coast to Coast then ads & ID jingle as "News Radio 7-40 KTRH", Feb 12 (CE)

783 Voice of Vietnam, Thoi Long, Vietnam. Noted in passing and is a regular here, Mar 10 (CE)

864 1510 HBC, multiple sites, Japan. One of the few HBC stations on this frequency with male and female talks in JJ // 1287, Mar 10 (CE)

882 2121 DWIZ Valenzuela, Philippines. Good in Tagalog with talks of charity program with jingles as "DWIZ Radio 97.9" then DWIZ Patrol news reports, Mar 10 (CE)

909 1525 CNR Fujian, China. Fair with RRI Sorong already signed off, male talks in CC // 1089, Mar 10 (CE)

918 1119 DZSR Quezon City, Philippines. Good in Tagalog with pre-game show of a Philippines Basketball Association (PBA) game with slogans as 'Radio PBA', Mar 10 (CE)

972 1128 HLCA Dangjin, South Korea. Noted in passing with Korean commentaries, just above the splash from local 8GO on 990, Mar 10 (CE)

972 1920 DXKH Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Fair signal with good morning calls to various listeners relaying DZRH 666, suffering splatter from my local 8GO 990, Feb 24 (CE)

1008 2020 CNR multiple locations, China. Fair here with Chinese female talks // 6030, Mar 10 (CE)

1017 2104 DXAM Philippines. Note the new call for this baby, Jingle ID 'KBSI Kalayan Broadcasting System Incorporated….DXAM Radio Rapido" Mar 10 (CE)

1040 1020 CKST Vancouver, BC. This one has been heard more often recently instead of the regular KLHT Hawaii. Sports results for NBA and NHL, Fox Sports promo's and local ID as "You're locked on the new 10-40 Vancouver", Feb 12 (CE)

1080 0926 KWAI Honolulu, Hawaii. Good after taking over the channel for 45 minutes. Back to back island music then talks in Pacific Island language with mentions of numerous nations including Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, etc. At 1000 a female announcer in island language said "a station ID" then there was a pause and canned jingle sounding like "Kay Ay K 1 0 8". bFeb 12 (CE)

1107 1136 RRI Yogyakarta, Java. Poor in Indo with low modulation and mixing with JOCF, Mar 10 (CE)

1107 2052 DYIN Kalibo, Philippines. Came across this and was dominating the channel with sign on announcement in English with 'DYIN Bombo Radio' jingles then Philippines national anthem, but then was taken over 5 minutes later by another, Mar 10 (CE)

1107 2057 DXBB General Santos City, Philippines. Faded up over DYIN's sign on with Tagalog monologue followed by good morning announcements then ID 'D X double B Super Radio General Santos City, Station GMA, Radio GMA Network', Mar 10 (CE)

1116.3 2100 DXAS Zamboanga, Philippines. Philippine National Anthem, then ID 'Good morning your are tuned to DXAS your community radio, owned by the Far East Broadcasting Corporation', then into Christian song rubbish, Mar 10/11 (CE)

1150 0920 KTLK Los Angeles, CA. Excellent this evening with local traffic, ID as 'LA's Progressive Talk AM 11-50', promo for KTLK legal program, ads & promo for KTLKAM1150.com, Mar 10 (CE)

1215 1145 DYRF Cebu City, Philippines. Good with religious music pieces & ID "..on DYRF Word Broadcasting Corporation", Mar 10 (CE)

1224 1020 HLAA Gwangju, South Korea. Fair under DXED & CNR with female talks in Korean, Mar 11 (CE)

1270 0949 KNDI Honolulu, Hawaii. Good mostly with easy listening music show. ID on the hour "This is KNDI radio located in Honolulu Hawaii. KNDI is ….<static crash>…. and is licensed to broadcast on 1270 kilohertz with 5000 watts of power as authorised by the federal communications commission in Washington DC", Feb 12 (CE)

1280 1037 KXTK Arroyo Grande, CA. Fair strength with ESPN sports but suffering splatter from JOFR 1278, Feb 12 (CE)

1287 1150 RRI Palembang, Sumatra. Haven't heard this for ages, back to back music pieces, then on the hour local RRI ID and song of coconut isles. Mar 10 (CE)

1290 0945 KKDD San Bernadino, CA. Poor here noted in passing with Radio Disney programming. Mar 10 (CE)

1341 1215 CRI Guangzhou, China. Terrible modulation with CRI EE programming, Mar 10 (CE)

1350 1533 JOER Hiroshima ,Japan. Good in Japanese mixing with unid Chinese mumblings, Mar 10 (CE)

1470 0954 KUTY Palmdale, CA. Poor signal but better than usual, this is always dominated by CJVB when North Americans come in. Noted under CJVB with ID as "News Talk 14-70" and then into top 10 news stories. Mar 6 (CE)

1640 1005 KDIA Vallejo, CA. The likely contender here with religious talks over an unid with popular music. Never really peaked too well, so I decided to move on for other Nth American pickings. Mar 8 (CE)

1690 1022 KFSG Roseville, CA. Pretty good here with nice Spanish music pieces, Mar 8 (CE)

(CE) Craig Edwards, DXing at home in Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory, Australia with Icom R75, pre-amp, two 3m x 15m x 3m EWE's. 50o to North America & 310o to SE Asia.



Trans World Radio, Gavar 1377 kHz. Full data TWR QSL card for CD report & IRC, v/s Beth Chick, PO Box 141, A-1235 Vienna, Austria. Transmitter location listed as 'Central Asia' and Beth also sent a note saying that it's TWR policy to list this site as only Central Asia - very happy with this one as it's a new MW country for me (CE)


KUMU Honolulu, HI 1500 kHz. Finally QSL'd this one after 18 months of trying. Received a 'Reception Verification' basic A4 certificate for $US rp, v/s Robert William Leembruggen, Station Operations. Visionary Related Entertainment, 765 Amana Street Suite 206, Honolulu Hawaii 96814-3248 (CE)


JOTK Matsue 1296 kHz. Full data NHK QSL card & letter for CD & nrp. Report sent to Radio Station JOTK, Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), Matsue City, Matsue, Japan. v/s Toshihiro Mitsuyoshi, Technical Division, return address as Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Matsue Station, Nada-machi 1-21, Matsue City 690-8601 Shimane prefecture (CE)

JOTS Wakkanai 1368 kHz. Full data HBC network QSL for CD report & nrp. No v/s, Hokkaido Broadcasting Co Ltd, Nishi-5 kita-1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Hokkaido 060-8501 Japan (CE)

JOLF Tokyo 1242 kHz. Full data Nippon Broadcasting System QSL card for CD report, address 9-3, 1 chome, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8439 (CE)

JOPB Shizuoka 639 kHz & JOPK Shizuoka 882 kHz. Partial data NHK Shizuoka QSL card but at least both frequencies written on it. Report sent to Radio Station JOPB & JOPK, Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), Shizuoka City, Shizuoka, Japan. (CE)

JOQC Morioka 1386 kHz. Full data NHK Morioka QSL & sticker, no v/s, address Japan Broadcasting Co. of Morioka Station, 4-1-3, Ueda, Morioka Shi, Iwate, 020-8555 Japan. (CE)

JOIF Fukuoka 1413 kHz. Full data KBC QSL card & calendar for CD report, no v/s, address Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co Ltd, 1-1, Nagahama 1-chome, Chou-ku, Fukuoka 810-8571 (CE)

JOHB Sendai 1089 kHz. Full data NHK Sendai QSL card, stickers & postcard from NHK Sendai Office. I sent my report to NHK HQ Tokyo & requested they forward my report to the regional station. (CE)

JOUK Akita 1503 kHz. Friendly verification letter, nice JOUK QSL card, postcards and NHK sticker for CD report, v/s Hirokazu Toyota, Manager, Akita Broadcasting Station, 1-1-2 Sanno, Akita, 010-8501 Japan (CE)

JOUB Akita 774 kHz. Received a week after JOUK QSL also from Akita station. Verification letter, JOUB QSL card, postcards and NHK sticker v/s Hirokazu Toyota, Manager, Akita Broadcasting Station, 1-1-2 Sanno, Akita, 010-8501 Japan (CE)

JOKP Kitami 1188 kHz. No data card and NHK Kitami colour brochure for EE report sent direct to address simply as Radio Station JOKP, Nippon Hoso Kyokai NHK, Kitami City, Kitami, Japan (CE)

JOPG Kushiro 585 kHz. Full data JOPG NHK Kushiro QSL card for CD & nrp. Report sent to Radio Station JOPG, Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), Kushiro City, Kushiro Japan. (CE)

JOGB Kumamoto 873 kHz. Full data NHK Kumamoto network QSL card for report sent to Radio Station JOGB Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Japan. Return address as NHK Kumamoto Station, 2-7 Chibajo machi, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto-ken 860-8602 Japan. (CE)

JOGK Kumamoto 756 kHz. Full data NHK Kumamoto network QSL card for report sent to Radio Station JOGBNippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Japan. Return address as NHK Kumamoto Station, 2-7 Chibajo machi, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto-ken 860-8602 Japan. 2 separate cards for JOGK & JOGB sent in same envelope. (CE)

JOQG Morioka 531 kHz. Full data JOQG/JOQC NHK Morioka QSL for report sent to Radio Station JOQG, Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), Morioka City, Morioka, Japan. However EE address on QSL card as Japan Broadcasting Co. of Morioka Station, 4-1-3, Ueda, Morioka Shi, Iwate, 020-8555 Japan. (CE)

JOQM Abashiri 1449 kHz. Full data HBC network QSL for CD report & nrp. No v/s, Hokkaido Broadcasting Co Ltd, Nishi-5 kita-1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Hokkaido 060-8501 Japan (CE)

JOBR Kyoto 1143 kHz. Full data JOBR QSL card, address as KBS Kyoto Broadcasting System Co Ltd, Kamichojamachi, Karasumadori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-8588 Japan (CE)


Voice of America 1593 kHz. Full data colour letter of verification certificate for IRC & rpt sent to Kuwait, v/s George Miller, TX Plant Supervisor, Kuwait Transmitting Station, c/- American Embassy - Bayan, PO Box 77, Safat, 13001 Kuwait (CE)

Radio Sawa 1548 kHz. Separate full data colour letter of verification certificate for rpt sent to Kuwait with previous entry, v/s George Miller, TX Plant Supervisor, Kuwait Transmitting Station, c/- American Embassy - Bayan, PO Box 77, Safat, 13001 Kuwait (CE)


XEGEM Metepec 1600 kHz. FD QSL letter for SS report & US$, v/s Lic. Edgardo Benitez Calada, Director de Radio Mexiquense, Av Estado de Mexico, km 1.5 Fracc. La Viregn, Metepec, Mexico (CE)


DZAR Quezon City 1026 kHz. Received a friendly partial data email verification confirming my reception of DZAR v/s Luciano Pili. There was no address in the 2006 WRTH where there are still listed under National Broadcasting Corporation, however they are actually Sonshine Radio. I found a basic DZAR website so emailed report to dzar@sonshineradio.com. The verification listed their physical address as DZAR Sonshine Radio, Suite 3004, 30/F Jollibee Plaza Building, F Ortigas Jr Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1600 (CE)

DZYI Ilagan 711 kHz & DXAQ Lucena City 1404 kHz. Found the Sonshine Radio website at www.kingdomofjesuschrist.org and emailed a report as WRTH 2006 shows old listing for DZYI 711 being the National Broadcasting Corporation with only partial address and DXAQ as the End Time Mission with only a partial address. After a couple of days delighted to receive friendly email with colour letterhead as "The Kingdom of Jesus Christ" from v/s Pastor Apollo C Quiboloy, 'Appointed Son of God' as his title, jcintl@kingdomofjesuschrist.org Received another email from Sonshine Radio from another staff member saying they would read my report on their live network TV show that goes via the ACQ Kingdom Broadcasting Network via Globecast World TV in USA, Canada and parts of Asia. (CE)

DYSB Bacolod City 1179 kHz. Full data email from v/s Butch V Gonzales BVGonzales@gmanetwork.com after report with CD sent to GMA headquarters as GMA Network Inc., EDSA Corner Timog Avenue, Diliman 1103 Quezon City, Philippines. (CE)

DXIM Cagayan de Oro 936 kHz. Received friendly email verification for CD report & nrp. v/s Romeo Capinpuyan, Senior Announcer, romeo_capinpuyan@yahoo.com who has been at the station for 22 years (CE)

DXGO Davao City 855 kHz. Received nice email verification for snail mail report v/s Bonie Achacoso, DXGO Radio Announcer achacoso26@yahoo.com (CE)

DYVS Bacolod City 1233 kHz. Detailed email verification for a snail mail report. v/s Ralph Belzunce, Station Manager, PO Box 393, Km 7 Pahanocoy, Bacolod City, 6100 Negros Occidental, Philippines (CE)

DYAB Cebu City 1512 kHz. Great email veri after follow up from v/s Leo Lastimosa, General Manager leo_lastimosa@abs-cbn.com (CE)

DWLC Lucena City, 1017 kHz. Full data QSL letter on PBS letterhead v/s Menchie C Bodino, Program Supervisor (CE)

South Korea

AFN Youngsan 1530 kHz and Kunsan AB 1440 kHz. Full data verification letter received from v/s Wally Cornelison, Operations Manager, American Forces Network Korea, Unit 15324 APO AP 96205-5324 (CE)


Taiwan Area Fishery Broadcasting Station 1593 kHz. Full data Verification of Reception letter v/s illegible Taiwan Area Fishery Broadcasting Station, 5 Yukang No 2nd Road, Kaosiung 806 (CE)

BEE Chiao Yu Broadcasting Service 1494 kHz. Full data QSL for CD report, no v/s, address National Education Radio, No. 41, Nan-Hai Road, Taipei, Taiwan (CE)


Radio Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam 1214 kHz. Full data QSL & friendly letter for registered mail & $US. Veri signers Ndaro Nyamwocha, PO Box 9191, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He states currently they are running 10kW with this transmitter. Really happy to verify this, new country #91 (CE)


KVNR Santa Ana, CA 1480 kHz. Full data 'Little Saigon Radio' QSL for $US v/s Joe D Dinh, Technical Department, Little Saigon Radio, 15781 Brookhurst St #101, Westminster CA 92683 (CE)

KRVN Lexington NE 880 kHz. Full data QSL card emailed as a pdf from Vern Killion W5UYF vkillion@krvn.com for $US. Later received snail mail package with sticker, same QSL card and station promo material from Vern, address as KRVN 880/92.1FM, 1007 Plum Creek Parkway, PO Box 880, Lexington NE 68850-0880 USA (CE)

KFBK Sacramento CA 1530 kHz. Verification email from Alan Eisenson, Operations Manager Talk 650 KSTE/News Talk 1530 KFBK, Clear Channel Radio Sacramento AlanEisenson@clearchannel.com for a snail mail report & $US to address of 1440 Ethan Way, Suite 200, Sacramento CA 95825 USA (CE)

KVNS Brownsville, TX 1700 kHz. Friendly full data verification letter for $US rp, v/s John Munoz, IT Manager - Engineering Assistant, 901 E. Pike Blvd, Weslaco TX 78596 dx@kvns.net (CE)

KKMC Salinas, CA 880 kHz. Full data QSL card style letter for $US rp, no v/s, address as 30 East San Joaquin, Salinas CA 93901 (CE)\

KYAA Soquel, CA 1200 kHz. Partial data email verification after snail mail follow up report sent, v/s Hines Espinoza espinoza@kyaradio.com who states his disappointment that they've changed format from Oldies Music to Hindi programming! (CE)

KOKC Oklahoma City, OK 1520 kHz. Full data QSL (yaaaah QSL cards still exist!!!) for $US v/s Dee
Garrison, 400 E. Britton Road, Oklahoma City OK 73114. (CE)

KKZZ Ventura, CA 1590 kHz. Full data verification letter for $US, v/s Lisa Osborn, Program Director, 2284 S. Victoria Ave, Suite 2G Ventura CA 93003 (CE)

KDIS Los Angeles, CA 1110 kHz. Full data verification letter, Radio Disney shoelaces & Radio Disney/KDIS mousepad for $US, v/s Mike Worrall, Chief Engineer, 3321 S. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90016 (CE)

WISN Milwaukee, WI 1130 kHz. Full data email verification from v/s Kent Winrich K9EZ, Chief Engineer kentwinrich@clearchannel.com (CE)

KYKN Keizer OR 1430 kHz. PD card for $US v/s M Firth (CE)

KFWB Los Angeles, CA 980 kHz. QSL card colour pdf
and email verifying f/up report, v/s Paul Sakrison, Chief Engineer phsakrison@kfwb.cbs.com (CE)

KYOS Los Angeles CA 1480 kHz. Full data QSL letter for US $1 note v/s Dennis Daily, Program Director, 1020 W Main, Merced CA 95340 (CE)

KJR Seattle WA 950 kHz. Full data QSL letter for US $1 bill v/s Doug Irwin, Chief Engineer (CE)

KXTK San Luis Obispo CA 1280 kHz. Full data verification letter for IRC (which was returned) v/s Milos Nemcik, Engineering Staff, PO Box 14910, San Luis Obispo CA 93406 (CE)

Contact details

Craig Edwards, PO Box 60, Nhulunbuy NT 0881 Australia
Email nutritionandsports@bigpond.com

Published on March 14, 2006

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