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LBI-5 Medium-wave DXpedition Report

Long Beach Island, New Jersey USA
November 3-5, 2006

Dave Hochfelder, NJ – Drake R8B; Quantum Phaser
Rob Stonier, Hawthorne, NJ – Drake R8
Michael Temme-Soifer, Egg Harbor, NJ – Sony 2010
Bob Galerstein, Monroe, NY – Drake R8B; Quantum Phaser
Glenn Small, Framingham, MA – Sony 2010
Bill Harms, Elkridge, MD – Drake R8B; Quantum Phaser
Bruce Collier, York, PA – Drake R8B; MFJ 1025 Phaser; 12-band Graphic Equalizer
Brett Saylor, State College, PA, Drake R8; Icom R-75; TenTec RX-320; MFJ 1025 Phaser
Russ Edmunds, Blue Bell, PA – Sony 2010

• 900' terminated BOG's at 33 and 213 degrees
• 200' phase wire
• 6' amplified broadband box loop and 2.5' copper tube loop with DX Engineering DXE-RPA-1 preamplifiers

Front left to right: Glenn Small, Rob Stonier, Dave Hochfelder; rear left to right: Bruce Collier, Bob Galerstein, Russ Edmunds, Brett Saylor (missing from photo: Bill Harms and Michael Temme-Soifer)

Musings from the Attendees

Russ Edmunds speaks:

For the 5th annual LBI DXpedition, planning began earlier than usual, thanks to the national reduction in store locations by the US electronics chain Radio Shack in early summer which went along with a change in their store product lines. That event resulted in some serious bargains for many of our group who purchased adaptors, connectors, coax, wire, rotators, tripods, masting and other assorted goodies at savings up to 60% off.

As usual, we attempted to select a weekend based on recurring geomagnetic patterns starting at 90, and then 60 days out. This year, there were no obvious quiet spells, as activity had been erratic in August and early September. Nonetheless, we set a dates of November 3-4-5, 2006 and the game was on.

Russ Edmunds
Russ Edmunds

Antennas, cables, splitters (thanks again to Chuck Hutton for lending us several extra splitters) and other hardware were deployed efficiently, and without interruption by the local constabulary, thanks to Bob Galerstein’s having secured permission from the township for us to lay wires on thebeach beforehand. We also opted to reduce the length of our northeast (33 degree) BOG by a couple of hundred feet in order to avoid one of the main vehicle entrances to the beach. Brett Saylor brought along a GPS device, with which we were finally able to get a solid measurement on the exact orientation of our antennas. Our prior estimated had been 40 and 220 degrees, however these turned out to be closer to 33/213.

We employed both a Mark Connelly-designed broadband loop and a Craig Healy-designed copper pipe loop just outside the main DX room at the motel; however, even with the DX Engineering preamp, the signals from the former were lower than last year and somewhat erratic, which will likely cause some scrutiny prior to 2007, as that had been an excellent antenna at LBI-4. The copper pipe loop was unsoldered, and whether that was the reason or not, its signal level was below that of the BBL.

Conditions were generally mediocre, although one short-lived opening to the Middle East was observed. Thus, we had a larger than usual number of Cuban Radio Reloj stations and NDB’s logged. As usual, though, good company, good beer, and good pizza made up for the conditions.

Can we move the 3rd wire on the 2nd layer to the 2nd spot on the 5th layer?

Dave Hochfelder speaks:

This was our fifth outing to the New Jersey shore and we all had a blast seeing old friends, DX'ing, and catching up. We were all pleased with conditions last year and the year before, and all the indicators pointed to exceptional conditions this year too. I logged five new trans-Atlantic's (TA's) from home (inland New Jersey) in the two weeks before LBI and was looking forward to bagging some great new ones. Unfortunately, conditions were less than spectacular, despite the geomagnetic indicators. We heard our share of TAs, but (with a few exceptions) nothing that we hadn't heard in 2005 and 2004. The TAs we heard would have been great catches from home, but conditions were not DXpedition-worthy.

Conditions on Saturday were particularly strange and changed minute to minute. We had an early mid-latitude opening, but after a few hours the TAs petered out, as did the domestic clears north and west of us, usually a good indicator of an aurora. So we started chasing DX on our southern wire and had some great catches, including Radio Formula, a low-power Mexican on 720 kHz. I camped out on 1140 kHz listening to a futbol match in Spanish, at armchair copy at times. While this could have been XEMR Monterey, I spent about 30 minutes hoping to pull out some information to ID the station, team or city names, anything. Before I could do so, the bottom dropped out of the southern opening and I lost them to a resurgent WRVA. That's 30 minutes I'll never get back!

Dave Hochfelder
Dave models the LBI clothing line

Based on our loggings this year and in the past, it seems like our southern wire is an excellent performer. I'll spend much more time chasing DX into Central and South America next year.

Each year we try to bring something new to try out, whether it's a loop shootout or a new antenna to deploy, like Mark Connelly's broadband loop design. This year I decided to make a copper pipe loop based on Craig Healy's design. Unfortunately, due to lack of experience soldering copper pipe and running out of time, I didn't get it soldered in time. Still, we tried it out on Saturday by duct-taping the sections together. I plan to use it inside my shack with a CB whip as a phase reference. So far it's given promising results. I will get around to actually soldering it sometime before next LBI and might even make another to try phasing them at right angles to each other.

All in all, LBI-5 was a blast, even if the DX was less than spectacular.

Glenn, Bob and Dave
Glenn, Bob and Dave

Bob Galerstein speaks:

Anticipation. The buildup to the first weekend of November began to crescendo, then reached it's peak as we started to "assume the DX position" behind our radios just before the sun started to set Friday afternoon.

Each year, organizing the LBI DXpedition becomes more complete and efficient. This in large part due to the Radiodxing.com website that the "MVP" of the weekend, Brett Saylor, set up. It became a clearing house for ideas on how to string the beverages, terminate them, what to bring and the DX targets we would attempt. Because of the prep, and also with the experience of the previous DXpeditions to Long Beach Island, our Friday "construction" of the beverages, their termination and the DX positions went so smoothly that my friend Glenn Small commented that he was amazed at the quickness of the assembly. Glenn was a newcomer to the group, a former NRC member, longtime ham, and a friend of mine since fourth grade. The set up was inestimably aided by Brett taking over where Radio Shack left off. "Saylor Electronics" contained every type of connector and cable known to humankind. We could not have done the weekend without Brett's most organized tool boxes.

Bob Galerstein
Bob Galerstein

Once everything was tested and ready for prime time, I grabbed a bottle of my favorite ale, Saranac Adirondack Lager, and assumed the position in front of my radio, next to Dave Hochfelder and Glenn, looked out to the Atlantic Ocean, and tried to visualize the radio waves about to come in. Last year, at about 4:30pm, the Mideast boomed in at armchair levels for a fair amount of time. We hoped conditions would replicate last year, but it was not to be. Of the five LBI adventures we've had, the first two were busts as far as TA conditions and the next two brought fabulous conditions. This LBI session was between those - largely basic TA's and Latin Americans were received, but nothing spectacular. One exception - we logged a 250 watt Mexican and I was happy to get a clear ID on XEAVR-720. On the second night, with TA activity largely dead, we focused on Latins and deep south domestics off the south BOG, and were rewarded with S-35 signals from such stations as WSUN-620 and 940 Macon, Georgia. It is certainly a strange experience hearing an Spanish pileup of four South American (and maybe Cuban) stations on a given frequency.

From the culinary standpoint, we were very happy that our breakfast restaurant, The Greenhouse Cafe, diagonally across the street from the Drifting Sands Motel, also served dinner to-go. This supplanted the usual Pizza Hut fare, and saved the ten minute trip back to the mainland to pick up the pies.

Above all else, the level of camaraderie that was seeded five years ago continues to grow. After talking on the Manahawkin two meter repeater coming during the drive in on Friday, we didn't have to reintroduce ourselves to each other - we hit the ground running. This spirit is reflected in the way we report stations after the weekend - no individual credit. Using the wireless internet with starchat.net or good ole fashioned loud talking to others while wearing headphones, most of us received what everyone else was picking up. We only wish we had a couple more cups of Bruce's fine Scotch to celebrate some new countries.

Bob, Brett and Bruce discuss whether Radio Formula 720 kHz really was 250 watts

Brett Saylor speaks:

For me, LBI-5 will go into the books as a middle-of-the-road DXpedition, at least conditions-wise. While we heard a number of trans-Atlantic stations both days, none were in as good as the past two years. A combination of local TV interference and generally tepid conditions (despite the low A/K indices) made stations like the normally strong Virgin 1215 inaudible much of the time. Reception of TA’s was limited to lower-latitude Europeans and North Africans; beyond that, reception was disappointing. We did pick up several Mexicans, Colombians and Venezuelans and the highlight of the weekend for me was Radio Formula on 720 kHz, a 250 watt Mexican from Veracruz.

Apart from the lack of stations, the technical aspects of the weekend went very well. Antenna deployment went without a hitch in record time, although we did have problems getting the signals from our two broadband loops to both listening rooms consistently - we never did figure out if it was a cabling or splitter problem. Thanks to the past summer’s Radio Shack store closings, we have finally amassed enough components, wire and splitters to outfit our small army of DX'ers, so future DX'peditions should not require much additional equipment. Real-time chat via IRC #mwdx chat group provided room-to-room communications (like: "pizza is here!!!") and also kept us in touch with other DXers such as Bruce Conti around the world who could compare catches and help ID unknown stations. The famous LBI DX-cam was also back this year, although it did experience some technical glitches. Some of the webcam pictures can be seen here. It was good to see last year’s newcomer Michael again the first night, and this year’s first-timer Glenn’s eyes were surely opened by the rapid-paced activity at sundown when the first signals start skipping in across the pond. Post-LBI eBaying has netted the group at least five more 6-way splitters, so combined with the existing inventory we should have enough antenna connections to support an even dozen DXers at future LBIs.

Bill Harms
Bill models his LBI T-shirt, a Christmas gift from his wife!

As always, the best part of the weekend was the fellowship and conversation among the attendees, and I continue to look forward to future DX'peditions!

Bill Harms speaks:

Although we did not hear many TA’s as compared to previous years, we did hear some interesting Latin American stations. At the risk of sounding like a cliché, the camaraderie at these events is always worth taking the time to attend, regardless of what stations we hear.

LBI-5 (November 3-5, 2006) Loggings

Time in UTC

162 3 Nov 2140 France Inter, Allouis France, talk by M in French, music
171 3 Nov 2257 Radio Méditerranée Int'l, Nador Morocco, music // 9575
183 4 Nov 0125 Europe 1, Felsberg Germany, Talk by several people in the studio in French, music, very nice signal
198 5 Nov 2144 DIW, Dixon NC USA, NDB
216 3 Nov 2206 RMC Info, Roumoules France, Fair; weak with French talk.
216 3 Nov 2206 CLB, Carolina Beach NC USA, NDB
234 3 Nov 2250 RTL, Beidweiler Luxembourg, Strong with pop music.
241 4 Nov 2028 PVG, Portsmouth VA US, NDB
248 5 Nov 0135 UL, Montreal PQ Canada, NDB
248 5 Nov 0135 FRT, Spartanburg SC US, NDB
252 4 Nov 0100 Radio Alger Int'l, Tipaza Algeria, Arabic talk by man, string music, march (national anthem) then carrier off 0101
252 3 Nov 2235 RTE Radio 1, Clarkstown Ireland
261 4 Nov 2317 ELQ, Emporia VA US, NDB
273 5 Nov 0118 ZV, Sept Iles QC Canada, NDB
275 4 Nov 1944 BBN, Babylon NY US, NDB
276 5 Nov 0140 YHR, Chevery QC Canada, NDB
278 5 Nov 0146 NM, Matagami QC Canada, NDB
281 4 Nov 1948 HP, White Plains NY US NDB
289 5 Nov 0142 YLQ, La Tuque QC Canada, NDB
303 5 Nov 0144 YPP, Parent QC Canada, NDB
309 5 Nov 0115 EEX, Emanuel County GA US, NDB
323 5 Nov 0114 UWP, Argentia NL Canada, NDB
326 5 Nov 0001 FC, Fredericton NB Canada NDB
326 5 Nov 0112 ZEF, Zephyr NC US, NDB
329 5 Nov 0110 CH, Charleston SC US, NDB
332 5 Nov 0108 YKM, La Grande PQ Canada, NDB
332 5 Nov 0108 FIS, Key West FL US, NDB
336 4 Nov 2024 BDB, Accomac VA US, NDB
344 5 Nov 0003 ZIY, Grand Cayman Cayman Islands, NDB
344 5 Nov 0105 JA, Jacksonville FL US, NDB
347 5 Nov 0148 YG, Charlottetown PEI Canada, NDB
350 5 Nov 0004 LE, Raleigh NC US, NDB
351 5 Nov 0102 YKQ, Fort Rupert QC Canada, NDB
356 5 Nov 0058 PB, Palm Beach FL US, NDB
360 5 Nov 0052 PN, Port Menier PQ Canada, NDB
362 4 Nov 2003 OX, Oxford CT US, NDB
363 4 Nov 2003 RNB, Milville NJ US, NDB
370 4 Nov 2021 MQI, Manteo NC US, NDB
373 5 Nov 0007 AEA, Jones VA US, NDB
376 5 Nov 0009 ZIN, Grand Inagua BAH, NDB
379 5 Nov 0013 BRA, Broad River NC US, NDB
388 4 Nov 2019 NXX, Willow Grove PA US, NDB
392 5 Nov 0047 ML, La Malbaie PQ Canada NDB
407 4 Nov 2009 FR, Farmingdale NY US, NDB
407 4 Nov 2016 OX, Ocean City MD US, NDB
412 5 Nov 0017 JHH, Griffin GA US, NDB
414 4 Nov 2013 OGY, New York NY US, NDB
432 5 Nov 0019 IZN, Lincolnton NC US, NDB
435 5 Nov 0021 IIY, Washington GA US, NDB
450 5 Nov 0023 PPA, Puerto Plata DR, NDB
526 5 Nov 0025 ZLS, Stella Maris Bahamas, NDB
530 3 Nov 2102 CM?? R. Rebelde, Havana Cuba, Strong signal - man talking in Spanish // others
530 3 Nov 2102 RVC, Grand Turk Turks & Caicos, News by female
531 3 Nov 2105 RTA, Ain-el-Beida Algeria, French talk;
549 4 Nov 2148 Alger Chaine 1, Las Trembles Algeria, Man speaking in Arabic
549 4 Nov 2220 BSKSA, Qurayyat Saudi Arabia (t), Arabic talk // 1512, tentative
550 4 Nov 1830 WQEY242, New York NY USA, Male talking, ID, two sites mentioned
555 3 Nov 2311 ZIZ Radio ZIZ, Basse Terre St. Kitts, reggea music, BBC news later in evening
558 4 Nov 0220 RNE5, various Spain, talk by M and W in Spanish, // 684, 747 and 855
560 5 Nov 0325 WQAM, Miami FL USA, play x play of U Miami/Va Tech FB, o/Rebelde
570 4 Nov 0239 CMDC R. Reloj, Santa Clara Cuba, Ticks and "RR"
580 5 Nov 0458 CM?? R. Rebelde, various Cuba, music, // 600
585 3 Nov 2120 RNE1, Madrid Spain, talk by M in Spanish, very strong signal //684 et al
590 3 Nov 0242 CMHI R. Musical, Havana Cuba, Music, Spanish talk
594 3 Nov 2150 RTM, Oujda Morocco, pop music with Arabic talk // 612
594 3 Nov 2130 Radio Renascenca, Muge Portugal (t), pop music, presumed this
600 4 Nov 0244 CMKV R. Rebelde, Urbana Noris Cuba, talk - many //'s
603 3 Nov 2146 France Info, Lyon France, talk by man and woman
610 5 Nov 0335 CMAN R. Rebelde, Bahia Honda Cuba, 1,000 watt Radio Rebelde outlet
612 3 Nov 2150 RTM, Sebaa-Aioun Morocco, talk by man in Arabic, //594
620 5 Nov 0016 WSUM, St. Petersburg FL USA, solid s-35 with play x play of Tampa Bay-Boston NHL
621 5 Nov 0430 RNE1, Tenerife Canary Islands
630 5 Nov 0016 WMFD, Wilmington NC USA, play x play of Charlotte Bobcats NBA
630 4 Nov 0247 CM?? Radio Progreso, Pinar del Rio Cuba, Spanish talk, many //'s
640 4 Nov 0249 CMBC, R. Progreso, Guanabacoa Cuba, Spanish talk, many //'s
640 4 Nov 0140 WFNC, Fayetteville NC, high school football game: Bulldogs vs. Trojans
650 5 Nov 2205 HJKH Antena Dos, Bogota Colombia, Man in rapid-fire Spanish, many mentions of Colombia
670 4 Nov 0251 CMBR R. Rebelde, Arroyo Arenas Cuba, Spanish talk, many //'s
680 5 Nov 0310 CMHG R. Progreso, Santa Clara Cuba, Music // others
684 3 Nov 2130 RNE, Sevilla Spain, talk by 2 men in Spanish, strong both nites, // 855, 837
690 4 Nov 0254 CM?? R. Progreso, Jovellanos Cuba, lots of parallels
693 5 Nov 0317 RNE1, Various Spain, Music, talk
693 5 Nov 0231 BBC Radio 5, Droitwich UK, talk by man in English
700 4 Nov 0256 CM?? R. Rebelde, Sancti Spiritus Cuba, Spanish talk, many //'s
700 5 Nov 0220 unID, SS DJ playing EE songs, at times o/WLW, HJCX?
710 4 Nov 0257 CM?? R. Rebelde, various Cuba, Spanish talk, many //'s
720 5 Nov 0120 XEAVR Radio Formula, Veracruz Mexico, talk by man in Spanish, ID, listed 250 watts, new at LBI
720 5 Nov 0121 CHTN, Charlottetown PEI Canada PEI, Last chance to hear this w/usual pop music mix
720 5 Nov 0542 CMHC R. Rebelde, Cienfuegos Cuba, Radio Progresso //730
720 5 Nov 0514 RJR, Innswood Jamaica, female announcer with mentions of "on 94 FM."
729 4 Nov 2237 RNE1, various Spain, Spanish - Futbol // 684 etal
730 4 Nov 0302 CMBB R. Progreso, Nueva Gerona Cuba, Spanish talk, many //'s
738 4 Nov 2208 RNE1, Palau de Plegamans (Barcelona) Spain, Man talking in Spanish
740 5 Nov 0102 WQTM, Orlando FL USA, FOX net sports
747 3 Nov 2130 RNE5, various Canary Islands/Spain, talk in Spanish and ID / /684
760 4 Nov 0307 HJAJ RCN Barranquilla Colombia obliterating WJR with music
760 4 Nov 0304 CM?? R. Reloj, various Cuba, Ticks and "RR"
760 5 Nov 0314 CM?? R. Progreso, Cuba, Music // other Progresos
765 3 Nov 2306 RSR, Sottens Switzerland, Good with pop music
770 5 Nov 0509 CM?? R. Rebelde, Cuba, Music // 710
774 3 Nov 2307 RNE1, various Spain, music, talk by M
780 4 Nov 0353 CFDR, Dartmouth NS Canada, Usual "kicks 7-80" slogan with c&w music
780 4 Nov 0352 YVMN Radio Coro, Venezuela ID, romantic music
783 4 Nov 0052 R. Mauritanie, Nouakchott Mauritania, Music w/ French talk //4845
790 4 Nov 0307 CMAQ R. Reloj, Pinar del Rio PdR Cuba, Ticks and "RR"
792 4 Nov 2235 France Info, Limoges France, Woman speaking in French // 1206
800 5 Nov 0356 TWR, Bonaire Netherlands Antilles, "Unshackled" program
810 5 Nov 0138 CJVA, Caraquet NB Canada, talk in French, country music
810 5 Nov 0155 HJCY Caracol, Bogota Colombia, Caracol ID
820 4 Nov 0310 CMDE R. Reloj, Santiago de Cuba Cuba, Ticks and "RR"
830 4 Nov 0400 YVLT Radio Sensacion, Caracas Venezuela, Venezuelan National Anthem; new at LBI
837 4 Nov 2202 France Info, Nancy France, Talk by man in French
837 4 Nov 0212 COPE, Various Spain/Canary Islds, Man and woman speaking in Spanish // 999
840 4 Nov 0312 CMHW Dobleve, Santa Clara Cuba, Music, talk, ID
850 4 Nov 0314 CM?? R. Reloj, Nueva Gerona Cuba, Ticks and "RR"
855 3 Nov 2155 RNE1, Various Spain, Man talking // 684 and 693
860 4 Nov 0316 CMDB R. Reloj, Baracoa Cuba, Ticks and "RR"
864 4 Nov 0053 France Bleu Paris(?,) France, Excellent; armchair copy.
890 4 Nov 0318 CM?? R. Cad. Nac., Cuba ,SS talk ID
895 5 Nov 0206 Voice of Nevis, Charlestown Nevis, Voice of Nevis mentions, music
900 4 Nov 0320 CM?? R. Reloj, Cuba, Ticks and "RR"
909 4 Nov 0201 BBC Radio 5, Various England, Men speaking, English accent
940 5 Nov 0400 WMAC, Macon GA, USA full TOH ID, local and net news
945 4 Nov 0156 France Info, Toulouse France, Excellent with male French talk.
950 4 Nov 0323 CM?? R. Reloj, Habana Cuba, Ticks and "RR"
960 4 Nov 0325 CM?? R. Reloj, various Cuba, Ticks and "RR"
999 3 Nov 2235 Voice of Russia, Maiac Moldova (tent), talk by woman in language, Bruce Conti via #mwdx IRC chat thought it was Voice of Russia but not enough details here to be certain
999 4 Nov 0153 COPE, Madrid Spain, Woman singing, then man talking. TOH pips then sounder
1000 4 Nov 0338 CM?? R. Reloj, Cuba, Ticks and "RR"
1000 4 Nov 0230 XEOY Radio Mil, Mexico City Mexico, Spanish talk, presumed
1020 4 Nov 0341 CM?? R. Reloj, Cuba, Ticks and "RR"
1026 4 Nov 2157 SER, Spain synchros; // various Spain stations with futbol
1035 4 Nov 0115 R. Clube Nacional, Porto Alto Portugal, Light pop music
1044 4 Nov 2231 RTM-A, Sebaâ-Aioun Morroco, Arabic chanting
1053 3 Nov 2209 Talksport, Droitwich England, Man talking, taking calls
1053 4 Nov 2240 Radio Jamahiriyah, Tripoli Libya (tent), talk, Bruce Conti heard // 675 (tentative)
1060 4 Nov 0435 unid, Tropical music, male, female anncrs
1060 4 Nov 0142 XEEP Radio Educacion, Mexico City DF Mexico, s-20 with classical music & Mexican music
1062 3 Nov 2106 Kalundborg Denmark
1070 4 Nov 0436 CBA, Moncton NB, Canada Jazz music
1070 4 Nov 0500 CMAS R. Guama, Pinar del Rio Cuba, NA & ID
1089 4 Nov 2219 Talksport, Brookman's Park England, Commercial - man - Brit accent
1134 4 Nov 0015 HR1, Zadar Croatia, male talking. // 7285, not strong
1140 5 Nov 0125 XEMRp, Monterey NL Mexico, Strong with futbol; dropped out after about 30 minutes.
1179 4 Nov 2200 Radio Sweden, Solvesborg Sweden, Interval signal, into talk by man
1206 4 Nov 0118 France Info, Bordeaux France, talk by woman in French, song " I Want to Live Forever" from "Fame" movie
1215 3 Nov 0445 Virgin Radio, Moorside Edge UK, pop music, s-30, mixing with American accented female
1377 3 Nov 0140 France Info, Lille France
1431 4 Nov 2303 Radio Sawa, Arta Djibouti (t,) Middle Eastern music, weak, tentative
1467 4 Nov 2306 TWR, Roumoules France, talk in Arabic-sounding language (TWR listed with Kabyle lang.)
1512 4 Nov 2220 BSKSA, Jeddah Saudi Arabia (t), Man speaking in Arabic, tentative
1521 4 Nov 2138 BSKSA, Duba Saudi Arabia, Man talking, // 9555 & 9870
1521 5 Nov 0340 SER, Spain synchros
1540 5 Nov 0500 ZNS, Nassau Bahamas, "AM 15-40 in Nassau" by non-accented male announcer
1548 4 Nov 2301 R. Sawa, Kuwait City Kuwait (t), Middle Eastern music & talk, tentative
1575 4 Nov 2255 Radio Farda, Al Dhabiya UAE, Middle Eastern Music - strings and vocal
1640 4 Nov 0100 WTNI, Biloxi MS US, ESPN Sports, ID
1640 4 Nov 0035 WPVN442, Brigantine NJ US, TIS - Brigantine
1640 4 Nov 2346 WQBR758, Spring Lake NJ US, TIS - Spring Lake
1670 4 Nov 2341 WQFQ235, Harvey Cedars NJ US, TIS - LBI Emergency
1710 5 Nov 0445 Lubavich Radio (pirate), Brooklyn NY USA, religious talk by man in Hebrew

11,092.50 3 Nov 2329 R. St. Helena, Jamestown St. Helena, DX program, weak, stronger later in broadcast, lots of Peter Gabriel songs, mentioned the LBI DX'Pedition following our email report!

For complete coverage of all the LBI Dxpeditions, please go to http://www.radiodxing.com

Posted on January 13, 2007

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