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LBI-3 DXpedition Report
Long Beach Island, New Jersey USA
November 5-7, 2004

Attendees: Bob Galerstein, Dave Hochfelder, Bruce Collier, Brett Saylor, Mark Clark, Bill Harms, Bob Stonier & Russ Edmunds

Antennas: North (@40 degrees) 850-foot and South (@220 degrees) 900-foot BOGs, North 375-foot phase wire, 6-foot broadband loops

Musings from the Attendees

Group photo
Bruce, Mark, Russ, Bob S, Bob G, Dave and Brett

Bob G. speaks:

When guys gather in a hotel room for a weekend of fun, they're usually blasting some form of music from either the TV or a local FM rock station. What epitomized LBI-3 in 2004 was our Saturday pizza and beer/soda dinner at about 7:30pm in the lower DX room - the music of choice was the mix being played on two Drake receivers, in 6 khz mode, of a solid S9+35 NRK Norway on 1314 kHz! After frustrating Trans-atlantic (TA) conditions during the first two LBI DXpeditions, we hit paydirt in November. While we didn't log 100-watt United Kingdom stations, we were kids in a candy store, with armchair reception of Virgin Radio 1215 (excellent music) and LW and MW stations from western Europe at times booming in. Sometimes I found it difficult tuning away to listen to some new het because I was enjoying it so much.

The biggest disappointment was not logging Kuwait-1548 or Djibouti-1431. Weak hets were constantly heard from both, never with audio. One other item I tried to do was clean up on the Caribbean. It would have been great to log such stations as ZBVI-780 and St. Lucia-660, but conditions to the south were not nearly as good as two years ago, when we logged Panama-860. Of course, Cuba blasted in, though one station from Fidel-land made for a classic phaser demonstration. On 570 kHz, WMCA from New York dominated the north wire reception. One tweak of the phaser knob virtually eliminated WMCA, allowing S9+30 reception of Radio Reloj. And, from the "power of positive thinking" department - Both Dave and Bruce had never logged Newfoundland. When I told Dave that Newfie was very possible on a couple of frequencies, he gave a verbal thumbs down to the chances. So I said declaratively, "You ARE picking up Newfoundland today!" As Donald Sutherland said in the movie Kelly's Heroes, "Again with the negative vibes!" This was repeated about three times. So, as the sun started to set Saturday, we tuned to 750, where a clear CBGY mentioned Labrador, gave Atlantic zone time checks and mentioned CBC Radio. After a quick cheer, we went to the back of the room where shots of Bruce's superb scotch were consumed to celebrate. We then decided, half seriously, to celebrate each new country with a shot. I'll let you determine if that was done. It is certainly a relaxing experience sitting in a roomful of DX'ers, facing the sliding glass doors and looking out towards the ocean at 4pm while England 1089 became the first TA of the day. The camaraderie was terrific as usual, raising the bar of enjoyment for what is usually a solitary hobby. Hello LBI 2005......

Bill speaks:

I had a good time meeting in person DX’ers whose names I had seen in DX bulletins. Conditions on both nights were fairly good with numerous stations from the other side of the pond being heard (See the master list of loggings). The second night seemed to start out a little better, but the band became "mushy" as the night wore on - hets were present, but it became more difficult to pull out audio on most channels. On both days, we had reception as early as 1500 Eastern time (2000 UTC) starting with the usual faire of longwave stations. The personal highlight for me was not a TA, but rather the clear reception of CBGY 750 kHz, Bonavista, Newfoundland - I had not heard Newfoundland since the days I set up beverage antennas in the Utah desert in the early 1980’s.

Bill and Brett
Bill Harms and Brett Saylor

In order to facilitate communication between the two radio rooms we set-up a secure WiFi system using an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server and a web server client. This enabled us to exchange live information about our loggings without running up and down the stairs between the rooms. It also provided a record of what was happening live. The web server allowed us to make downloaded copies of radio stations lists such as the EMWG and various country lists available to those with laptops.

Mark speaks:

This was my first time at LBI and my first time chasing TA DX so I was really excited about hearing my first MW from Europe. I didn't have to wait long. Bruce called out a frequency and the rest of us tuned to it. Suddenly a Euro MW was coming out of my R8B at S-7 and I was off and running. I spent most of my time listening and learning from the veterans but managed to pull out a few on my own too. My first was Virgin Radio and caught it coming up out of the mud on 1215 and later caught some German stations. No rare DX for me this time, but I'm very pleased with catching what I did. High point of the weekend? Two for me, one was digging the first TA DX on my own, the aforementioned Virgin Radio and the second was hearing Phil Collins "Look at me now" blasting out of five radios on Norway-1314 at S9+30! I'll definitely be back!

Mark Clark
Mark Clark

Brett speaks:

After reading reports from other seaside DXpeditions, and their voluminous loggings of transoceanic signals, I was pleased to experience what was the best medium wave reception that I had ever heard at this year's LBI. At home, Norway-1314 is a rare catch; at LBI it was "armchair copy." We had carriers on most channels and audio on many of those. It definitely whetted my appetite for future long-distance MW DX’ing. Despite some last-minute panic when it appeared that our DX motel would be either (A) torn down or (B) sold-out for our weekend, the planning and setup went smoothly. As the number of attendees grew, it became obvious that we would need two radio rooms for the weekend. Fortunately, our desired 1st floor room with good beach access (and the room directly above it) were available, which made the running of coax cables to the beach an easy task. Given the number of attendees, we split the group into two rooms, one for "DX’ers with phasers" and one for "DX’ers without" and planned our cable runs accordingly. We purchased three MCL 8-way splitters before the weekend; those, combined with existing and borrowed MCL 4- and 6-way splitters, gave us enough signal to drive everyone's receivers from all the antennas.

Since many of us are hams, we were able to start the DX talk early on the drive into Long Beach Island as we came into range of the local Manahawkin, NJ two-meter repeater. Deployment of the BOGs (which actually turned out to be "beverages under the sand" or "BUTS" since they were mostly covered by the end of the weekend!) and the phase wire antenna went smoothly. The impact of the variable terminating resistors used on the beverages wasn't clear when we tried to adjust them during daylight on groundwave signals; at night, however, there was definitely directionality on the north vs. south wires, so some termination effect apparently existed. Beverages are fun antennas, but the highlight for me was the use of the Mark Connelly-designed unamplified six-foot broadband loop (BBL). While we didn't have a chance to deploy both the BBLs (both Bruce and I built one), nor did we have a chance to phase it against a whip, some of my best receptions of the weekend were on this loop. I imagine it was due to reduced signals from domestics (both in gain and due to directionality) since the TA signals were weaker on the loop but more in-the-clear. My best catch on the BBL was a tentative Iran on 1503 with presumed Koran in Arabic.

Technology played a role at LBI, both in the pre-DXpedition planning and while on-site. We made extensive use of email and the web in the months prior to LBI to plan and coordinate the weekend; the web site www.radiodxing.com contains pictures and logs from this and prior year's DXpeditions. While at LBI, we had four people simultaneously online sharing catches and asking for help in ID’ing new stations via WiFi-equipped laptops. The only missing link was a connection to the Internet at the motel - maybe next year we'll add that to our arsenal of tools.

In the weeks leading up the LBI, DX’ers in North America were experiencing some exceptional TA reception. We held our collective breaths that it would continue until the LBI weekend. It's a good thing that we didn't know at the time how close we came to a complete washout - the day that we packed up, there was a serious solar eruption and the A index spiked to 190! This led to a radio blackout that would have been a big disappointment had it occurred during the DXpedition. In all, I found the weekend to be great fun, and I look forward to continued opportunities to DX from the shores of New Jersey.

Dave speaks:

Our 3rd annual outing to LBI was by far the most successful, in every sense of the word. We had 8 DX’ers on hand, and we took up two rooms, a first floor room for the 5 of us with phasers and the room directly above for the 3 DXers without phasers. It was great to see Bob Galerstein, Russ Edmunds, Bruce Collier, and Brett Saylor again and to meet Rob Stonier, Bill Harms, and Mark Clark for the first time.

The DX was far better than the past two years too. While it might be "garden variety" DX to some old hands, I got quite a thrill out of hearing the Saudi on 1521, particularly transmitter sunrise enhancement; and armchair copy on Norway, Virgin Radio, Spanish outlets, France, Croatia, etc.; 2 Newfoundlanders (640 and 750) which is my first logging of that province; listenable audio on most all the longwave channels; Switzerland on 765 and Germany on 756; and so on. It's a good thing we didn't decide to do a shot of Bruce's scotch for every country heard; that would've gotten ugly.

I was also pleased that my combination of the Sony ICF-2010 and Quantum phaser performed about as well as everyone else's Drakes with MFJ phasers. I heard most of what everyone else heard, and in some cases I was able to get better audio and to alert the others to a signal. The Quantum phaser is a much better phaser than the MFJ. Still, it was clear that the '2010 is not a Drake; I struggled to get listenable audio on the Saudi whereas Bob sitting next to me handed me his headphones and I could hear them quite clearly on his Drake. Also, I couldn't use our passive broadband loop since the '2010 does not have a preamp whereas the Drake does. After Bob went to bed on Saturday night, I got to play with his R8B a bit and it is a nice machine - I want one in the worst way. We all owe a collective thanks to Brett, who brought every connector and cable known to man; to Bruce and Brett for making up the broadband loops and active whip; and to Bill for setting up our wireless LAN which allowed for instant communication between the two DX rooms. Thanks, guys!

Dave, Bruce and Bob
Dave, Bruce and Bob in the 1st floor DX suite

Bruce speaks:

Last year was my first MW DXpedition at LBI-2, and although I enjoyed the camaraderie and experience, the complete lack of TA signals caused by auroral conditions was a little disappointing. That was the 3rd weekend in November 2003, with only the weakest hint of Brit heard on 1215, not even enough to confirm Virgin Radio. This year, we settled on the first weekend in November for a couple of reasons - TA conditions had improved and 8 weeks out we saw some decent openings, with Norway-1314, Croatia-1134, and France-162 coming in well in York, PA (my QTH) and State College, PA (Brett’s QTH). Also, after setting up in 40-degree weather with 40mph winds last year, I was hoping for milder weather! The emails began to fly as we planned the usual long BOGS on the beach, plus Brett and I each decided to build a Mark Connelly 6-foot broadband loop, there was talk of a gutter BOG (300’ or so in the street gutter E-W, which was later abandoned), and an active whip for phasing. I had loaded up on 100’ and 75’ runs of coax, as did others. More than one member of the group elicited strange looks from wives/girlfriends/daughters at the request to borrow odd colors of nail polish (to mark adaptors and cables)! I was majorly stoked this year, because of the excellent receptions I had been getting at home, the solar forecasts were looking great, plus this would be the 1st time to try my new Drake R8B at the shore. (My 2010 had gotten nailed by lightning earlier in the year, and although it was fixed in time, I had gone trolling on Ebay and got a great deal on the Drake in July.)

I ran behind all week, still buying stuff and making cables the day before the event. So, it was no surprise that I rolled into the home stretch to Long Beach Island on NJ Route 72 forty minutes behind schedule. As I checked into the LBI Dxpedition “net” on the Manahawkin 2-meter repeater, I found that everyone else was late by about the same amount. Whew! I had pre-fabbed last year's EuroBOG, 750’ of #18 wire with a 470 ohm terminating resistor, to an additional 100 feet of speaker cable then added an extra 30 feet or wire tacked onto the resistor to give us some termination. Sounded like a good idea at the time, could roll out in 10 minutes or less. After we deployed both BOGS and the “phase wire”, Russ arrived with the splitters and we all got wired and sat down for a trial run. It soon became apparent the Eurobog was not very directional. So, I grabbed a “fan” I had made up of three 20 ft wires, and at 5pm headed back to the beach and chopped the resistor out and wired the 100’ of speaker cable to the end of the BOG, and ran a variable termination box to the fan, now an 850’ BOG with the radials at 45 degree angles. Much better. This appears to be what works best here; straight-line wire termination and ground rods have been pretty worthless. The difference really showed Saturday late afternoon as we nailed 750 Newfoundland on the Eurobog while the south BOG was mostly WSB.

We only put out one of the 6-foot broadband loops, and although the signal level was low, it was a very quiet antenna. It seemed to really reject high-angle domestic skywave, leaving the low-angle TA signals in the clear. We tried several preamps, but all were full of noise and images, so next year we plan to build Connelly’s amp to go with them-possibly for use in a quick and easy one-night spring LBI-3.5??

I brought two 3-way TV antenna switches from Radio Shack, and they worked well with the MFJ-1025 phaser. Also, we had a loop “shootout” Saturday afternoon between Russ’s 2-foot homemade box loop, Bob’s Kiwa loop (sweet!!), my old Spacemagnet2 ferrite loop, and Dave’s Quantum and QX ferrite loops. Bob's Kiwa won, but I was impressed by how well the Spacemagnet did…the KIWA could null deeper and was quieter, but I could hear 80% of what he did.

Biggest Thrills: after last year with no TA…hearing Bill yell, Friday at 3:30pm EST while we were still carting stuff in, “I’ve got audio on 1134!!" and knowing it was going to be a good night! Getting 750 CBGY, NF w/CBC-1, and what we are pretty sure was Iran on 1503, and armchair copy on many nice music stations.

Coolest Moments: The Saturday night pizza run and pepperoni DX session. I volunteered to make the run to Pizza Hut in Manahawkin, about 10 minutes away at 8pm. I wanted to hear what the car radio was like. Was rewarded with solid hets on 610 (612), 620 (621), 1520 (1521), 1000 (999), and others, plus Norway destroying 1310 and 1320 with high-pitched hets. Found out why upon my return, as we ate pizza and listened to Phil Collins “Against All Odds” at 30db over S9 from Norway on 1314!!

Biggest Disappointments: Not hearing positive Sawa on either 1548 or 1431, and not hearing Iceland on 189—this is a coveted reception that has eluded me.

The Wrap: A great weekend, with good conditions, good friends old and new, and very little Murphy! (knock on wood) Hearing things like 1314 Norway, 1215 Virgin, 675 Holland, and others at entertainment-level 6khz wide copy.

Russ and Bill
Russ and Bill in the 2nd floor DX room

Russ speaks:

This is the drawback to being the compiler of the lists, logs and musings – everybody else has pretty much said it all. This was pretty much the first time I’d been able to hear this many TA’s since I moved from North Jersey in 1983, and it was like hearing some old friends again – even with the intervening bandplan changes. An added bonus was the ability to use Bob Stonier’s Drake R-8 for a few hours Saturday night. This was the first opportunity I’d had to work with one, and Bill, who was sitting in the next chair with his R8B filled me in on the differences between the R8 and the R8B. Really a great receiver and worth the money – if I had that kind of money to spend on radio <g>.

The remainder of the time, I used Bob Galerstein’s Sony ICF2010. I’d hoped to have one of my own available, and I did, sort of. I’m in the process of purchasing a rebuilt one, but it had some persistent static problems and it’s back getting checked out again.

It was great seeing many old friends and meeting a couple of new ones – Bill and my near-local neighbor Mark, who lives not far from my son’s new home. By next year I hope to also be equipped to get in on the WiFi net and IRC. Although I didn’t manage to catch Bill’s primer on IRC, the setup more than proved its worth. I was also impressed by the performance of the BBL and will be interested to experience the amplified version.

Finally, I want to extend our thanks to Chuck Hutton, who last year sold me two 6:1 splitters prior to LBI-2 and this year generously loaned me two additional ones for LBI-3. They were an essential part of the operation.

LBI-3 (November 5-7, 2004) Loggings

Time in Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5)
(p) = presumed ; (t) = tentative

Transatlantic and Panamerican Logs:

153 GERMANY/ ALGERIA Deutschlandfunk/ Alger Chaîne 1, 11/05-11/07 Presumed the ones whose signals were noted here both nights – did not officially log.

162 FRANCE France Inter - Allouis, 11/5 1838 talk by man in French; strong signal until late both nights

171 MOROCCO Radio Mediterranee Int'l - Nador, 11/5 1841 // 9575 shortwave with music

177 GERMANY Deutschlandradio Berlin - Oranienburg, 11/05 1444 Weak audio. Noted stronger later

180 UNID - 11/05 2115 Het, little or no audio. Presumed Turkey.

183 GERMANY Europe 1 - Felsberg, 11/5 1842 talk by man in French, pop music

189 ICELAND (p) Rikisutvarpid Ras - Gufuskalar, 11/5 2121 poor signal just above threshold

198 ENGLAND BBC4 - Droitwich, 11/6 1549 Poking through NDB QRM with usual program in English

207 MOROCCO RTM A - Azilal, 11/05 1445 Probably the man talking in Arabic. SAH noted presumed from Deutschlandfunk. Noted // to 612 at times.

216 FRANCE R Monte Carlo - Roumoules, 11/6 0011 talk by man in French

234 LUXEMBOURG RTL - Beidweiler, 11/06 1545 Presumed the one with male in French. Breaking above the noise floor.

252 ALGERIA - Tipaza, 11/5 2350 Arabic Chanting

252 IRELAND RTE - Clarkestown, 11/7 0013 talk by a man and woman in English

530 TURKS & CAICOS R. Vision Cristiana - South Caicos, 11/5-11/6 Omnipresent during both days of the Dxpedition, with usual Spanish religious programming, // WWRV-1330

531 SPAIN RNE, 11/6 0020 talk by man and woman in Spanish // 684

549 ALGERIA Alger Chaine 1 - Les Trembles (Oran), 11/06 2103 Announcers seemed to alternate between French and in Arabic strongly suggests Algeria. Another station in the background, DLF?

555 ST. KITTS R ZIZ, 11/5 1735 talk by woman in English, reggae music

558 SWITZERLAND Radio Svizzera – Rete 1 - Monte Ceneri-Cima, 11/06 2008 Presumed the one with the woman in Italian. Carrier from another station beating about once every two or three seconds.

567 IRELAND RTE Radio 1 - Tullamore, 11/05 1653 Heard bits of audio at various times. Assume Ireland because the language when heard was English. Also heard music at times.

570 CUBA R. Reloj CMDC - Santa Clara VC, 11/5 2227 Code "RR"

576 UNID 11/06 2105 Two carriers no audio. Several possibilities.

585 UNID 11/6 2055 Another station heard under Spain, not sure who

585 SPAIN RNE1 synchros, 11/6 1610 talk by man in Spanish, // 684

594 MOROCCO RTM 1 or 2 - Oudja, 11/05 1851 Woman singing in Arabic music in the background. Noted // 1233 at 2357

603 FRANCE (p) Radio France - Tramoyes (Lyons), 11/06 2111 Presumed the one with deep sounding man in French and then music. Another station trying to break through was also noted.

612 MOROCCO RTM - Sebaâ-Aioun, 11/05 1909 The one with the man talking in Arabic. Also 11/07 0145 with male announcer and chanting vocals in Arabic. // 207

621 CANARY ISLANDS – SPAIN RNE 1 - Various, 11/06 1740 Two men in Spanish. //585. At times equaling domestics on 620.

639 SPAIN RNE 1, 11/06 1731 Man in Spanish // to other RNE stations

640 CUBA R. Progresso synchros, 11/5 1745 normal fair

675 HOLLAND Arrow - Lopik, 11/6 1830 Rock music, ID

675 LIBYA - Benghazi, 11/6 1830 Arabic talk

684 SPAIN RNE, 11/5 2355 talk by a man and a woman in Spanish // 855; RNE ID at TOH; strong

693 UNITED KINGDOM BBC Radio Five Live - Various, 11/05 1703 Man with British accent, assume BBC, lots of chuffing from carriers phasing against each other - probably multiple transmitters. Also noted 11/05 2000 Clear ID "This is BBC Radio Five, it's one o'clock" by male announcer Some 690 slop. Het and audio noted numerous other times.

702 UNID 11/05 1842 Het noted. Several possibilities.

710 CUBA R. Rebelde synchros, 11/5 2300 normal fair

711 WESTERN SAHARA (p) RTM - Laayoune, 11/06 1830 Fairly strong carrier making a loud growl. Other DXers have IDed Western Sahara here.

711 FRANCE France Info - Rennes, 11/05 1840 Talking in presumed French. Loud het on 710 otherwise.

729 SPAIN RNE 1, 11/6 1648 Rapid talk by man in Spanish (sporting play-by-play?) // 585, 684; possible ID

738 SPAIN RNE 1 Barcelona, 11/05 1817 Good audio // 585 et al.

747 HOLLAND (p) Radio 747 AM - Flevoland, 11/05 1810 Presumed the one with a man and a woman talking, followed by light music. Easily cutting through the slop. Het and some audio at other times.

747 SPAIN RNE5 - Cadiz, 11/5 1816 // 684 ( relays RNE1 overnight )

756 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk synchros, 11/6 2000 // 6190

765 SWITZERLAND (p) Radio Suisse Romande - Sottens, 11/07 1640 Heard Simon and Garfunkel in the clear. Assume Switzerland. Carrier noted here several other times.

774 SPAIN RNE1 - Valencia ,11/5 2337 Jazz pgm, // 855

774 UNID 11/6 2111 Arabic sounding talk and music

783 MAURETANIA R Mauritanie - Nouakchott, 11/5 1914 // 4845 SW

789 SPAIN RNE1 synchros, 11/6 1630 // 585 and 684

792 UNID 11/06 2205 Male talking here in UI language. Several possibilities include Greece, Yemen, and France.

801 UNID 11/06 2201 Weak audio faded in and out. Possibilities include Jordan and Germany.

837 FRANCE France Info - Nancy, 11/05 1847 Man in French, seemed // to 945

855 UNID 11/05 2350 Carrier noted under Spain. Possibly Romania.

855 SPAIN R. Nacional 1 - Murcia, 11/06 0000 Music, time pips, sounder and ID by female "Radio Nacional de Espana." Into noticias. Noted // to other RNE stations on other freqs.

864 FRANCE France Bleu - Villebon-sur-Yvette, 11/6 2057 Broad daylight at LBI, 4pm local, this in good at times w/music and French

864 UNID 11/5 1753 talk by woman, and Arabic sounding music. Egypt possible

882 WALES BBC Wales - Synchros, 11/05 2205 Woman in British accented English for a couple of minutes overpowering WCBS slop. Strong het noted other times.

890.92 / .99 UNID 11/6 0108 Two carriers close together; is one Algeria ? Other in SS or Portuguese

891 UNID 11/5 1745 2 stations, one is either SS or Portuguese

909 ENGLAND BBC 5 - Moorside Edge / Brookman's Park, 11/5 2244 //693

909 SPAIN RNE5 - Palma de Mallorca, 11/5 2257 // 684 ( relays RNE1 overnight )

942 CUBA Radio Progresso (p), 11/05 2144 Light music and talk in what sounded like talk in Spanish.

945 FRANCE France Info - Toulouse, 11/06 1847 Man in French seemed // to 837. Also noted with man in French at 11/06 1640.

950 CUBA R. Reloj - Havana HA, 11/6 2223 Code "RR"

954 SPAIN Onda Cero Radio - Ctra Humera (Madrid), 11/06 2230 Almost certain the one with the man talking in Spanish, at least two other stations in the mix. Could be an interesting channel to spend some time on.

963 FINLAND YLE Radio Finland - Pori, 11/06 1930 Probably the one with pop music barely above the noise floor. Possibly Finland. Also heard three carriers here 11/06 2024.

981 ALGERIA Alger Chaine 2 - Alger, 11/05 1848 Presumed, male talking in probable Arabic.

999 SPAIN COPE - Madrid, 11/06 1655 Two men talking in Spanish. Another station with music tried to poke through.

999 SPAIN (p) COPE, 11/6 1657 talk by man in Spanish

1008 HOLLAND Flevoland, 11/6 1952 Talk in Dutch

1017 GERMANY Wolfsheim, 11/6 1952 German talk

1020 CUBA R. Reloj CMAP - Bahia Honda, 11/5 1800 "RR" in Morse

1026 SPAIN 11/6 1950 Spanish talk, music

1035 PORTUGAL R. Nacional - Porto Alto, 11/6 2305 Talk, Portuguese language

1044 MOROCCO RTM-A/C - Sebaa-Aioun, 11/5 2355 Presumed w/Middle Eastern music, also Spanish under

1044 SPAIN SER, 11/06 2315 Probably one of two SER stations with a man talking in Spanish. Another station was in the mix, not sure if the other station is SER.

1044 UNID 11/5 1900 2 stations, male annr and female singing; Morocco and Spain?

1053 UNID 11/05 2024 Peaked with a talk in Arabic. Mixing with TalkSport. Probably Morocco or Libya on late because of Ramadan.

1053 ENGLAND Talksport - Droitwich, 11/6 1904 English-accented, rapid-fire talk

1053 SPAIN COPE, 11/6 2124 talk by man in Spanish, // 1215

1062 UNID 11/5 2300 classical music

1062 DENMARK Danmarks Radio P3 - Kalundbourg, 11/05 2312 Heard male vocal in English. Arm chair copy with minimal 1060 slop even in widest filter. Also assumed the one with pop music 11/05 1746.

1089 UNITED KINGDOM TalkSPORT - Various, 11/05 2205 British accented English talk in WBAL splatter. Also 11/05 2323 two men talking about sports, giving WBAL problems. Also 11/06 1558 with a part of an Elvis vocal and male announcer in English. The Elvis song sounded like part of a program lead-in or ending.

1116 ITALY RAI 1 - Various, 11/05 2148 Man and woman talking in Italian. Mixing with probable Spain.

1116 SPAIN SER, 11/05 2325 One of two SER stations noted with a man and a woman in Spanish.

1125 CROATIA HRT - Deanovec, 11/06 2150 Instrumental music //1134

1134 CROATIA HRT, 11/05 1553 Man and woman talking assume Croatia. Also heard German news 11/06 1901 and other times at arm chair copy levels.

1134 UNID 11/5 2240 Spanish under Croatia

1143 UNID 11/05 1819 Strong het, no audio

1152 1UNID 1/5 2231 talk by man in English

1179 SWEDEN Radio Sweden Int'l - Sölvesborg, 11/05 1729-1732 Interval Signal, and ID in English by male, “This is Radio Sweden … Broadcasting to Europe on shortwave … and on medium wave on 1179 kilohertz” This was followed by their regular program. Signal good against 1180.

1197 UNID 11/5 1800 possibly Spanish

1206 FRANCE France Info - Bordeaux, 11/05 2155 Light rock music. No TOH ID heard, but man spoke in French after TOH with possible news

1214.87 UNID 11/5 1720 who is this?

1214.88 UNID 11/05 1719-1721 Someone was producing a loud growl against 1215. Dropped suddenly at 1719 and back again at 1721. Did not hear it the second night, but really didn’t try to hear it.

1215 ALBANIA? R. Tirana - Fllake, 11/5 1820 Talk in Eastern European language

1215 ENGLAND Virgin R. - Moorside Edge, 11/6 0308 Heard w/echo, indicating more than one xmtr being heard, presume the 200kw at this site would be one. Clear ID, listenable in 6 khz mode!

1215 SPAIN COPE, 11/6 2124 talk by man in Spanish under Virgin, //1053

1224 UNID 11/05 1824 Het, no audio

1233 MOROCCO - Marrakech ,11/5 1856 Arabic // 594

1269 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk - Neumunster ,11/7 0300 extremely weak, confirmed w/6190// piano music bridge between features

1314 NORWAY NRK - Kvitsoy, 11/6 2033 Great signal S9+ with pop music and talk by man in pres Norwegian

1359.7 UNID 11/7 0553 Had 3 hets--1359, 1359.70, and of course 1360---wonder who 1359.70 was?

1395 UNID 11/05 1828 Het and slight audio, but not enough to pull through.

1395.28 ALBANIA? Durres? 11/7 0542 UNID Het zeroed at 1395.29, an old list I have showed Albania at 1395.05, could have drifted higher, and it's 500kw. Faded by 0548

1413 UNID 11/06 2235 Music faded up and down in short order.

1422 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk - Heusweiler, 11/05 1829 Assumed the one with the man speaking in German.

1467 FRANCE Trans World Radio - Roumoules, 11/06 1815 Interval signal and ID by male in English as “This is TWR UK on Saturday Night”, into the Words of Hope program. Monster signal.

1485 SPAIN SER, 11/7 0504 not sure which xmtr, but m/f in Spanish

1503 IRAN (t) IRIB 1, 11/6 1847 At 1847 heard talk by man, then silent period; heard beeps at 1850. Koran-sounding singing at 1854 followed by talk by man and woman at 1901. WRTH 2004 lists 500kW. Consensus seems to be this can be called tentative.

1521 SAUDI ARABIA Call of Islam - Duba, 11/6 0345 S9, best in 1.8khz cw mode! Arabic Music.

1539 UNID 11/6 1937 Upbeat piano music

1548 KUWAIT (t) Radio Sawa - Kuwait City, 11/05 1701 Man speaking but could not discern language. Also Music in Slop 11/05 1829

1557 FRANCE France Info - Fontbonne, 11/6 1922 Middle eastern style singing and talk by man, //1206

1575 SPAIN SER, 11/06 0010 Man in Spanish and then a song.

1584 UNID 11/6 2233 weak audio

1602 UNID 11/05 1930 Het noted.

Domestic Logs:

198 USA Dixon NC, 11/5 1832 DIW Beacon

206 CANADA Yarmouth NS, 11/5 1650 QI NDB

216 USA Wilmington NC, 11/5 1827 CLB Beacon

248 CANADA Montreal QU, 11/6 2300 UL NDB

248 USA Fairmont SC, 11/6 2300 FRT NDB

278 USA Salisbury MD, 11/5 1650 SB NDB

335 USA Providence RI, 11/6 0842 PV Beacon

363 USA Millville NJ, 11/6 0845 RNB Beacon

407 USA Ocean City NJ, 11/6 0850 OX Beacon

414 USA New York NY, 11/6 0853 OGY Beacon

530 USA 11/6 0857 NYS Thruway Authority HAR; multiple listed around NYC

640 CANADA St. John's NF, 11/6 1712 CBN CBC Radio News // 750

650 USA Ashland MA, 11/6 1728 WSRO Money program

750 CANADA Bonavista Bay NF, 11/6 1700 CBGY running CBC One and mentions of Labrador; // 640

750 USA Olyphant PA, 11/6 1642 WQOR Catholic program of Rosary (Hail Marys)

780 CANADA Classic Country Dartmouth NS, 11/6 1635 CFDR Country & western music, slogan and ID

780 UNID 11/6 1725 carrying religious C&W or bluegrass sounding music; abrupt carrier cut in midsong

850 USA Birmingham AL, 11/6 1738 WXJC Slogan, Birmingham area Honda dealer ad

1060 USA Monroe NC, 11/6 1747 WKRE Mexican format - music & talk - Spanish - cheating

1070 CANADA Moncton NB, 11/6 1759 CBA CBC Radio 1 ID, The World This Weekend program; // 750

1170 USA Clinton NC, 11/6 0015 WCLN Multiple segued oldies - cheating

1200 CANADA The Team Ottawa ON, 11/6 1809 CFGO ID, local promo

1200 USA N. Syracuse NY, 11/6 1803 WTLA Nostalgia music, national ads

1200 USA UNID 11/6 1812 Fox Sports

1210 USA Dohlonega GA, 11/6 1757 WDFR Ethnic talk - Asian language

1240 USA Freeport NY, 11/5 1840 WGBB ID

1270 CANADA Alma QU, 11/6 2212 CFGT French Talk, music

1610 USA Pleasantville NJ, 11/6 0904 WPIR381 Tape loop anncts w/ calls

1610 USA Ocean City MD, 11/06 1242 WPFJ882 Talk about lane closure on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. In the clear when
the loop tape for WPIR381 re-wound

1620 USA Ocean City NJ, 11/6 0908 WPTU717 Tape loop anncts, ID

1620 USVI Frederiksted, 11/6 0005 WDHP News, ID

1630 USA Jamaica NY, 11/6 0935 KNAA585 JFK Airport Traffic Info, ID, incl. Calls

1630 USA Avalon NJ, 11/06 1415 WPVT502 Test Transmission and NOAA Weather

1640 USA Brigantine NJ, 11/6 0917 WPVN442 Tape loop anncts, ID incl. Calls

1690 USA NY, 11/6 0932 WPO256 NY State HAR

1690 USA Long Island City NY, 11/6 0940 WPTI908 Queens traffic Info

1700 USA Eagleswood NJ, 11/5 2108 WPWX202 Eagleswood Township Office of Emergency Management TIS loop

1700 USA Jamaica NY 11/6, 0920 KNAA585 JFK Airport Traffic Info, ID, incl. Calls

1710 USA Brooklyn NY 11/6, 1921 Lubavitcher Presumed Lubavitcher pirate with religious talk by man in English

Published on December 13, 2005

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