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South Atlantic DXpedition
October 9-11, 2004
Ilha Comprida, 300 Km SW of São Paulo, Brazil

by Rocco Cotroneo

Astonishing Asian conditions for three days at local sunset. Four out of five stations coming in from the same transmitting site, in Taiwan, over 18.000 km away... Usual and less usual African station were good too. No usual Middle East stations were heard.

All stations were heard in a car with Rocco's AOR 7030+, two BOG's 140 mt each, E and SE oriented layed on the beach, and a Quantum phaser
A good number of them were tuned also with a NRD 345 and various Sony and Grundig portables

Rocco Cotroneo, Marcelo Bedene and Wilson Rodriguez were joined, on the third day, by Rudolf Grimm, Carlos Felipe da Silva, Ivan Dias and Carlos Castano. Sample audio files are available at Rocco's site.


567 SOUTH AFRICA Talk Radio OCT11 2210 Usual all news program, English

657 SOUTH AFRICA R. Pulpit OCT11 2200 Religious, slightly off (657.98). In English, with full AM and FM id at 2200

846.05 SOUTH AFRICA Umhlobo Wenene FM OCT11 2240 Local music, fair

909 BOTSWANA Voice of America OCT 9 2125 Huge signal, English, at times audible with portables with ferrite only

963 MOZAMBIQUE R.Mozambique OCT10 2205 Portuguese, National news and talk

972 BOTSWANA R.Botswana OCT10 2125 Local language, music and talk. No parallel on 4820 (still on?)

1026 MOZAMBIQUE Emissora Provincial de Manica OCT11 2150 National news relayed by Maputo, than local id and s/off with typical xylophone tones at 2200. Mozambique traces on 1008 too.

1098 SOUTH AFRICA Ikwekwezi FM OCT10 2200 Regular here in Brazil, even 2 kHz off the local pest 1100 Globo. Strong in local language. Usually African pop music, religious program on Sunday night

1197 LESOTHO WYFR OCT9 2025 Usually the first African signal here in Brazil. Strong at times, overloading Sao Paulo on 1200.

1458 MAYOTTE RFO Mayotte OCT 10 2045 News in French, weak

1484.53 ANGOLA Em. Provincial Kuanza-Sul OCT 9 2120 Only Angolan this time. Mostly talk


1098 TAIWAN Radio France Int (pres.) 2215 OCT10 Chinese, overloading for a few minutes the South Africa station. Radio Taiwan schedule says there is a Radio France Inter relay at this time

1377 CHINA CNR1 (pres.) OCT9 2105 Talk in Chinese with woman, possibly news

1359 TAIWAN WYFR OCT11 2025 Religious program, parallel with 1503 and 1557. Switches to Chinese at 2100

1503 TAIWAN WYFR OCT11 2110 Unbelievable strong signal at times. This frequency was well stronger than the 1557 outlet, already heard in the past here in Brazil

1557 TAIWAN WYFR OCT10 2025 This frequency switches from English to Chinese at 2100, too

Published on October 15, 2004

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