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Bavaria Spring DX Camp
27 April - 1 May 2002

by Michael Schnitzer

Once again I spent four amusing days (and nights!) on our traditional spring DX Camp (27 April - 1 May 2002). We are a group of seven radio enthusiasts in northern Bavaria, Germany. Also this time we erected the usual 300m terminated Beverage antennas into all important DX directions. Additionally we established a V-antenna three meters above the ground on 26 supporting slats, 300m each leg. In order to say it in brief: it doesn't pay! The main lobe of the V-aerial should be directed to 260°, which is Bolivia and Perú. We used a usual Beverage antenna in same direction, 1.2m above the ground, for comparison purposes. The signal strengths of all received stations from Bolivia and Perú were identical on both antennas. Concerning the signal quality even the Beverage had some advantages. On the Beverage the signals came in more calmly and less impaired by atmospheric noises.

The dimensions of the V-aerial were calculated for 60m (5 wave lengths). The opening angle amounted to 44°, i.e. one leg was situated on 238° and the other one on 282°. The practical DX operation however showed that a main lobe on 260°, as actually planned, didn't exist. Rather we could observe two side lobes toward the two legs. The V-aerial behaved like a Brazil Beverage (approx. 240°) and a Guatemala Beverage (approx. 280 °). Something went wrong! In other words: On the next DX Camp I leave all 26 roof slats at home!

A station on 3285.3 kHz caused some headache. Using the Africa antenna at around 2100 UTC we could observe here a program partly in French, partly in English. The bilingualness pointed first on Cameroon. Finally we could solve the mystery: It was a spurious radiation of Radio Ghana on 3366 kHz.

Personal highlights

Under this column several stations could be mentioned. I was pleased very much about the reception of R Guanay from Bolivia. I didn't yet receive this station before. I also enjoyed the fine program "Aquí canta mi Perú" from Radio Huanta 2000. Every LA-DXer had to be inspired listening to such a lovely music. R Minería came in very clearly and a small trip to the medium wave on 1470 kHz brought R Cristal from Uruguay into the headphones.

Audio clips available: R Melodía (171 KB), R Minería (68 KB), R Guanay (75 KB). Please let me know, if you have interest.

Of course I cannot mention all received stations in the following list. The selection occurred on subjective criteria such as rarity or quality of the reception. Brazilian stations are omitted.

2485 ABC Katherine, April 29, 2110-2120, English, pop music, excellent
signal (S9), ID. 45434

4910 ABC Tennent Creek, April 27, 2130-2140, English, news, ID. 35434

6137.9 R Unamsil (presumed), Freetown, April 27, 2155-2205, English, man talking, bad modulation, tentative ID. 24322

3310 R Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, April 28, 0045-0050, Aymara, phone call from listener, Andean music. 44434

4681.6 R Paitití, Guayaramerín, April 29, 2235-2245, Spanish, report about the situation of the youth in Bolivia and about health problems. 34423

4761.7 R Guanay, April 29, 2245-2300, Spanish, talk about the sports
activities of young people ("educación deportiva"), ID. 24433

4865 R Centenario La Nueva (ex?), Santa Cruz, April 28, 2205-2310, Spanish, Christian songs, program of the Salvation Army called "Diario de Dios", announcement of the QRGs 1160 and 4865, ID as "La Cadena Ana"; maybe the new name of the station or the name of a bible society. 33323

5927.1 R Minería, Oruro, April 28, 2320-2330, Spanish, soccer match, ID. 34433

6105.5 R Panamericana, La Paz, April 27, 2225-2235, Spanish, Christian
songs. 33433

6134.8 R Santa Cruz, April 27, 2205-2215, Spanish, romantic songs,
announcement: "Buenas tardes Bolivia ... las temperaturas en Santa Cruz"; very fine signal with SINPO 44434

3285.3 R Ghana, April 28, 2100-2110, English, news; spurious from 3366

3360 La Voz de Nahualá, April 29, 0140-0205, Spanish, comunicados, marimba music. 23322

3344.8 RRI Ternate, April 29, 2045-2105, Bahasa Indonesia, men talking, advertisement, news, local ID. 23322

3905 R New Ireland, Kavieng, April 29, 1915-19.35, English, country music, drums, ID, start of program 1930. 34323

3234.8 R Luz y Sonido, Huanuco, April 29, 0125-0135, Spanish, religious
program, prayers, advertisement, ID. 23322

3329.6 Ondas del Huallaga, Huanuco, April 29, 0115-0125, Spanish, music festival, huaynos, ID. 22322

3375.1 R San Antonio, San Antonio de Padua, April 29, 0010-0020, Spanish, huayno music, ID: "Todo en dial, Radio San Antonio". 35423

4388.9 R Imperio, Chiclayo, April 29, 0210-0220, Spanish, religious
program, Chiclayo often mentioned. 24422

4421.3 R Bambamarca, April 29, 0220-0225, Spanish, huayno music, mensajes: "Atención Bambamarca". 22322

4485.5 R Frecuencia VH (presumed), Celendín, April 29, 0225-0230, Spanish, children song, station too weak for ID. O=1-2

4746.9 R Huanta 2000, April 28, 0025-0045, Spanish, nice huayno music, program called "Aquí canta mi Perú", fine program and fine signal with SINPO 44434

4750.1 R San Francisco Solana, Sondor, April 29, 0230-0245, Spanish, nice huayno music, time announcement, ID. 24322

4826.5 R Sicuani, April 29, 0245-0250, Spanish, romantic song, "saludos
musicales", ID. 24422

5005.6 R LTC, Juliaca, April 30, 2230-2300, Spanish, announcement of events on international workers day ("campaña de trabajadores"), religious program of the Pentecostal Church in Juliaca, ID. 33423

5009.6 R Altura (presumed), Cerro de Pasco, April 29, 0250-0257, Spanish, news, sudden end of transmission without ID. 33423

5024.9 R Quillabamba, April 29, 2315-3230, Spanish, religious program,
Christian songs, Cusco province mentioned. 23322

5460.3 R Bolivar, May 1, 0020-0025, Spanish, huayno music, ID. 23222

5470.9 R San Nicolas (presumed), Mendoza, May 1, 0015-0020, Spanish, woman talking. O=1-2

5678 R Ilucan, Cutervo, May 1, 0000-0005, Spanish, advertisement, ID. 23322

5700 R Frecuencia (presumed), San Ignacio, April 30, 2350-2400, Spanish, huayno music, station too weak for ID. O=1-2

5940 R Melodía, Arequipa, April 27, 2305-2325, Spanish, health information concerning the care of skin, romantic songs. 34423

6045.4 R Santa Rosa, Lima, April 30, 2305-2315, Spanish, Christian songs, ID. 23322

6173.8 R Tawantinsuyo, Cusco, April 27, 2330-2335, Quechua, talks. 23422

6193.5 R Cusco, April 29, 0025-0035, Spanish, huayno music, ID. 23422

9720.4 R Victoria, Lima, April 27, 2215-2225, Spanish, crying preacher.

1470 R Cristal del Uruguay, Las Piedras, April 28, 0000-0015, Spanish, pop music, ID.

UNID stations:
5557.6 unid LA-station, May 1, 0010-0015, Spanish, Andean music. O=1-2

5580 unid LA-station, May 1, 0005-0010, Spanish, man talking; presumed R San José, Bolivia. O=1-2

6036.7 unid LA-station, April 30, 2315-2343, Spanish, mensajes, end of
transmission 2343; presumed R Cosmos, Bolivia. 23322

In addition to the stations mentioned above the following more usual
stations could be received, too:

3279.6 La Voz del Napo, EQA
4409.8 R Eco, BOL
4471.8 R Movima, BOL
4649 R Santa Ana, BOL
4716.8 R Yura, BOL
4775 R Tarma, PRU
4824.4 La Voz de la Selva, PRU
4855.8 R La Hora, PRU
4796.5 R Mallku, BOL
4876.8 R La Cruz del Sur, BOL
4926.6 R San Miguel, BOL
4955 R Amauta, PRU
4960 R Federación, EQA
4992.4 R Ancash, PRU
5952.5 R Pio XII, BOL
6025 R Illimani, BOL
6034.9 La Voz del Guaviare, CLM
6155.1 R Fides, BOL
6536.1 R Difusora Huancabamba, PRU
6797.5 Ondas del Rio Mayo, PRU

Receiver: JRC NRD-525
Antennas: 300m terminated Beverage, 7 antennas to the world
Location: a lovely place 50 km north east of Nuremberg, Germany

Posted on May 2nd 2002

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