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Guide: How to contribute to Audio section

Your contributions to the Audio section are most welcome. Please keep in mind that recorded station identifications use much server space and posting them takes manual work, so to minimize server space and to reduce our workload, please follow these instructions when recording audio samples for DXing.info Audio section:

  • remember that only (local) station identifications of longwave, mediumwave and shortwave broadcasting stations (both domestic and international) are posted on the site, no hobby pirates nor FM or utility stations
  • send only good quality recordings
  • you may send recordings of your local stations, the stations do not need to be rare catches for you - they will still be interesting DX catches to other DXers in other parts of the world
  • check whether we already have a recording of the station that you would like to send (if we do, offer your recording only if yours is of much better sound quality)
  • send an email to DXing.info saying what you would like to offer, without including the sound file(s) at this point
  • use the MP3 or Real Media format (if you need to use Windows Mediaplayer, take extra good care to make the file light!)
  • for copyright reasons, record only the station identification, and not music
  • when encoding, 15 Kbps is good enough quality, and 10-25 seconds is often enough in length. With Real Media, 10 seconds would produce a file size of about 21 kB and 25 seconds would be about 52 kB. Make your file longer and heavier only if you have a good reason to do so, such as a long and exceptionally interesting station identification.
  • if you need guidance on how to use audio software, do not email DXing.info - you can however post a message on the DXing.info Community to get help from fellow hobbyists
  • include information on the year and location (country) of the recording in your email
  • if you would like to further reduce work at our end, follow the example used on the site in naming files: frequency in kHz _ Station name (without "Radio") _ contributor's last name (and without empty spaces), e.g. 690_Recuerdos_burnell.rm
  • if you have only a few audio files to send, send them as email attachments when asked to do so. Send no more than 1 MB of data per day. If you have more audio files, please contact Jean Burnell to get instructions on how to upload your files on a special storage site on Yahoo, from where they will be uploaded on DXing.info.
  • all contributors whose audio files or other type of contributions are published on DXing.info can have a profile article of themselves published on the site. You can email a picture of yourself (preferably in .jpg format) and a short text by email to introduce yourself to fellow hobbyists.

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