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Long Beach Island-10 DXpedition

November 18-20, 2011


  • Dave Hochfelder ( N2HTA) – Albany, NY – Drake R8B & Quantum Phaser
  • Russ Edmunds ( WB2BJH ) – Blue Bell, PA – 2 Modified Sony ICF 2010's
  • Rob Stonier  ( WE2Z ) – Hawthorne, NJ – Drake R8
  • Brett Saylor ( N3EVB) – State College, PA – Perseus SDR, TenTec RX-320, Drake R8, Collins R-390A
  • Chuck Rippel  (WA4HHG) – Chesapeake, VA – Perseus SDR
  • Jim Chenard – Blairstown, NJ – Drake R8  ( Friday night only )
  • Kris Field – Philadelphia, PA – Drake R8
  • Michael Hunter ( W2MHZ) – Neshanic Station, NJ  - Drake R8, Perseus SDR


  • North BOG: 1000' terminated @ 33 degrees
  • South BOG: 850' terminated @ 213 degrees
  • 16x36'  pre-amplified flag
  • 6' pre-amplified Broadband Loop
  • Wellbrook ALA-1530

Dave speaks:

R390A power supply repair
Chuck performs field surgery on an R390A power supply.

It's hard to believe that this has been our tenth DXpedition to LBI! Every year I get stares from friends and coworkers when I tell them that I'm going "down the shore"--in November. One thing I really like about the LBI outings is their inclusiveness. Over the past ten outings we've had a total of about 20 DX'ers participate. So the high point of any LBI gathering is renewing old friendships and making new ones, no matter what conditions are like. (I especially appreciate Chuck aligning my Drake, which was 60 or 70 cycles off frequency, without my knowing it.)

WGBW shirts
Brett and Dave sporting matching WGBW AM 1590 "Honorary Tower Site" T-shirts

Now that we have a baseline of DXpeditions extending over most of a solar cycle, LBI 10 ranks somewhere in the middle of the pack. We had decent signals from the usual TAs like France, Spain, Algeria, and the UK, but we didn't penetrate further east than coastal Europe and North Africa. On the first night we had very good reception of three or four Iranians and on the second night the Saudis were very strong, but we didn't hear any new countries on the broadcast band. The southern BOG was dominated by Cubans, as usual.  Brett and Russ trolled around the LW utilities like NDBs, NAVTEX, and DGPS, so maybe that will put another few countries or states on the list.

One of the interesting trends since we started doing this in 2002 is the changing technology we deploy. At LBI 1, I had a Sony ICF-2010 and the top of the line radios brought by other DX'ers were Drakes. Nobody had laptops. At LBI 10, most of us had Perseus rigs (Drake for me...), most of us had laptops and an IRC chat room to "shout" our logs to each other in real time, and Brett brought something like half a dozen radios and computers for recording NAVTEX and other utilities. It will be interesting to see what the gear looks like at LBI 20.

Brett speaks:

Brett's setup
Brett's setup including a coffee can speaker for the R390A

It's hard to believe that this was the 10th consecutive LBI DXpedition. I've been to every LBI since #2, and have enjoyed watching it grow into an annual event that's as much about the social connections as it is about actually listening to the radios.

Conditions were "average", definitely not as hot as two years ago but still yielding some interesting catches. The highlight was definitely the multiple Iranian stations that were heard parallel to 1503, with an excellent recording of an ID on the first night. The other TAs were "garden variety" but I still have many hours of Perseus recordings and, as in past years, there are probably a few gems still hidden there.

Deployment of the antennas went well this year, and the local police patrolling the beach didn't even stop to ask what we were doing this time (maybe the WGBW AM 1590 "Honorary Tower Site Supervisor" Tshirts, courtesy of Mark Heller, convinced them we were legit?) This marked the last year for the 6-foot Connelly BBL loop – too many trips to the beach and accidental drops from the car during the loading and unloading rendered it non-functioning by the end of the weekend. I wanted to set it aflame and launch it into the surf Viking-style, but the others convinced me that may not help our image with the local law enforcement so we unceremoniously left it next to the garbage can upon our departure. But I am happy to say that I plan to have a new version of a 6-foot loop ready to deploy next year.

Chuck, Brett, Mike, Kris, Dave, Russ and Rob bid farewell to the workhorse broadband loop antenna

Another highlight was the field repair of my classic R390A by Chuck Rippell. Chuck quickly diagnosed the cause of the blown fuses and replaced the power supply only to find that the replacement supply was mis-wired and only putting out a fraction of the high voltage required. Some bad words, and a few modifications with a soldering iron later, and the radio was singing like it did 55 years ago when it left the Collins factory. Thanks, Chuck!

As we do every year, one of the topics at breakfast was "loops vs. BOGs" and again, as in previous years, the jury is still out on whether a loop-only DXpedition would be a good idea. I guess as long as our backs hold out we'll continue to string out and bury the nearly half-mile beverage wires.

Mike speaks:

This was my first LBI trip and the strongest impression I had was what a great bunch of guys you are. When I think back on how my DX'ing has pretty much a solitary late night hobby, it was quite an experience for me to participate in such a well organized group activity.

My first goal for next year is to make certain that my Friday schedule is clear so I can arrive earlier and participate in antenna set up. I felt like a slacker for arriving late in the afternoon.

Dave and Chuck tune up Dave's R8B

Using an SDR has the advantage of allowing stations missed to be heard later and to have a "do-over" on bandwidth and audio settings to clarify the recording. Next year I will be more careful in the amount of time allocated to recording (actually increase it) as I had fairly short snippets of stations that would have been interesting to identify.

Going through the audio files is pretty tedious, but is rewarding when live conditions are bad and you can recall good conditions from the files. To catch up, I took the files on a business trip using my laptop with headphones to listen in the hotel. I resolve to finish sooner next year.

The loop antennas were impressive, and I am inspired to finish my flag antenna project. As good as the Perseus is, I still like the audio provided by the conventional receivers like the Drake.

Thanks to Chuck for bringing the old Drake on frequency. That radio hasn't been opened since I bought it about 20 years ago. For years I didn't use it often as I had a preference for the NRD-525. Since I have been listening more I have come to like the Drake. And now, thanks to Chuck, it doesn't have the low frequency rumble anymore.

Wrestling with log books while sitting on a camp chair has its limitations. I wonder why the WRTH isn't available in a electronic form yet? Speaking of which, Barnes and Noble sent a notice this week that the WRTH is delayed. I hope it doesn't suffer the fate of the Passport to World Band Radio.

Russ speaks:

Wellbrook ALA-1530 is aimed towards Africa

Little did I think when I was one of 4 DX'ers who decided to hold a one-night DXpedition on Long Beach Island ten years ago that it would become an annual event, with as many as ten DX'ers on hand, nor that I would end up having been able to attend each of them. With 8 DX'ers this time, attendance and interest was again strong and included one first-time attendee in Mike Hunter, and one who had only paid us a brief visit before, Kris Field.

Conditions were at best average, although we anticipated more owing to low geomagnetic indices the preceding week and some promising receptions in the days prior. The highlight was the reception of 4 IRIB-1 outlets all in // early Friday night with Middle Eastern singing. Conditions unfortunately deteriorated from then on, and for this DXpedition we have more loggings of NDB and DGPS beacons than regular MW and LW broadcast stations.

Despite the conditions, the company was as always enjoyable.  Antenna experiments were conducted, some receiver repairs made, and some future equipment organization improvements identified – once again both radio rooms were characterized by jumbles of wires, preamplifiers, splitters and assorted radio equipment and supplies.

Freq Time
Calls Slogan City State
Country Details
162 0504 France Inter Allouis France Male/female alternating in French
171 2240 Radio Mediterranee Int'l Nador Morocco Very good with Arabic music.
183 2145 Europe 1 Felsberg Germany Pop music, male announcer in French
198 2245 DIW Dixon NC USA NDB
206 0209 QI Yarmouth NS Canada NDB
207 0500 CL Charlo QC Canada NDB
209 0512 MT Chibougamau QC Canada NDB
216 2247 CLB Carolina Beach NC USA NDB
220 0206 BX Lourdes-de-Blanc Sablon QC Canada NDB
230 0205 QB Quebec QC Canada NDB
234 0506 RTL Beidweiler Luxembourg Pop music
236 0208 OW Ottawa ON Canada NDB
237 1254 EZF Fredericksburg VA USA NDB
240 0420 LE Auburn-Lewiston ME USA NDB
245 0515 YZE Gore Bay ON Canada NDB
248 0042 UL Montreal QC Canada NDB
248 0400 FRT Fairmont SC USA NDB
248 1257 IL Wilmington DE USA NDB
252 0100 RTE R1 Clarkstown Ireland News in English by man
254 0405 5B Summerside PEI Canada NDB
254 0405 LLW Elizabeth City NC USA NDB
261 0406 ELQ Emporia VA USA NDB
272 0518 YQA Muskoka ON Canada NDB
273 2315 ZV Sept Iles QC Canada NDB
276 0307 YHR Chevery QC Canada NDB
278 0046 NM Matagami QC Canada NDB
280 0212 QX Gander NF Canada NDB
286 0045 #804 Sandy Hook NJ USA DGPS
288 0045 #942 Cape Ray NL Canada DGPS
289 2318 YLQ La Tuque QC Canada NDB
289 0045 #806 Driver VA USA DGPS
290 0900 #869 Louisville KY USA DGPS
290 0045 #799 Penobscot ME USA DGPS
291 0045 #788 Hawk Run PA USA DGPS
292 0045 #778 Kensington  SC USA DGPS
293 0045 #803 Moriches NY USA DGPS
294 0045 #771 New Bern NC USA DGPS
295 0045 #843 St Marys  WV USA DGPS
296 0045 #929 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC Canada DGPS
297 0045 #792 Bobo MS USA DGPS
298 2245 #937 Hartlen Point NS Canada DGPS
298 0045 #831 Upper Keweenaw MI USA DGPS
299 0045 #866 Sallisaw OK USA DGPS
300 0045 #926 Riviere-du-Loup QC Canada DGPS
301 0045 #847 Annapolis MD USA DGPS
303 0045 #824 Greensboro  NC USA DGPS
304 0045 #777 Mequon WI USA DGPS
305 0045 #782 Dandridge TN USA DGPS
306 0045 #772 Acushnet MA USA DGPS
307 0045 #834 Hagerstown MD USA DGPS
309 0045 #870 Reedy Point DE USA DGPS
310 2245 #944 Cape Norman NL Canada DGPS
310 0045 #859 Whitney NE USA DGPS
312 2245 #935 Western Head NS Canada DGPS
312 0045 #827 Tampa FL USA DGPS
313 2245 #925 Moisie QC Canada DGPS
313 0045 #874 Billings  MT USA DGPS
314 0045 #808 Card Sound FL USA DGPS
316 0045 #800 Brunswick ME USA DGPS
317 0045 #858 Hartsville TN USA DGPS
318 0045 #823 Summerfield  TX USA DGPS
319 0045 #818 Savannah GA USA DGPS
320 0045 #865 Millers Ferry AL USA DGPS
322 0045 #862 St Louis MO USA DGPS
323 0900 #950 St Davids Bermuda DGPS
323 0319 UWP Argentia NL Canada NDB
323 0045 #844 Hudson Falls NY USA DGPS
326 0047 FC Fredericton NB Canada NDB
326 0410 ZEF Elkin NC USA NDB
329 0357 OU Quebec-St. Foy QC Canada NDB
329 0411 CH Charleston SC USA NDB
332 0048 YFM La Grande QC Canada NDB
332 0412 FIS Key West FL USA NDB
335 0220 YLD Chapleau ON Canada NDB
340 0228 YY Mont Joli QC Canada NDB
341 0229 YYU Kapuskasing ON Canada NDB
344 0419 JA Jacksonville FL USA NDB
346 0426 VU Albemarle NC USA NDB
350 0312 DF Deer Lake NF Canada NDB
350 0421 LE Raleigh NC USA NDB
351 0231 YKQ Fort Rupert QC Canada NDB
355 0423 CGE Cambridge MD USA NDB
360 0049 PN Port Menier QC Canada NDB
363 1540 RNB Millville NJ USA NDB
366 0233 YMW Maniwaki QC Canada NDB
378 0000 RJ Roberval QC Canada NDB
386 0447 D8 Dolbeau QC Canada NDB
388 0433 RNW Chocowinity NC USA NDB
390 0224 JT Stephenville NF Canada NDB
391 0051 DDP San Juan PR NDB
392 0052 ML Charlevoix QC Canada NDB
396 0002 NEL Lakehurst NJ USA NDB
400 0056 FO Westhampton Beach NY USA NDB
404 0003 YSL St. Leonard QC Canada NDB
407 0240 ZHU Montreal QC Canada NDB
407 0003 FR Farmingdale NY USA NDB
409 0243 YTA Pembroke ON Canada NDB
414 0442 3U Ottawa ON Canada NDB
414 0004 OGY New York NY USA NDB
417 0438 HQT Coats NC USA NDB
432 0439 IZN Lincolnton NC USA NDB
507 0245 WE2XGR/6 Penn Yan NY USA Beacon -slow Morse ID
516 0256 YWA Petawawa ON Canada Beacon - Canadian Format Morse ID
526 0255 ZLS Stella Maris BAH Beacon - Morse ID
530 0100 CM-- Radio Rebelde Guantánamo Cuba  //540 and others
530 0249 CM-- Radio Enciclopedia Havana Cuba Classical/easy listening
531 2220 Alger Chaine 1 El Ain Beida Algeria Talk by man in Arabic interspersed with musical stingers // 549
540 0100 CM-- Radio Rebelde Cuba  // 530, others
540 0245 WFLF Pine Hills FL USA Dave Ramsey; 352 area code; station ids
549 0104 Algier Chaine 1 Les Trembles Algeria Talk by man in Arabic
550 0247 CM-- Radio Rebelde Unk which location Cuba ID by male announcer
550 1000 ABC Radio  Tegucigalpa Honduras Thanks to Don Moore for the ID; Mexican music
555 0255 ZIZ Basseterre St. Kitts St. Kitts & Nevis Music reggae ;sounder at :59 cuckoo sound
560 0259 CM-- Radio Rebelde Moa, Holguin Cuba Sounder TOH
570 0234 CMDC R. Reloj Santa Clara Cuba ID
580 0100 CM-- Radio Rebelde Guantanamo Cuba  // 530, others
580 0800 WKAQ San Juan Puerto Rico Patter by DJ in Spanish, call sign incl another station's call, mentions of PR
590 0100 CMHI  R.Musical Nacional Santa Clara Cuba Signature harp tune and "Radio Musical ID by woman; classical music selections
590 0100 CM-- Radio Rebelde Cuba  // 530, others
600 0234 CMKV R. Rebelde Urbano Noris Cuba Rebelde net ID
610 0235 CMAN R. Rebelde Bahia Honda Cuba //600
610 0100 WIOD Miami FL USA Local traffic report, commercials, ID "Newsradio 610 WIOD" also mentioning 100.3 FM
620 0235 CM-- R. Rebelde Cuba //600
630 0100 CMQ Radio Progreso Pinar del Río Cuba  // 640 and others
640 0236 CMBC R. Progreso Guanabacoa Cuba //630
650 0236 CM-- R. Progreso Cuba //630
660 0100 CM-- R. Progreso Santa Clara Cuba //630
670 0236 CM-- R. Rebelde Arroyo Arenas Cuba //600
675 0100 Talk by woman in unID language; single beep at TOH
684 0100 RNE1 Sevilla Spain Talk by men in Spanish, top of the hour jingle then news delivered by woman alternating with man
690 0500 HJCZ Radio Recuerdos Bogota Colombia ID, mixing with equal strength R Progress
690 0100 CM-- R. Progreso Jovellanos Cuba //630
693 0100 BBC Radio Five Live synchros England Good with news in English
693 2258 RNE1 synchros Spain // 684 under BBC with talk by man in Spanish
710 0100 CM-- Radio Rebelde Cuba  // 530, others
730 0100 HJCU Cadena Melodía de Colombia Bogota Colombia In a mix of Latins, with distinctive chimes at TOH
730 0100 CM-- R. Progreso Nueva Gerona Cuba //630
750 0100 CMHV R. Progreso Trinidad Cuba //630
756 0100 Deutschlandfunk  Braunschweig & Ravensburg Germany Presumed with light music, time pips at TOH
760 0100 CM-- R. Progreso Cuba //630
770 0237 CMKB R. Rebelde Las Mercedes Cuba //600
774 2138 RNE-1 various Spain Talk, vocals in Spanish
780 0237 CM-- R. Reloj Cuba ID
783 2255 Radio of Syrian Arab Republic (pres) Syria Talk between man and woman in Arabic; another station under with Koran singing. Suspect Syria is the stronger station.
790 0100 CMAQ R. Reloj Pinar del Rio Cuba "RR"
800 0237 CMDT R. Progreso Manzanillo Cuba //630
810 0058 CJVA Caraquet NB Canada "For the Good Times" (in English, country version), call letters, talk by a man in French, then French song; good under WGY. 
810 0600 HJCY Caracol Radio Bogotá Colombia Caracol Radio ID with signature tune at TOH, fair under WGY. Apparent Mexican IDs and "Radio Libertad" program may have also been from a program on this station.
810 0600 CMBC Radio Progreso Guantanamo Cuba Progreso signature tune
820 0100 CMDE R. Reloj Contramaestre Cuba "RR"
820 0100 CMCA R.Ciudad de la Habana Santa Catalina Cuba Very modern, non-Cuban sounding - discussion between man and woman, edgy US and pres Cuban pop/rock music, ID at TOH with R Ciudad jingle. Reloj under.
837 2122 France Info Nancy France //1377
837 2319 unID Talk by M; not // 1206 so not sure if France Info - COPE?
840 0100 CMHW Dobleve Santa Clara Cuba TOH Dobleve jingle under 4VEH
840 0500 CMKC R Revolucion Santiago de Cuba  Cuba NA (over another station playing NA) then "CMKC Radio Revolucion” ID
840 0100 4VEH R.Evangelique Cap Haitien Haiti Church service with talk in French, choir music with organ, strong under WHAS. 
850 0100 CM-- R. Reloj Nueva Gerona Cuba "RR"
855 0402 RNE Radio Nacional Unk Spain SS male & female; four time pips at 0400 UTC
860 0238 CM-- R. Reloj Baracoa Cuba ID
864 0405 Unknown Strong carrier; some music in noise
870 0239 CMDT R. Reloj Sancti Spiritus Cuba ID
870 0100 CM-- R. Reloj Cuba 2nd "RR" behind first
880 0100 CM-- R. Progreso Cuba //630
909 2340 BBC R. 5 various England  // 693
910 0500 CMHA  R.Cadena Agramonte Camagüey  Cuba ID by man
910 0500 CMBL Radio Metropolitana La Lisa Cuba ID by woman
918 2257 Slow vocal music, Nigerian het from 917. Slovenia or Spain?
918 0145 Carrier no audio
927 2257 VRT Radio Een (pres) Wolvertem Belgium Pop music by female
930 0500 CMIP Radio Surco Ciego de Avila Cuba ID, national anthem, wobbly carrier. 
936 0140 IRIB Iran Koran, musical interlude and talk by woman in Farsi; thanks to Vlad and Sylvain on RealDX for ID. 
945 '0100 France Info Toulouse France Classical music, jingle at top of the hour, into pres news in FR by woman
945 0206 IRIB Regional Dehgolan IRAN Koran
950 0155 CM-- R. Reloj Havana Cuba ID
954 0328 Unknown Carrier, noisy, maybe woman vocal
960 0100 CM-- R. Reloj Cuba "RR"
963 0330 Unknown Female voice in the noise
972 0203 NDR Info Hamburg Germany Presumed with talk in German by woman, poor
980 0040 CMB R COCO (p) Habana Cuba Romantic music, talk between two men in Spanish with frequent mentions of "los Cubanos"
980 2233 Radio Reloj Cuba ID
981 2235 Alger Chaine 2 (tent) Ouled Fayet Algeria Interesting mix of a low-voice male and middle eastern music, not sure of it was same station. Earlier (2215) was talk between the low voiced man and a woman. 
981 2239 Radio Star Country Emmyvale Ireland Presumed with English talk.
1000 2355 R. Dif. Nacional various Colombia frequent mentions of Colombia. Another SS under.
1000 0500 CMNM Radio Granma Manzanillo Cuba Radio Granma jingle, Cuban NA, New at LBI
1008 2110 SER Radio (p)  synchros Spain Sports play-by-play in Spanish
1020 0100 CM-- R. Reloj Cuba "RR"
1035 2120 Star FM Belmonte Portugal Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head and // to internet stream
1044 2115 SER various Spain Man talking in rapid-fire Spanish
1053 0100 Talksport synchros England Sports talk in English // 1089
1080 0500 CMCU  R.Cadena Habana Güines Cuba ID, NA
1089 2256 Talk Sport Unk UK Soccer; male announcer
1098 0100 RNE5 synchros Spain Talk by man in Spanish, time pips at TOH //1107
1116 0100 SER synchros Spain Talk by man in Spanish 
1125 0200 R. Nacional various Spain presumed with Spanish programming
1130 0500 KWKH Shreveport LA USA C&W music, ID
1140 0500 CMIP R.Surco Ciego de Avila Cuba Cuban NA, then ID "Transmite CMIP Radio Surco desde Ciego de Avila" by man. Rebelde also on the frequency but this was on top. Also // 930 with wobbling carrier
1140 0100 CM-- Radio Rebelde Cuba  // 530, others
1179 0100 SER? Music; not // SER Spain 1116
1180 2305 Unknown Unk Female vocal in SS over WHAM -. Rebelde?
1206 2250 France Info Bordeaux France French talk.
1210 0100 CM-- Radio Rebelde Cuba  // 530, others
1215 2215 Voice of Russia Bolshakovo Kaliningrad News in English by man and woman announcers, including mention of Occupy Wall Street protesters; trading places with Absolute Radio.
1215 2315 Absolute Radio synchros UK Pop song "Time of Your Life" by Green Day; British-accented DJ between songs
1251 2037 Libyan Jamahiriya (p) Tripoli Libya Presumed with talk by man in Arabic, mentions of "Arabia"
1314 0058 unID Rock music 
1332 2321 IRIB-1 Tehran Iran Middle Eastern music - singing // 1503, 1512, 936
1350 0100 WEZS Laconia NH "New Hampshire's Good Times Oldies Station"
1350 0100 CKAD Middleton NS Canada Commercial for "Leon's Furniture House of Champions on AVR". 
1377 0058 France Info Lille France Music, jingle tune at TOH and talk in French
1395 2037 TWR Fllake Albania Talk in what sounds like Eastern European language; late with religious music
1413 0133 Unknown Female voice in noise, accent unknown. VOR or BBC?
1422 0052 Deutschlandfunk Heusweiler Germany Light orchestral music; time pips at TOH then talk in German by M
1440 0114 WHKZ Warren OH USA Parallel 1220;Cleveland State basketball
1467 2215 Trans World Radio (p) Roumoules France Talk alternating between an Arabic-sounding language and English, including phrases "accept the Lord" and "the will of God" and "believe in the Lord"; later solid copy in English only
1503 2330 IRIB 1 Bushehr Iran Talk by man and woman in presumed Persian with "Radio Iran" ID 
1512 2319 IRIB-1 Ardabil Iran Middle Eastern music - singing // 1503, 936, 1332
1520 2146 WTHE Mineola NY USA Sign off at 1645ET
1521 0128 BSKSA Duba Saudi Arabia Koran
1548 2214 Radio Sawa Kuwait City Kuwait Rock music, talk by female announcer between songs
1550 0100 CM-- Radio Rebelde Cuba  // 530, others
1557 2137 France Info Nice France Talk in French by man, jingle, woman announcer then back to man
1570 0126 WVTL Amsterdam  NY USA Oldies //WBBS 104.7 "Lite 104.7"
1575 2058 Radio Farda  Al Dhabiya UAE Talk by woman and man in presumed Persian, pop music between talks
1575 2137 unID Ballad song, not typical Farda dance music. Italy or Spain?
1602 2102 R. Vitoria or SER Spain Spanish talk
1602 0258 Unk Unk Instrumental mx weak
1610 2257 Caribbean Beacon (p) The Valley Anguilla Preaching in English by a male; new at LBI
1610 1617 WPFJ882 Ocean City MD USA ID
1620 0259 Radio Rebelde Cuba Sounder
1620 1655 WQAL487 Manasquan NJ USA ID
1620 1655 WPTU717 Ocean City NJ USA ID
1630 1616 WPVT502 Avalon NJ USA ID
1630 1616 WQFG844 Point Pleasant Beach NJ USA ID
1640 1615 WPVN442 Brigantine NJ USA ID
1650 1614 WQFQ235 Ship Bottom NJ USA ID
1670 1612 WQMB847 Stone Harbor NJ USA ID 
1670 1611 WQSZ859 Tuckerton NJ USA ID
1700 1610 KNAA585 Jamaica NY USA ID
1710 1637 USA Unid SS talk and music on North antennas
4915 2334-0000 Radio Daqui,  Goiânia BRAZIL 22222 - mx pgm om brief annmt, fanfare om talking in PT
4985 0045-0100 Radio Brasil Central Goiania BRAZIL 33333 - om sings regtional mx, fair signal
5960 2344-0000 V.Turkey,  Cakirlar  TURKEY  55545 - regional mx, om sings in Turkish, 2348 fanfare om & yl in lg; yl w/id in EG, om & yl w.id in many lgs
7250 0108-0115 VOICE OF RUSSIA (VOR),  Krasnodar RUSSIA  54545 - om w.  news; yl with film reviews
7250 0105-0120 Voice of Russia,  unknown UNKNOWN 54444 - om w/ news then vor id @0107. yl in Eg
7290 0110-0120 VOICE OF RUSSIA (VOR),  Moskva  RUSSIA 54444 - yl with Out & About; VOR ID and talk about Japanese films // 7250
7580 2154-2200 BBG - RADIO FARDA,  Iranawila   IRAN 22222 - Regional mx, yl talks between songs
9580 2158-2201 Africa Number One,  Moyabi GABON 44444 - James Brown songs being played one after another; OM between songs
9580 2137-2155 Africa Number One,  Moyabi  GABON 55555 - Hi Life mx; very good signal;
9875 2041-2050 BBG - RADIO FREE ASIA (RFA),  Babeldaob, Medorm PALAU  22222 - fluttery signal, yl & om talking
9905 1702-1710 Radio Free Asia,  Koror PALAU 33223 - OM & Yl talking, fanfare in backg; time pips at 1700;
11660 2022-2040 RADIO AUSTRALIA,  Shepparton  AUSTRALIA 33223 - 2 OM's talk sports, fanfare more talk about sports-many mentions of Australia
15120 1803-1835 VOICE OF NIGERIA (VON),  Ikorodu NIGERIA 44444 - yl with VON ID @1826- end of Listeners Weekly annmnt by OM
15540 1903-1915 RADIO KUWAIT,  unknown Kuwait 55455 - YL & OM in EG - discussion about the Koran

Published on February 15, 2012

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