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Shop for DXing Books and Radio Equipment


World Radio TV Handbook 2014World Radio TV Handbook 2014

The 68th edition of the "WRTH" is the most comprehensive reference book to broadcasting around the world. It lists most mediumwave and shortwave radio stations with lots of additional information. The book is known as the Bible for DXers, it is a must for everyone listening to distant radio stations. Buyers outside the United States may prefer to order the book via Amazon for example in the
United Kingdom
(£) or Germany (€).

Shortwave Listening GuidebookShortwave Listening Guidebook
An easy to read guide written in non-technical language, explaining the basics of the hobby. Frequency information is outdated, but information on propagation issues and such retains its value.

Shortwave Listening on the RoadShortwave Listening on the Road
A practical handbook is good for shortwave listeners who travel frequently. Author Andrew Yoder includes a wealth of valuable information for shortwave enthusiasts on the road.
Short-Wave MysteryThe Short-Wave Mystery
Always thought that shortwave books are just boring reference lists or technical guides? Well, there is in fact a novel written dealing with shortwave, originally printed in 1945! Read a review by Richard McVicar.
Practical Antenna HandbookPractical Antenna Handbook
The nuts-and-bolts information needed to make antennas work along with the theoretical material necessary for understanding what is happening and applying principles to new projects.

The ARRL Antenna BookThe ARRL Antenna Book
A classic reference book on antennas, now in its 19th edition. Published by the American Radio Relay League, but not only for ham operators. CD-ROM included.
More books on radio from Amazon Click for more radio-related books on Amazon.

Other products

AM and FM Roulette AM and FM Roulette
A CD of 90 top quality station identifications and jingles of AM and FM stations from around the world, all heard in Finland by Jim Solatie. Details

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Remember that when you buy, other DXers would love to hear your reviews. You can post your comments on the DXing.info Community and your review may also be published here.

If you have enjoyed using the site, maybe you can consider supporting the site financially. By bying your DX books and world band receivers through links on DXing.info, you also support the site. If you don't need to shop for the above items, you can contribute also directly - and actually contribute much more to the development of DXing.info.

If you have a credit card, you can contribute through the PayPal system - just click on the left. The PayPal service charges me roughly 4% of the amount of the donation, but it is fast and easy for you. PayPal will register you to verify your identity and the information you give, but registration is free for you. Of course, if you prefer other methods or don't have a credit card, PayPal is not the only way, you can be in touch by email for more info.

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