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Organizing Your Digital DX

Folders and filesCheap digital storage space has revolutionized the way we DXers can save, organize and access our recordings and QSL collection. Creating a digital DXing archive however requires many decisions concerning formats and file names, with long lasting consequences. This article explains the many mistakes the author has made, and how he has tried to resolve practical problems related to going digital.
  To the article (Nov. 20, 2007)

QSL galleries

  Feodor Brazhnikov
  Achim Brueckner
  Doug Garlinger
  Jonathan Hekis
  Ferdinand Lenhardt
  Mika Mäkeläinen (on DXing.info)
  Jorma Mäntylä
  SWL QSL card museum
  Italian-language stations

Verie signers

  DX MidAMerica
  QIP (Martin Schöch)
  more in DXing.info community

QSL statistics

  Harri Kujala

Other QSL information

  EDXC country list (PDF)
  NASWA country list (PDF)
  ISO country codes for Europe
  Indonesian DX Club free translation service

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