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Radio Propagation

Solar-terrestrial indices

Indices from the U.S. NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder Colorado, updated every three hours and published here in real time:

What does this mean for DXers?

Forecast: A-Index & flux

Source: NOAA Space Weather
Prediction Center

Auroral activity

Northern hemisphere
Southern hemisphere

Web resources

Current situation:
  Space weather now (SEC)
  Today's space weather (SEC)
  Solarsoft latest events (LMSAL)
  Magnetic disturbance level in Nurmijärvi and Sodankylä in Finland (FMI)
  DST Index and AL Index
(LASP Colorado)
  DST Index

  Solar forecast (SWPC)
  Solar forecast (SIDC)
  Geomagnetic summary and forecast (IPS)

Short and medium term data:
  Daily solar data (past 30 days, SWPC)
  Daily geomagnetic data (past 30 days, SWPC)
  Proton flux (3 days, SWPC)
  K and A indices in Australia (past 7 days, IPS)
  Solar Terrestrial activity report (past 60 days, DXLC)

Long-term data (solar cycle history):
  Solar cycle progression (SWPC)
  Solar cycle sunspots (SEC)
  Solar cycle sunspots (SIDC)
  Solar cycle solar flux (SEC)
  Solar cycle Ap-Index (SEC)

General information:
  Primer on Space Weather (SEC)
  Geophysical Alert Description (LWCA)

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