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Tianjin Radio (China)

by Jim Solatie

Tianjin Radio transmitting tower
Transmitters of Tianjin Radio

DXing Chinese AM stations has always been one of my greatest passions. Over the years I have heard over 100 different broadcast stations from China. Tianjin Radio has always been one of my most favourite stations. In September 2008 I had the chance to visit them. I was fascinated.

Tianjin Radio has many different channels on mediumwave: News channel on 909 kHz, Economic channel on 1071 kHz, Traffic channel on 567 kHz, Life channel on 1386 kHz, Literary channel on 1098 kHz, Music channel on 1008 kHz, Novel channel on 666 kHz and Binhai channel on 747 kHz. I have heard all these eight channels in Finland. The ones on 909, 1071 and 1386 kHz have often an excellent reception quality on winter evenings. The other five channels are harder to DX, because of the interference by European stations.

Vivian and Jim
Vivian and Jim

Binhai is a major development area in Tianjin. It is said that it will become an area for foreign companies to set up operations rivaled by only Shenzhen (close to Hong Kong) and Pudong (in Shanghai). Tianjin Binhai Radio broadcasts on 747 AM and 87.8 FM, and can occasionally be heard even in Finland!

In September I had the great pleasure to visit Tianjin Binhai Radio and join their one-hour talkshow "Desert Island", where the guest is placed on a desert island and can bring only one book, one CD and one DVD with him. Please enjoy the show by clicking here .

Vivian, Jim and John
Vivian, Jim and John look relieved after the show

With this short article I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Vivian, the wonderful host of Desert Island, and John, the great producer. It was lovely to meet you two and I hope we will see again soon. Meanwhile I will enjoy Tianjin Radio programmes on your many mediumwave frequencies.



Rice paddies in Yuenyang, southern Yunnan province, which Jim mentioned in the show

And the one photo to take along to the island? On the right is the scenery treasured by Jim. Finally, below is the cover of Jim's new book about creativity:






published on November 16, 2008

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