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The last news update: Radio News in 2014

New Hawaii radio stations on 740 and 1240 AM

Catholic broadcaster Immaculate Heart Radio launched its 31st station in January 2014. KCIK Kihei broadcasts from the Hawaiian island of Maui on 740 kHz AM. The station is licenced to transmit 24/7 at a power of 5 kW. KCIK was first reported heard in the continental U.S. in July.
     Later, in November 2014, KEWE Kahului was launched on 1240 AM. KEWE is also a Christian stations, but broadcasts gospel music with the slogan "The Spirit of Maui". KEWE is licensed to broadcast at 5 kW, but is currently running only 1 kW of power. KEWE simulcasts on 95.5 MHz FM and belongs to the KAOI Radio Group. It is the first Hawaii station in several decades on a local ("graveyard") frequency.
(DXing.info, December 4, 2014)

Europe 24 is a new low-power shortwave station on 6150 kHz

Widely heard across Europe in the beginning of August, Europe 24 can be found the shortwave frequency of 6150 kHz in the 49-meter band. The programming consists mostly of pop and rock music. The transmitter is located in Datteln and the power quoted is only 10 watts. The license is held by Interessengemeinschaft Hochfrequenztechnik e.V., Johann-Strauss-Str. 22, 45711 Datteln, Germany. The frequency of 6150 kHz was previously used by another station, Radio 6150, which was under different ownership.
(DXing.info, October 17, 2014)

New Italian AM stations on 1098, 1386, 1395 and 1566 kHz

Italian station Ondamedia Broadcast from San Pietro in Casale, has been heard on 1098 kHz since October 13th. This was reported by Italian DXer Fabrizio Magrone. Previously the station has operated on 1548 and 1512 kHz.
     A new transmitter has been logged also on 1386 kHz, reported by Mark Dezzani in early August. The station has been heard identifying as Radio Seborga International and it can be contacted by email.
     Also, Radio Activity has been heard testing on 1395 kHz in late September. Email radioactivity1395 at libero dot it has been given as contact information.
     Yet another Italian station, AM Stereo, has been logged on 1566 kHz on October 12, by Stefano Valianti. 
(DXing.info, October 17, 2014)

New Mexican station testing on 1700 kHz AM

Mexican station XEFCSM in Mérida, Yucatán has been logged testing on 1700 kHz AM in March 2014. However, its signal has not been detected by DXers later in 2014. The station is run by Fundación Cultural para la Sociedad Mexicana. According to WRTH 2015, the station is licenced to transmit at 50 kW of power daytime and at 1 kW during the nights.
(DXing.info, December 14, 2014)

Gold 15-93 testing from the Czech Republic on 1233 AM

Yet another new AM station has been heard broadcasting from the Czech Republic. Radio 15-93 has been caputured testing with a power of 500 watts on 1233 kHz mediumwave, which is used also by Radio Dechovka. You can reach Radio 15-93 by email. Roberto Scaglione informed about the test broadcasts on the mwdx mailing list on November 4. (Correction: The station is in fact broadcasting from Italy, as informed by Mauno Ritola on March 17, 2015)
(DXing.info, December 14, 2014)

Radio Impuls from the Czech Republic testing on 981 kHz

Radio ImpulsA new AM station has begun broadcasting in the Czech Republic on 981 kHz. Local DXer Karel Honzik heard the station on June 27th using FM modulation. The signal is aired from the same antenna as Radio Dechovka on 1233 kHz, located in Prague. The programming is mostly Czech and Slovak oldies music.
(DXing.info, July 7, 2014)

Italian Radio Base 101 reportedly on 1323 kHz

Radio Base 101 from Padova in Italy has begun broadcasting on 1323 kHz on the AM band. The transmitter power has been given as 600 watts. You can email to the station or write to the station at Via Germania, 15 - 35010 Peraga di Vigonza, Italy. The first news about the station was published by radio amateur Diego IK3WUZ on MW News in February 2014.
     Another unlicensed Italian station has been reported heard on 1602 kHz. "Crystal Radio" was picked up on February 9, 2014, by Italian DXer Fabrizio Magrone, and reported on the MWDX mailing list. Magrone says that the station has been heard for the first time already in 2013, and it may be located in the Veneto region.

(DXing.info, July 7, 2014)

New stations in Argentina on 1160, 1550 and 1710 AM

Radio Imagen from Castelar has become an easier catch after switching from 1310 kHz to the end of the X-band on 1710 kHz. You can reach the station by email or by phone at 011 46924412. Information about the frequency change was first published by Arnaldo Slaen in March.
     Another station switching frequencies is Radio Independencia from Remedios de Escalada, now found on 1160 kHz, and previously on 1140 kHz.
     Estación Deportiva is a new station on 1550 kHz that has replaced Radio Urkupiña, earlier on the same frequency.
     These changes have been reported by Marcelo A. Cornachioni in April 2014.
(DXing.info, July 7, 2014)
     In December, a couple of new AM stations have appeared on the dial. Radio La Amistad from José C. Paz, Provincia de Buenos Aires, is now broadcasting on 1550 kHz AM. The music station uses a slogan "Donde vive el sentimiento provinciano", and can be reached by email.
     Radio La Cueva on 1580 kHz is a Christian station run by Fundación Elivan, address Calle Manantial s/n, Ciudad de 25 de Mayo, Misiones, Argentina.
(DXing.info, December 14, 2014)

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