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Lists of Radio Stations

  Afghanistan: MW and SW stations (maintained by Mauno Ritola)
  Argentina: X-band stations (maintained by Ydun M. Ritz)
  Brazil: Mediumwave stations (PDF file, updated in 2011, by DX Clube do Brasil where list also in HTML format)
  China: AM and FM station list (zipped Excel files, in Chinese, updated in 2012)
  Cuban AM stations (PDF) compiled by Mauricio Molano
  Japan: AM stations in frequency and location order, and an abridged version in frequency order without low-power stations
(both PDF files by John H. Bryant), edited in 2001, but still almost 100% valid in 2012
Mexico: 2008 Mediumwave stations by frequency - by state (PDF files, by John Callarman), also available the 2007 edition by frequency and by state

Wouldn't it be great to have access to an updated list of radio stations on the web, for free? If you would like to maintain a list of radio stations of your country or your area of interest, and have it published here, please email to info (at) dxing.info.

 Lists of Radio Stations outside DXing.info


  Wordwide MW/LW database (MW list main page) - quick link to MW list
  Wordwide FM database


  Euro-African Medium Wave Guide, also as a PDF file, by Herman Boel (PDF)
  Austria: radio stations by Radioweb
  Belgium: Radio in Flanders by frequency by Herman Boel
  Denmark: radio and TV stations by IT- og Telestyrelsen
  Finland: all stations by FICORA (click "Taajuus MHz" column to get the list in frequency order); YLE FM transmitters on a map by Digita
  France: FM stations from a searchable database by Schoop
  Germany: LW/MW/SW stations by Hansjörg Biener
  Greece: stations broadcasting on the Internet from E-radio; AM stations from media.net.gr
  Iceland: FM transmitters on a map
  Ireland: stations licensed by BCI, RTE stations on a map
  Italy: RAI channels; all FM stations by region and frequency from Frequenze-radio
  Lithuania: all stations by Sigitas Zilionis
  Macedonia: FM stations
  Netherlands: all stations by radio-tv-nederland.nl; MW stations by Peter Vrakking
  Portugal: stations by Anacom
  Slovakia: FM stations by Karol Duriš
  Spain: España en Onda Media (search available by frequecy, network or location), by AER DX
  Sweden: map to click for nearest FM frequencies, from Teracom
  United Kingdom: Wikipedia list of UK stations; Radionow geographical listing of UK stations from Radionow; Media UK alphabetical listing of all stations, LPAM stations by Mark Hattam


  Euro-African Medium Wave Guide, also as a PDF file, by Herman Boel (PDF)
  Algeria: regional station websites and listing on a map by Radio Algérienne; list of all stations by Samir Elahcene
  Kenya: KBC stations listed by services
  Nigeria: public and commercial stations by NBC
  South Africa: radio stations by SouthAfrica.info


  Pacific Asian Log by Bruce Portzer, in frequency order or in country/location order (PDF files)
  South and South-East Asia (MW stations) by frequency by Alan G. Davies
  Bangladesh: stations by Alan G. Davies
  Brunei: stations by Alan G. Davies
  Cambodia: stations by Alan G. Davies
  China (Hong Kong): all stations (PDF) by OFTA
  India: AIR MW, FM and SW stations by region, email addresses, stations by Alan G. Davies
  Japan: stations by region (including AM, FM and TV); AM and FM stations (three files each, by frequency range, updated until 2007); official list by Ministry of International Affairs and Communications; commercial member stations by region from JAB
  Laos: stations by Alan G. Davies
  Lebanon: FM stations by the Ministry of Telecommunications
  Malaysia: stations by Alan G. Davies
  Myanmar (Burma): stations by Alan G. Davies
  Philippines: List of radio stations by region by Wikipedia
  Singapore: stations by Alan G. Davies
  South Korea: all stations by region
  Sri Lanka: stations by Alan G. Davies
  Taiwan: AM and SW stations in frequency order by NCC
  Thailand: stations by Alan G. Davies
  Vietnam: stations by Alan G. Davies

Australia & Oceania

  Pacific Asian Log by Bruce Portzer
  Australia: station lists (PDF) by ACMA, listed by callsign, frequency and area, also a database search; ABC stations from a database; commercial stations by state and map, or find stations based on location on a map; live radio on the internet by state
  Hawaii: Radio & TV Guide
  New Zealand: radio stations by nzs.com, station search by Radio Spectrum Management

North America

  AM stations database by Topazdesigns
  Canada: AM and FM stations by by location by Radio Locator
  United States: AM and FM station databases, TIS database from the FCC; TIS list by Scannerpost; AM stations by frequency (including Canada) or by call letters by Lee J. Freshwater; AM and FM stations by Radio Locator; FCCInfo.com Search

Central America

  Costa Rica: stations by name from Cámara Nacional de la Radio
  Cuba: AM stations by region from Ecured; all stations by Radiocubana
  Dominican Republic: AM and FM stations (links under "Emisoras de Radio") by Indotel
  Guatemala: stations listed by band (PDF files)
  Haiti: all stations by location and frequency by Haiti.fm
  Honduras: AM stations by location (PDF) from Conatel
  Mexico: all stations (PDF) by state from SCT, AM stations by Fred Cantú
  Nicaragua: search by frequency and list of operators by Telcor
  Panama: searchable database by ASEP

South America

  Argentina: AM1, AM2 and FM stations by Luciano Gentile
, AM stations by Amplitudmodulada.com.ar
  Brazil: Brazilian stations (PDF file) by DX Clube do Brasil
  Chile: AM and FM stations (Excel files) by the Chile DX Club, official list of AM and FM stations (Excel) by the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications
  Colombia: all stations (Excel) listed by the Ministry
  Paraguay: AM and FM stations by Conatel
  Peru: all stations by location (PDF) by MTC
  Venezuela: Camradio database by state

Please report dead links and URLs of other good lists that you have found by email to info at dxing.info.

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