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DXpedition to Haida Gwaii, Canada, on September 16-24, 2007

Addendum to the QCI Dxpedition Logs

Bruce Portzer / Chuck Hutton
January, 2008

Bruce and I eventually finished listening to several hundred Gigabytes of SDR-IQ recordings and is was worth every minute. Some of the big delights added to the logs were:

* India on 1566 and 882
* Thailand on 1476
* Taiwan on 711 and 1413
* Ceuta 1584
* Vietnam 729
* Canary Islands 1008
* Philippines on 846
* South Korea on 900, 918, 1080, 1107 and 1395
* China on 999, 1053, 1098, 1107, 1224, 1260, 1269, 1296, 1305, 1314, 1341, 1350, 1368, 1395, 1476, 1521 (Urumqi), 1557 and 1575.

209          ICELAND RUV 0431 9/18 fair w/talk in presumed Icelandic, went into music 0435 (bp-QCI)
630          ALASKA Nenana, KIAM, 1004 9/21 atop KJNO/KCIS w/weather for Central Interior of Alaska, then "Unshackled" religious program, 1035 show ended followed by ID as "I Am Radio Network" (bp-QCI)
660          ALASKA Fairbanks, KFAR, 1100 9/21, mixing w/CFFR w/ID "Fairbanks home of (?), 660 AM, KFAR Fairbanks, an NNB Radio Station", into Fox News (bp-QCI)
684          JAPAN fair 1400 Sep. 20 with Japanese commercial program so not NHK1 (heard earlier) but rather JODF Morioka. I get Japan and Walt gets India here. (Hutton-QCI)
711          TAIWAN BED92 Chigu a big surprise 1359:45-1400:07 Sep. 20 with BCC's theme music (not the chimes). Way behind South Korea and taking turns with an unid Chinese. (Hutton-QCI)
729          VIETNAM Dong Hoi, VOV2, 1359:30 9/22 chimes matching the one on intervalsignals.net website, mixing w/Japan & China (bp-QCI)
738          FRENCH POLYNESIA Papeete, 0607 9/19 poor-fair w/talk on DU wire, bad 730 splatter (bp-QCI)
747          SOUTH KOREA HLKH Bia KBS1 fair under Japan, KBS chimes at 1257:58 Sep. 22. (Hutton-QCI)
747          TAIWAN (t) Minhsiung BED2 (Family Radio) maybe the source of a poor level religious program under Japan at 1303 Sep. 22. (Hutton-QCI)
756          SOUTH KOREA poor but at 1357 Sep. 20 there was the little promo featuring the music of Iz (see 1395). (Hutton-QCI)
830          ALASKA KSDP Sand Point good (owning the channel) at 1300 Sep. 22 with ID and BBC news. (Hutton-QCI)
837          CHINA Harbin, Harbin RGD, 1400 9/19, loud w/ID and time signal (bp-QCI)
846          PHILIPPINES Manila, DWRV, 1401 9/21, fair w/man and woman in Tagalog, several Veritas mentions (bp-QCI)
873          NORTH KOREA 1403 9/21 Korean talk o/u JOGB //819 (bp-QCI)
882          INDIA Imphal, AIR 1400-1418 9/19 good-poor w/news program anchored by a woman. Caught at least two mentions of Akashvani and Manipur (the state where Imphal is located), plus a possible mention of Imphal. Language confirmed as Manipuri by an Indian DXer. Program opened with distinctive music 1400 played on Indian instruments (tablas, etc), which was repeated at times during the program. Imphal is in the extreme eastern part of India, near the Burmese border, giving it a more southerly path than other Indians, and therefore less auroral absorption. (bp-QCI)
882          JAPAN STV synchros, 1426 9/21, YL in Japanese good, not //JOHK-891 so apparently STV by process of elimination (bp-QCI)
900          SOUTH KOREA Seoul, HLKV, 1400 9/19, MBC news sounder, then Korean news //HLCN-819, fair-nil in mix of several stations (bp-QCI)
909          SOUTH KOREA Gumi, HLQY, 1401 9/19 Korean talk mixing w/JOIX (bp-QCI)
918          SOUTH KOREA Yeoncheon, 1500 9/19, HKLA ID and time pips mixing w/Japan (bp-QCI)
940          HAWAII Waipahu, KKNE, 1400 9/21 good w/Hawaiian music, legal ID, "all traditional Hawaiian all the time at am940hawaii.com" slogan (bp-QCI)
999          CHINA unid location fair with CNR theme music at 1100 Sep. 17 (Hutton-QCI)
999          CHINA Shenyang with fair Liaoning guangbo diantai ID at 1230, 1231 and 1300 Sep. 17. (Hutton-QCI)
1008          CANARY ISLANDS Las Palmas, Punto Radio, 0309 9/20 fair w/promo for current show, mentioned DJ Alejandro Avila, which fits info on station's website, TC mentioned Canarias, then phone conversation (bp-QCI)
1026          CHINA Beijing with good IDs in Chinese and English at 1100 Sep. 17, totally on top. Hutton-QCI)
1035          CHINA various locations with CNR theme music at 1100 and 1110:10 Sep. 17 at fair level. (Hutton-QCI)
1044          SOUTH KOREA HLCD / HLCI Sep. 17 generally under CRI between 1159 and 1201 with KBS1 programming parallel to 1062. (Hutton-QCI)
1053          CHINA unknown location (not listed in the PAL) heard 1200 Sep. 17 with CNR theme music. Likely a listed outlet relaying CNR. (Hutton-QCI)
1071          CHINA unid 1105 Sep. 17 (Hutton-QCI)
1080          SOUTH KOREA HLAT Yeosu 1400 Sep. 17: I was fortunate enough to get the MBC theme mx and ID through the quieter audio around the top of the hour. (Hutton-QCI)
1098          CHINA unid with CNR theme music at 1100, 1110:05 and 1110:19 Sep. 17. Poor-fair. Not listed in the PAL. Likely a listed outlet relaying CNR. (Hutton-QCI)
1098          JAPAN 1359 Sep. 17 fair ID as "SBC Radio" or "HBC Radio" - I can't really be sure. (Hutton-QCI)
1107          SOUTH KOREA HLAV Pohang poor with MBC theme music in a jumble at 1159:55 Sep. 17. (Hutton-QCI)
1107          CHINA unknown location with the CNR theme music at 1200 Sep. 17. (Hutton-QCI)
1107          JAPAN MBC Kagoshima must be the one as it is parallel the All Night Nippon program on 1143 et al. (Hutton-QCI)
1125          CHINA unid at good level mixing with the Philippino 1332 Sep. 22. (Hutton-QCI)
1143          TAIWAN BEL3 Baisha with fair Yuye Guangbo Dientai ID 1138 Sep. 17. (Hutton-QCI)
1152          CHINA unid fair, mixing with NHK2 who had an English program on land mines 1100 - 1126 Sep. 17. (Hutton-QCI)
1152          JAPAN Kochi, JORB, 1320 9/20, local ID by man, mixing w/another NHK ID, fair (bp-QCI)
1161          TAIWAN BED89 / BED86 (10 kW each) fair with BCC chimes at 1100 and theme music 1129:30 on Sep.17. (Hutton-QCI)
1170          SOUTH KOREA KBS World, 1300 9/20 loud o/domestics ending Japanese service, then start of Chinese program w/heavily accented "KBS World Radio" ID (bp-QCI)
1215          UNID with English religious program at poor level 1352 Sep. 22. (Hutton-QCI)
1215          JAPAN KBS with standard Japan commercial station male & laughing female announcers 1350 Sep. 22. (Hutton - QCI)
1224          JAPAN JOJK Kanazawa surprised me as I stumbled into call letter ID's 1336 Sep. 20. (Hutton-QCI)
1224          RUSSIA unid 1401 9/20, man in Russian with what sounded like news, briefly dominant then faded u/unid Chinese stn. Thanks to Vlad Titarev & Walt Salminaw for ID'ing it (bp-QCI)
1224          CHINA unid 1359 9/20 dominant w/Chinese pop tune, abrupt break for time pips & TC in Mandarin, but no ID, then back to the song, briefly strong, then gone (bp-QCI)
1224          SPAIN COPE synchros, 0359 9/20, woman in Spanish, then time pips poor, better 0403 w/news by man (bp-QCI)
1251          RUSSIA Ussuriysk 1300 Sep. 20 with Voice of Russia chimes, fair and generally owning the channel over a rumble of others. (Hutton-QCI)
1260          CHINA unid, 1340 9/20 Chinese talk w/echo, mixing w/JOIR. No ID heard (bp-QCI)
1260          JAPAN Sendai, JOIR, 1500 9/18 good w/ID, time check and ads (bp-QCI)
1269          CHINA CRI Yunnan the apaprent source of an English program 1224 - 1242 Sep. 19 at poor level. (Hutton-QCI)
1287          SPAIN Cadena SER, 0418 9/20, man & woman with news in Spanish, mentions of Valenzuela (bp-QCI)
1296          UNID with IS 1345 Sep. 19. (Hutton-QCI)
1296          CHINA CRI, various locations 1300 Sep. 20 with weak CRI theme music. (Hutton-QCI)
1305          CHINA CNR2 multiple locations with English program on hummingbirds 1335 - 1344 Sep. 19. (Hutton-QCI)
1305          CHINA CNR2, 1401 9/20, poor u/KBS w/ march music and ZRGD ID (bp-QCI)
1314          CHINA CRI unknown location 1500 Sep. 19 with CRI ID. 1300:12 and 1300:43 Sep. 20 weak CRI chimes. (Hutton-QCI)
1332          CHINA Changchun GD with poor ID at 1400 Sep. 22 under Japan. (Hutton-QCI)
1341          JAPAN 1450 Sep. 19 NHK1 program of flute music parallel to 1368. (Hutton-QCI)
1341          CHINA Chibi 1348 Sep. 20 with a decent Chibi renmin guangbo diantai ID, generally owning the channel. (Hutton-QCI)
1341          CHINA 1400 Sep. 22 Xhejiang News Radio: new station with good ID that was deciphered by a friend of Gary DeBock. (Hutton-QCI)
1350          CHINA Tongliao, 1356 9/20, possibly the one w/woman in Mongolian(?), inst music 1359, then time pips and Chinese NA mixing w/Japan & Korea, seemed to have talk in presumed Mongolian after that. I’m calling this a tentative log, but don’t know anything else it could be (bp-QCI)
1359          SPAIN Madrid, Radio Uno, 0408 9/20, fair-nil in KKMO-1360 splash w/news in Spanish (bp-QCI)
1368          CHINA unid, 1400 9/18, someone playing Chinese NA u/Japan (bp-QCI)
1377          JAPAN Nagasaki, JOAC, 1320 9/18, possibly the one w/local ID u/CNR1. The call sounds more like JOAC than the 2 other NHK’s on this freq, but city name is unintelligible. For now, it will have to remain tentative (bp-QCI)
1386          JAPAN Kanizawa, JOJB, 1320 9/18 good w/weather and local ID (bp-QCI)
1395          CHINA Xilinhot RGD with fair ID at 1341 Sep. 19. It's always a nice surprise to catch a little station like this. (Hutton-QCI)
1395          SOUTH KOREA HLCO Cheorwon 1357 Sep. 19 with the little intro or promo featuring music (What A Wonderful World) from Iz (Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) that all the KBS stations are using. It makes quite an IS of sorts, cutting through the jumble and allowing me to catch a few KBS stations. Great music and a good log. (Hutton-QCI)
1413          TAIWAN BED54 / BED67 a real surprise just sneaking through at the top of the hour 1400 Sep. 18 with the BCC IS under KBC. Only the IS made it, but that's all it takes. (Hutton-QCI)
1413          SPAIN RNE5, 0400 9/20 poor in CFUN-1410 splash w/start of newscast in Spanish (bp-QCI)
1431          JAPAN 1353 Sep. 18 parallel 1485 which makes this either WBS or All Night Nippon. (Hutton-QCI)
1449          JAPAN Abashiri, JOQM, 0959 9/20 fair w/time signal and several HBC mentions (bp-QCI)
1467          SOUTH KOREA Mokpo, HLKN, 1359:50 9/18 call ID & pips mixing w/NHK stations (bp-QCI)
1476          THAILAND Chiang Mai 1410 - 1428 Sep. 19 with unusual singing style later pinned down as Thai hill country singing by Ritola & Salmaniw. Fair at best but not much QRM other than bits of NHK2 and China. (Hutton-QCI)
1476          CHINA Mudanjiang surprising me with a good (!) Mudanjiand RGD ID 1402 Sep.19. (Hutton-QCI)
1485          JAPAN 1353 Sep. 18 parallel 1413 which makes this either WBS or All Night Nippon. (Hutton-QCI)
1485          JAPAN Omuta, JOIM, 1450 9/21, briefly surfaced w/talk in Japanese //JOIF-1413 mixing w/several others, IDed using the twin detectors in the SDR-IQ, one on 1485 and the other on 1413 (bp-QCI)
1521          CHINA Urumqi poor CRI theme music at 1400 and 1410 Sep. 18. Wouldn't have been ID-able without the CRI music. My first west coast reception of this great DX station last heard over 30 years ago from the east coast on 1525. (Hutton-QCI)
1557          CHINA CNR unknown location (not listed in the PAL) 1410 Sep. 19 with weak CNR theme music during WYFR fade. (Hutton-QCI)
1566 INDIA AIR Nagpur (also known as “DX target #1” for over a decade) has been heard! During the entire DXpedition I kept a very watchful eye on 1566. Every now and then HLAZ faded a little and it paid off from 1401-1408 Sep. 20 with a fair-poor signal. Hopes at the time were later verified with clear Indian music and an Akashvani (All India Radio) ID which was spotted for me by the always helpful Henrik Klemetz. I shall now retire. Happily. (Hutton-QCI)
1575          CHINA CNR1 unknown location 1407 Sep. 19 with CNR theme music through VOA Thailand. Not listed in the PAL, and at this hour there are no known relays of CNR. (Hutton-QCI)
1584          CEUTA Radiolé, 0339 9/20 dominant w/Spanish pop tunes, mention of "fiesta de la alegría en Sevilla, y de la luz" (bp-QCI)

See also the original DXpedition report published in November 2007!

(addendum published on February 23, 2008)

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