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2006 Dr. Harold Beverage Birthday
Celebration Party and Grayland DXpedition
October 6-8, 2006

We were a week early this year, but we celebrated anyhow with a bunch of nice logs. This time around, the Graylanders were:

Bill Harms R8B, Quantum Phaser
Nick Hall-Patch R8, Dymek DR333
Chuck Hutton R8B, AR7030
Bruce Portzer R8A, R-75
Steve Ratzlaff R75, AR7030

Plus special Saturday afternoon attendees Patrick Martin and Dave Williams who made the drive up from Oregon.

Martin, Harms, Williams, Ratzlaff and Portzer
Patrick Martin, Bill Harms and Dave Williams with Steve Ratzlaff and Bruce Portzer guarding the left side to keep groupies away

Bruce Portzer and Chuck Hutton
Bruce Portzer and Chuck Hutton

Nick Hall-Patch
Nick Hall-Patch analyzes something

Steve Ratzlaff and Dave Williams
Steve Ratzlaff and Dave Williams

And the stars of the show were:

NW Beverage: 1300 feet at 320 degrees
SW Beverage: 1000 feet at 240 degrees
Nick's portable Flag antenna

Highly organized cable layout used at Grayland

We kind of emphasized Koreans, thanks to having the fluent Korean speaker Bill Harms here to help out. A lot of new logs of Koreans resulted, including 567, 621, 657 (S. Korea), 675, 756, 783, 999, 1008, 1035, 1044, 1053, 1098, 1107, 1161, 1206, 1242, 1314, 1332, and 1341.

Also interesting was the new Philippine on 1314 with English religion which stumped us until Henrik Klemetz recognized the program and station.

China was fairly good, as were the Koreas. Japan was so-so, SE Asia below average and the DU’s were not worth spending any time on. Alaska was there, but just the regulars were there.

A little surprise came at the very end: on the morning of Oct. 8, Chinese stations were still present at good levels 2 hours after local sunrise! One of the best was Jiangxi (China) on 729 which was a very powerful signal frequently.

The loggings

162          France 10/06/06 0447 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct. 2006)
164          Mongolia 10/07/06 1350 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct. 2006)
180          RUSSIA Komsomolsk, R.Rossii.Oct 6 1225.Man in RR, then into ghostly bass line starting a jazz number.Good //279 (NHP Oct 2006)
189          Iceland 10/06/06 0550 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
198          England 10/06/06 0449 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
209          Mongolia 10/07/06 1351 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
216          France 10/06/06 0453 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
234          RUSSIA Arman, R.Rossii.Oct 6 1230.Jazz sax solo over ghostly bass line, fair w/atmospheric noise //279; becoming good strength by 1234 (NHP Oct 2006)
238          NEW ZEALAND ndb KT, Kateia 10/08/06 1309 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
260          AUSTRALIA ndb NF, Norfolk Island 10/06/06 1253 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
316          MARSHALL ISLANDS ndb MAJ, Majuro Atoll 10/06/06 1258 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
349          POLYNESIA ndb TP, Takapoto 10/08/06 1259 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
359          MARSHALL ISLANDS ndb NDJ, Bucholz 10/08/06 1256 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
366          MICRONESIA ndb PNI, Pohnpei 10/08/06 1252 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
366          NEW ZEALAND ndb SF, Springfield 10/08/06 1254 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
393          MICRONESIA ndb UKS, Kosrae 10/08/06 1250 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
400          MIDWAY ISLAND ndb MDY 10/08/06 1249 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
403          SAMOA ndb TUT, Pago Pago 10/07/06 1402 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct. 2006)
460          RUSSIA ndb MA, Chaybukha 1415 UTC. new. (Ratzlaff Oct. 2006)
518          ALASKA Kodiak, the most prolific of all the NAVTEX stations, noted with long string of messages every four hours from sunset to after sunrise all three nights: weather for Prince William Sound, Bering Sea, Kuskokwim Delta, Aleutian Islands, etc.  Ice flow reports for Arctic Ocean and Bering Sea, navigation warnings, etc. (bp Oct 2006)
518          CHINA Dalian, 1050 10/7 XSZ WX DALIAN OBSY, then weather report (bp Oct 2006)
518          CHINA Guangzhou, 1413 10/8 GUANGZHOURADIO/XSQ, weather report for various locations (bp Oct 2006)
518          CHINA Sanya, 1401 10/8 ZCZC MZ18 081400 UTC OCT2006 SJNYARAD_O/XSI NO MESSAGES ON HAND (bp Oct 2006)
518          CHINA Shanghai, 1445 10/8, several messages with XSG call sign, navigational warnings for East China Sea (bp Oct 2006)
518          GUAM 0901 10/8 USCG GU BNM 162-06. MARIANA ISLANDS-TINIAN, then message said Tinian Harbor was closed due to high winds (bp Oct 2006)
518          HAWAII Honolulu, 0447 10/7 HAWAII WATERS NAVTEX MARINE FORECAST NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE HONOLULU HI, then weather report, also several messages regarding lights in Hilo harbor, submerged ship in Molikina Crater, Coast Guard pyrotechnics exercise, etc. (bp Oct 2006)
518          JAPAN Kushiro, 0942 10/8 VITAL WARNING FOR KUSHIRO NAVTEX AREA then warnings about storms and dense fog near Hokkaido and Sakhalin Is, unmanned small boat adrift, gunnery activities, search and rescue exercises with aeroplanes, etc (bp Oct 2006)
518          JAPAN Naha, 0909 10/7, 1302 10/8, JAPAN NAVTEX N.W. NR 1859/2006 OKINAWA SHIMA, EASTWARD, messages re naval activities in the area (gunnery, rocket firing, search and rescue) (bp Oct 2006)
518          JAPAN Otaru, 1333 10/6, 1209 10/7, 0908 10/8 VITAL WARNING FOR OTARU NAVTEX AREA, then message regarding storms in the area (bp Oct 2006)
518          JAPAN Yokohama, 0913 10/7, 1324 10/9 VITAL WARNING FOR YOKOHAMA NAVTEX AREA message re storms in the area, also messages about capsized ships, naval bombing/firing activities (bp Oct 2006)
518          MALAYSIA (SABAH), 1108 10/8 MARDEP LABUAN 47 SULU SEA-SABAH WATERS-SANDAKAN HARBOUR, message re dredging in Sandakan harbor, followed by 2 messages about new drilling rigs (bp Oct 2006)
518          PUERTO RICO, San Juan, 10/21 10/7 CG SECTOR SAN JUAN PR, message about demolition of unexploded ordnance east of PR, avoid the area (bp Oct 2006)
518          RUSSIA Petropavlovsk, 1224 10/8 PETROPAVLOVSK WEATHER FORECAST, then weather reports for various parts of Kamchatka peninsula (bp Oct 2006)
518          RUSSIA Vladivostok, 1200 10/8 COASRLL_ZARNING VLADIVOSTOK 60, warning re submerged ship, message about new Vladivostok vessel traffic center in experimental operation (bp Oct 2006)
518          TAIWAN Yenliaoken, 1431 10/7, 1432-1438 10/8 TAIWAN NAVTEX several messages re gunnery and firing activities by Navy (bp Oct 2006)
524          ALASKA Valdez, "MNL".Oct 7 0523.Over & over, under INE; soon faded, fair at best (NHP Oct 2006)
525          ALASKA Nenana, "ICW".Oct 7 0521.Over and over w/ID, then faded (NHP Oct 2006)
531          UNID Oct 7 1000 Heard a second set of time pips when listening to JOQG. Who is this? (Harms Oct 2006)
540          CHINA Unknown. CNR1. Oct 7 1327 // 4460 Music over the domestic din. (Harms Oct 2006)
540          CHINA CNR1 various locations 1407 Oct. 7 with operatic music and a  poor-fair signal that was parallel to 981. Usually on top of the weakened remnants of domestics. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
540          CHINA 10/6 1337 CNR1 poor w/music //4460 u/domestic QRM (bp Oct 2006)
549          VIETNAM My Han 1431 Oct. 8 fair with man talking parallel to 783. Nowhere near the signal of 675. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
550          ALASKA Anchorage. KTZN. Oct 8 0956 ID by man as “Alaska's ESPN KTZN” (Harms Oct 2006)
558          JAPAN Kobe. JOCR AMK. Oct 7 1002 Female in Japanese. Also female with singing Jingle "AMK" Oct 1445. (Harms Oct 2006)
558          SOUTH KOREA Yeong-il. HLQH KBS2. Oct 7 1148 Radio play in Korean, ID by female as "KBS Che-i Radio-imnida” sponsor, TC for 9 o'clock, sounder and single time pip @ 1200. Also Oct 7 1445 Song and male in Korean. A woman joined in at 1447.  (t) (Harms Oct 2006)
567          JAPAN Sapporo. JOIF NHK1. Oct 7 0949 Female in Japanese. Also Oct 7 1355 //594 weather bulletin in Japanese. (Harms Oct 2006)
567          SOUTH KOREA Jeonju. HLKF KBS1. Oct 7 1151 Radio Play in Korean mixing with Japan. Also Oct 7 1353 Man talk, music etc. // 1305. (Harms Oct 2006)
567          S. KOREA, Jeonju, HLKF, 1242 10/8 o/u Japan w/KK talk //3930 (bp Oct 2006)
570          CANADA YUKON - Whitehorse. CKWH. Tentative. Oct 8 0915 Female talking about temps below zero. (Harms Oct 2006)
570          CANADA CFWH, Whitehorse, Yukon. 10/8/06 0522 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
570          CANADA Whitehorse, CFWH.Oct 8 0522.After phasing down KVI, was able to hear ethnic pop mx //690 fair strength.(NHP Oct 2006)
580          ALASKA Petersburg. KRSA. Oct 8 0825 CCM Radio Magazine. Spot for Life Application Bible. Also, 1002 with March of Dimes spot, weather forecast, ID by male, and Christian Music. (Harms Oct 2006)
585          JAPAN Various NHK1. Oct 7 1401 //567 594 man listing something. Also Oct 8 1225 man and woman in Japanese. Laughing etc. //594. (Harms Oct 2006)
585          JAPAN JOPG Kushiro 1131 Oct. 8 fair-poor with someone doing vocal scales, parallel to 594. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
594          JAPAN Tokyo. JOAK NHK1. Oct 6 1341 man in Studio talking to a man on phone in Japanese. Also Oct 7 0952 Male in Japanese with presumed weather. (Harms Grayland)
603          CHINA? UNID. Oct 6 1342 singing and man talking not //4460. Heard Chinese on top here for a few seconds at a time on numerous occasions. (Harms Oct 2006)
603          SOUTH KOREA  (t) Namyang. HLSA KBS2. A man and woman talking in Korean. Another station was lurking in the background. (Harms Oct 2006)
621          NORTH KOREA Chongjin. Pyongyang Bangsong. Oct 7 1403-1408 Man and woman in excited Korean. Talking about the Dear Leader Kim Chong-il. (Harms Oct 2006)
621          SOUTH KOREA Various possible. KBS1. Heard a man and a woman in Korean pop up in fades of North Korea. (Harms Oct 2006)
621          JAPAN NHK1 synchros 1012 Oct. 8 at fair level with man talking // 594. (Hutton Oct 2006)
621          NORTH KOREA Chongjin 1508 Oct. 8 with semi-classical singing, poor but parallel the usual SW outlets. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
621          N.KOREA Chongjin, Pyongyang Bangsong.Oct 7 1414.Man in KK after choral mx, fair to good //3320 (NHP Oct 2006)
621          N. KOREA,  Chongjin 1416 10/8, Pyongyang Bangsong good w/symphonic music //3320 (bp Oct 2006)
630          CHINA CNR2, 1432 10/8, woman in Chinese atop domestics (bp Oct 2006)
639          CHINA Various. CNR1. Oct 6 1345 man in Chinese over music //4460, also Oct 7 1330 CNR1 //4460 Music, mixing with KBS and another Chinese stations. (Harms Oct 2006)
639          SOUTH KOREA Gaebong. KBS3. Oct 6 1344 Man in Korean. Signal mixing with CNR1 and another Chinese station. (Harms Oct 2006)
639          CHINA 10/6 1336 CNR1 good w/music //4460 easily separable from 640. (bp Oct 2006)
640          ALASKA Bethel. KYUK. Oct 8 1400 ID by female right at TOH, ad for the Peace Corps and then NPR news. (Harms Oct 2006)
648          RUSSIA Ussuriysk. VOA. Oct 6 1350 man in Korean VOA. (Harms Oct 2006)
648          RUSSIA Vladivostok, 1351-1356 10/6 VOA relay good w/Korean service, mostly talk w/references to Washington DC, CIA, NATO forces (bp Oct 2006)
650          ALASKA Anchorage. KENI. Oct 7 0730 Newsradio 650 KENI into spot for UAA Hockey. Also at 0828 with Weather forecast. Low 39 and drizzle. (Harms Oct 2006)
650          ALASKA Anchorage, KENI.Oct 7 0535.South central Alaska weather forecast, and ID, mixing w/others on channel, poor to fair.(NHP Oct 2006)
650          ALASKA Anchorage, KENI 1006 10/8 dominant w/KENI Accuweather forecast for south central Alaska (bp Oct 2006)
650          ALASKA KENI 10/6/06, 1404 UTC, "Radio 650 KENI" ident. (Ratzlaff Oct. 2006)
657          CHINA? unid Oct 7 1417 A male Chinese over Pyongyang. (Harms Oct 2006)
657          NORTH KOREA Kangnam. Pyongyang Bangsong. Oct 6 1035 Man and woman talking in Korean. Also Oct 7 1152 Pyongyang man talking, and Oct 8 1219 with female singing "revolutionary" type song. //2850. (Harms Oct 2006)
657          SOUTH KOREA Jammer. Oct 8 1219 South Korean jammer mixing with Pyongyang Bangsong. Fairly Strong for a few seconds. A third station in the mix, possibly HLKM or Chinese? (Harms Oct 2006)
666          JAPAN Osaka. NHK1 JOBK. Oct 6 1105 male in Japanese //693. Also Oct 6 1351 Female in Japanese and Oct 7 1418 Male in Japanese. (Harms Oct 2006)
670          ALASKA Dillingham. KDLG. Oct 8 0905 NPR news presumed KDLG. Also Oct 8 1357  World Business Review. BBC, Review of program featuring American composers, and ID in passing. (Harms Oct 2006)
675          CHINA UNID. Possibly Nei Menggu RGD. Oct 8 1424 with woman in Chinese. Never really strong, but there. (Harms Oct 2006)
675          JAPAN Hakodate or Yamaguchi. NHK1. JOVK or JOUG Oct 8 1423 Man in Japanese // 666. (Harms Oct 2006)
675          SOUTH KOREA UNID KBS1 or KBS3. Oct 8 1423 Man in Korean. Unfortunately did not look for a //. (Harms Oct 2006)
675          VIETNAM Hanoi. Voice of Vietnam. Assumed the one on Oct 8 1423 with a male talking in Vietnamese. (Harms Oct 2006)
675          VIETNAM (t) Nha Trang, VoV 1.Oct 8 1421.Woman nattering, don't know if flute/string mx is part of it??Viet? no //.JJ in there also; Bill Harms says KK too.No carrier on 655, so maybe this Vietnam frequency no longer used (NHP Oct 2006)
680          ALASKA  (t) KBRW tent. Barrow. Probably the one on Oct 8 1352 with NPR for a few seconds in KNBR's null. Also Oct 7 0733 possibly the one with music. Faded up a couple of times. Never did hear an ID. Will listen to recordings again. (Harms Oct 2006)
684          CHINA UNID. Oct 8 1424 Woman in Chinese. Did not notice much else on the channel Several possibilities. (Harms Oct 2006)
684          JAPAN (t) Morioka, JODF.Oct 7 1429.Apparent JJ talk by woman, fair to poor mixing w/ Australia.not //NHK1; this is the JJ that's left.(NHP Oct 2006)
693          JAPAN Tokyo. JOAB NHK2. Oct 6 1104 English language lesson. Topic was an older sister with good fashion sense handing down a skirt to her younger sister. Also Oct 7 1217 Chinese lessons for Japanese speakers. (Harms Oct 2006)
702          AUSTRALIA Sydney. 2BL ABC. Oct 6 0958 Man talking in English, song "Lost in Love," which was cut off. Into time pips at 1000, news sounder, and a female with with news. (Harms Oct 2006)
702          AUSTRALIA Sydney, 0956 10/6 fair Aussie talk show, 6 pips & fanfare at ToH into ABC news by woman (bp Oct 2006)
711          SOUTH KOREA Sorae. HLKA KBS1. Oct 6 1406 Male in Korea with news. (Harms Oct 2006)
711          S.KOREA Sorae, HLKA.Oct 8 1215.Man declaiming in KK //3930 (KBS1) (NHP Oct 2006)
711          S. KOREA, Seoul, HLKA 1405 10/6 Korean talk //1305 good hetting KIRO (bp Oct 2006)
720          NORTH KOREA Kanggye KCBS. Oct 8 1402 Music //2850. Heard possible Chinese station in background. (Harms Oct 2006)
720          CHINA CNR2 various locations with fair-good flute mx, no domestics at all 1359 Oct. 7. 5 low and 1 high pips, ID and standard CNR musical theme at top of the hour. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
720          N.KOREA Kanggye, Pyongyang Bangsong.Oct 7 1434.Operatic mx briefly fair //2850, hum on channel (NHP Oct 2006)
729          CHINA Namchang. Jiangxi RGD. Oct 8 1417 Many references to Jiangxi, string of ads. Into remote broadcast. (Harms Oct 2006)
729          JAPAN Nagoya. JOCK NHK1. Oct 7 1105 2 males in Japanese. Also Oct 8 1024 Male in Japanese. (Harms Oct 2006)
729          UNID. Oct 8 1419 man in what sounded like a SE Asian Language. (Harms Oct 2006)
729          JAPAN JOCK Nagoya fair 1049 Oct. 7 with man // 594 and mixing with one of the big unids of the DXpedition. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
729          CHINA Jiangxi powerful 1200 Oct. 7 with tele-talk across the hour but no news or other indication of a break. Mention of Jiangxi at 1201 which I assume was not just a coincidence but it’s all I could pick out. Slightly distorted audio whereas JOCK was unsullied. + Very good level 1432 Oct. 7 with a talk program. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
729          NEW CALEDONIA assumed the source of French present only on the SW Beverage 1055 – 1106 Oct. 7. Nothing over the hour as the signal was too poor. Lots of pop mx. Poor signal. A bit of Japan on the SW Beverage didn’t help. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
729          CHINA Jiangxi, 1418 10/8, Jiangxi RGD good w/long string of ads, no ID but several mentions of Jiangxi (bp Oct 2006)
729          NEW CALEDONIA (t), 1005 10/6 likely the woman in French mixing w/Aussie male, gradually faded, on SW wire (bp Oct 2006)
729          CHINA 1155 10/17, 2 women with phone-in show.  Strong signal but slightly distorted audio.  Burst of noise at ToH covered potential pips or ID. A second station faded up briefly 1158 w/what sounded like a sportscast in Tagalog but soon faded.  Huge signal at 1258 recheck again w/phone talk. (Hutton)
738          JAPAN Various. RBC/KNB. Oct 6 1440 Male in Japanese. Two stations possible. (Harms Oct 2006)
738          SOUTH KOREA Daegu. HLKG KBS1. Oct 7 0912 Female in Korean reading news items. One of the items dealt with China. Also heard Oct 8 1300 with male alking, and time check, full ID including MW and FM frequencies by female. "KBS Daegu Cheil Ladio-imnida, HLKG." Followed by a man reading the "Yolshi Nyussu'" or the 10 o'clock News. (Harms Oct 2006)
738          TAHITI  (t) Papeete. Radio Polynésie. Oct 6 0408 0410 Man talking, music and woman talking. Also Oct 7 0614. (Harms Oct 2006)
738          TAIWAN Baisha. Yuye Guangbo Dientai (assumed). Oct 6 1434 Male in Chinese. Heard mention of Taiwan into song. (Harms Oct 2006)
738          TAIWAN Fisheries Station fair and // 1143 1208 Oct. 6. Not a sign of 1593 and haven’t heard it in a while. (Hutton Oct 2006)
738          FRENCH POLYNESIA, Papeete, 0409 10/6 good w/man in French, then island music (bp Oct 2006)
738          S. KOREA, Daegu, HLKG 1459 10/7 music at end of program, then gave time & AM/FM freqs iN. KOREAn, KBS jeil Daegu radio inmida HLKG ID & pips at ToH good (bp Oct 2006)
738          TAIWAN Penghu 1330 10/7 fair w/Yuye Guangbo Diantai ID by woman possibly w/another one syllable word before Guangbo, mixing w/others (bp Oct 2006)
747          JAPAN Sapporo. JOIB NHK2. Oct 6 1045 YL in Japanese listing something. (Harms Oct 2006)
750          ALASKA Anchorage. KFQD. Oct 7 1145 Local ads, ID, into network talk show. Also Oct 8 1404 ID by male announcer into news. Through KXL and mixing with presumed KHWG. (Harms Oct 2006)
756          JAPAN Kumamoto. JOGK NHK1. Oct 6 1220 Male in Japanese, mixing with KBS. (Harms Oct 2006)
756          SOUTH KOREA Yeoju. KBS1. Oct 8 1421 Woman talking in Korean. (Harms Oct 2006)
756          CHINA CNR1 multiple locations fair at best 11:27 Oct. 7 with pop mx parallel to 981. (Hutton Oct 2006)
756          CHINA 10/6 1340 CNR1 weak w/music & CC talk //4460.  Strong w/CC talk & pop music //4460 1250 10/7 (bp Oct 2006)
774          AUSTRALIA Melbourne. 3LO ABC. Oct 6 1013 Male in EE sounded // to 702. (Harms Oct 2006)
774          CHINA Wuhan. Hubei RGD. Oct 8 1537 After listening to my clip numerous times, heard a mention of Hubei. Others recorded a positive ID right before my recording started. Also heard a woman in Chinese (Hubei?) mixing with another station under JOUB Oct 6 1322. (Harms Oct 2006)
774          JAPAN  (t) Akita. JOUB NHK2. Oct 6 1100 time pips music into man in Japanese. Also Oct 6 1319 with weather into local ID by female. This was followed by Korean language lessons for Japanese speakers. Also many other times. (Harms Oct 2006)
774          SOUTH KOREA Chuncheon/Jeju. HLAN/HLAJ MBC. Oct 6 1238 possible Korean male under NHK. Oct 8 1254 Female in Korean mixing with JOUB for about 10 seconds. (Harms Oct 2006)
774          CHINA 1511 Oct. 8 fair Chinese after NHK2 signoff with man talking. No ID captured – I didn’t wait around – but Bruce heard a Hubei (China) ID shortly afterwards. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
774          CHINA Wuhan, Hubei RGD.Oct 8 1537.Sure sounded like "Hubei renmin guangbo deintai" by man, followed by woman in CC with added echo; fair but suffering from splat.NHK2 had signed off half hour before.This is quite far inland, but none of the others listed came close to the phrase heard.(NHP Oct 2006)
774          CHINA Wuhan, 1530 10/8 good after JOUB s/off, long series of ads & talk, Hubei Renmin Guangbo Dientai ID 1537 (bp Oct 2006)
774          JAPAN Akita, JOUB 1336 10/7 good w/Korean lessons (doesn't match what's in the PAL log) (bp Oct 2006)
780          ALASKA Nome. KNOM. Assumed the one with country song by male o/KKOH Oct 7 0715. Also Oct 8 1248 Instrumental music under KKOH. Woman spoke at 1252, but KKOH was too strong. Man talked at 1258. No ID noted. (Harms Oct 2006)
780          ALASKA KNOM 10/7/06, 1302 UTC, wx bcst for AK. (Ratzlaff Oct. 2006)
783          CHINA or HONG KONG. Oct 7 1435 male in Chinese popped in and out for a few minutes. (Harms Oct 2006)
783          SOUTH KOREA Yeongweol. HLCV KBS1. Oct 6 1433 Man in Korean mixing with the channel mess. Also Oct 8 1450 Korean talk // 711, 1305. (Harms Oct 2006)
783          VIETNAM. Voice of Vietnam. Oct 7 1435 female in Vietnamese and music. Mostly topping channel. (Harms Oct 2006)
783          VIETNAM Thoi Long 1431 Oct. 8 checked briefly to get a parallel for 549 and nothing more. Fair-poor. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
783          UNID 1419 10/7 good w/man & woman in what sounded like Vietnamese.  Tried to see if it was //729 but results were inconclusive (bp Oct 2006)
792          CHINA  (t) various. UNID. Oct 8 1444 woman in Chinese poking through. Several possibilities. (Harms Oct 2006)
792          SOUTH KOREA Goyang. HLSQ SBS "Love FM." Oct 8 1444 Man in Korean on top. An unidentified station playing techno music trying to break through. (Harms Oct 2006)
792          S.KOREA (t) Goyang, HLSQ.Oct 8 1444.Man in KK talk, couldn't find any //, but this is most likely.Trading places w/woman in CC?, and pop mx from who knows where (NHP Oct 2006)
800          ALASKA Juneau. Oct 8 0657 KINY Strings of ads and ID and TC for midnight and news. Topping the other channel occupants. (Harms Oct 2006)
800          ALASKA Juneau, KINY 1410 10/7 ABC sports then From Alaska's capital city, KINY, Juneau into adcon song, dominant (bp Oct 2006)
810          CHINA UNKNOWN. Oct 8 1412 Female talking in Chinese. No ID noted. (Harms Oct 2006)
810          RUSSIA Razdol'noe. Radio Rossii. Oct 8 1409 Blew away KGO for a couple of minutes. Clear ID by male "Radio Rossii", woman and man spoke. China and someone else (not KGO) trying to break through. KGO was possibly heard in the mix with religion. (Harms Oct 2006)
810          CHINA/RUSSIA, unIDs.Oct 8 1411.CC talk by woman.no //; fair and dominant, RR faded down? Or are they the same station; likely not as others heard them both at the same time (NHP Oct 2006)
810          RUSSIA Radio Rossii 1409 10/8 Russian talk dominant, into music mixing w/unid Chinese talk mostly o/KGO. (bp Oct 2006)
819          JAPAN Nagano. JONK NHK1. Oct 7 1014 Female in Japanese. Mixing with North Korea. (Harms Oct 2006)
819          NORTH KOREA Pyongyang. KCBS. Oct 7 1014 Female vocal in Korean // 2850. Also Oct 8 1231 Female singing //2850. (Harms Oct 2006)
819          NORTH KOREA about best ever with old fashioned but decadently lively vocal mx 1409 Oct. 7. The whole slate of North Koreans was in for a rousing musicfest. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
819          CHINA powerful CC with pop mx & talk 1412 Oct. 7. Not parallel CNR1 it seemed. (Hutton Oct 2006)
819          N. KOREA, Pyongyang KCBS 1016 10/7 operatic music //2850 separable from 820 (bp Oct 2006)
828          JAPAN Osaka. JOBB NHK2. Oct 6 1117 Male in Japanese. Also Oct 7 0931 EE Language lessons - //774. (Harms Oct 2006)
828          CHINA unID.Oct 7 1407.CC talk by woman o/u JOBB fair strength (NHP Oct 2006)
830          ALASKA Sand Point. KSDP. Oct 7 0652 Popped in with Female announcer giving an ID and promo with email address. (Harms Oct 2006)
830          HAWAII Honolulu, KHVH 1106 10/6 mixing w/domestics, Newsradio 830 KHVH ID into talk show (bp Oct 2006)
846          JAPAN NHK1 synchros poor 1145 Oct. 8 and I never could have ID’ed it were it not for being parallel to 594. (Hutton Oct 2006)
846          JAPAN 1036 10/8 talk //594 fair, several mostly low power outlets listed (bp Oct 2006)
850          ALASKA Nome. KICY. Oct 7 0755 Talk in Russian and song by man and woman in Russian. Topping the Channel. ID in EE and RR at 0805. New program with female announcer. Topping the channel about 3/4 of the time. (Harms Oct 2006)
850          ALASKA Nome, KICY.Oct 7 1219.Woman in RR, with flute mx, powerful signal, completely dominant, then into rock mx (NHP Oct 2006)
850          ALASKA Nome, KICY 1152 10/7 loud w/Russian program (bp Oct 2006)
855          NORTH KOREA Sangwon. Pyongyang Bangsong. Oct 8 1237 Music //3250. In the clear for a minute, then faded out. (Harms Oct 2006)
855          N. KOREA, Sangwon, 1154 10/8 Pyongyang Bangsong fair w/ male tirade //3320 (bp Oct 2006)
864          JAPAN UNKNOWN. Oct 6 1048 low level audio just above the din, Japanese talk. Possibly HBC. (Harms Oct 2006)
864          JAPAN Asahikawa/etc. JOHE HBC. Oct 7 0817 //1287. (Harms Oct 2006)
864          SOUTH KOREA Kangneung. Oct 7 1031 Male and female in Korean. Also Oct 8 1215 Male and female in Korean //1035, another station trying to break in. (Harms Oct 2006)
864          S.KOREA Gangneung, HLKR.Oct 8 1216.Man then woman in KK fair //3930, dominant on channel but fading down (NHP Oct 2006)
864          JAPAN 1038 10/7, HBC relays fair w/pop music //1287 (bp Oct 2006)
873          JAPAN Kumamoto. JOGB NHK2. Oct 6 1046 OM in Japanese. Also Oct 7 1206 Male listing something in Japanese over a station in Korean. (Harms Oct 2006)
873          NORTH KOREA Unknown. KCBS. Oct 7 1016 Chorus in Korean // 2850. (Harms Oct 2006)
873          UNKNOWN. Oct 7 1206 Korean station did not sound // 2850. 2 Hz SAH and motorboarding interference, which was easily filtered (20 to 150 KHz). When does Heilongjiang PBS broadcast in Korean? I believe. (Harms Oct 2006)
873          NORTH KOREA unknown location 1344 Oct .6 fair with old fashioned vocals parallel to 2850. (Hutton Oct 2006)
873          N.KOREA unknown.Oct 6 1246.Slow operatic singing //2850; poor to v.poor u/JOGB (NHP Oct 2006)
873          N. KOREA, KCBS 143110/6 vocal music //2850/999 alone at first, then JOGB faded up with English lessons.  Good w/chorale music 1033 10/7 o/JOGB (bp Oct 2006)
882.43     UNID.Oct 8 1347.Heavy carrier (from N.Korea?) No audio heard, and didn't last long.(NHP Oct 2006)
890          ALASKA Homer. KBBI. Oct 8 0630 Male announcer with "KBBI" ID and wrap-up of songs played. (Harms Oct 2006)
891          SOUTH KOREA Busan. HLKB. Oct 6 1217 Assumed the one with the male in Korean in the mud.... Also Oct 8 1342 Man speaking in Korean. (Harms Oct 2006)
891          JAPAN Sendai. JOHK NHK1. Oct 8 1343 Some sort of Celebration in JJ. (Harms Oct 2006)
891          THAILAND Nong Khae. Radio Thailand 1st Network. Oct 8 1242 woman in probable Thai. Also 1342 Native Music into Woman in Thai. O/HLKB and JOHK. (Harms Oct 2006)
891          JAPAN Sendai, JOHK 1217 10/6 good //594 w/orchestral version of When You Wish Upon a Star (bp Oct 2006)
891          THAILAND Bangkok, 1340 10/8 interesting horn music, then woman in Thai, good atop freq (bp Oct 2006)
909          JAPAN  (t) Nagoya. JOCB NHK2. Oct 8 1453 NHK //774 YL Singing. (Harms Oct 2006)
909          JAPAN JOVX Abashiri 1212 Oct. 7 with MoR type Japanese pop mx easily paralled to 1440 which was micely on top. (Hutton Oct 2006)
909          JAPAN JOCB Nagoya fair with odd female vocal parallel to 1386 (yes, 1386 was that good) 1456 Oct. 8. Competing and losing to an unid that seems Chinese. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
909          JAPAN Nagoya, JOCB.Oct 8 1448.Sounded like RR talk…does NHK2 run RR lessons?? //774 fair (NHP Oct 2006)
930          ALASKA Ketchikan. KTKN. Oct 8 1338 On top with sports, ID for KTKN and a translator. Into song "Money, Money." (Harms Oct 2006)
936          CHINA  (t) Hefei. Anhui RGD. UNID Oct 7 1123 Man and woman singing. nice music. Also 1339 with man in studio speaking with man on phone and at Oct 8 1336 Man spoke with a monotone. A female announcer in Chinese bubbled up at 1339. I thought I heard another station yet in the mix, possibly Japanese or Korean. (Yes, heard at about the same time on two days.) (Harms Oct 2006)
936          CHINA Anhui, Anhui RGD.Oct 8 1400.Man in CC talk, pips…then "Anhui renmin guangbo dientai" followed by more talk; fair in splash (NHP Oct 2006)
945          CHINA  (t) Various. CNR1. Oct 7 1332 Lady and Man in Chinese with ads. ID by female at 1333 "Chunghwa Renmin Guangpo Dientai" //4460. Also Oct 8 1145 Man and woman in CC CNR1 // 4460, and probably the one on Oct 7 1208 Man in Chinese over UI station. (Harms Oct 2006)
945          CHINA CNR1 various locations to a very good peak 1221 Oct. 7, parallel to 981 and just as good for a while then the big boss (981) returned to its normal poderoso self. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
945          CHINA 10/6 1342 CNR1 fair w/inst music //4460 mixing w/Japan.  Still good w/Chinese talk sounding like news 1603 10/8 (bp Oct 2006)
954          JAPAN Tokyo. JOKR Tokyo Hoso. Oct 6 1128 studio banter in Japanese at least two males and one female. (Harms Oct 2006)
963          CHINA  (t) Unknown. China Radio International. Oct 7 1122 female in Russian, assumed CRI. Also Oct 8 1135 Male and female in Russian CRI, o/station in Korean and Oct 8 1213 Female in Russian //1323 CRI. (Harms Oct 2006)
963          CHINA 1145 10/8, CRI, very strong w/man in Russian, hum in background sounded like part of program rather than a low het (bp Oct 2006)
972          CHINA Unknown. Oct 7 1147 Male in Chinese o/Korea. (Harms Oct 2006)
972          SOUTH KOREA Dangjin. KBS Liberty 1. Oct 6 1212 Female in Studio reading news items and then turning over to reporters. One example, rapid fire male in KK alking about diplomatic relations and North Korea //1134 and Oct 6 1457 Male in Korean introducing song. Song's name was "Wae, wae, wae ulkka?" (Why, Why, Why, are You Crying?") TOH ID by Male. Slop made it difficult to hear the ID, but I heard the mentions of at least two frequencies and of "Che-il" (or number 1) into News. (Harms Oct 2006)
972          CHINA unid, 1148 10/7 Chinese music briefly dominating o/Korea.  Several listed (bp Oct 2006)
981          CHINA  (t) Various. CNR1. Oct 7 1025 Female in Chinese and music. Clear ID at 1026 "Chunghua Renmin Guangpo Dientai." Also Oct 8 1205 Male in Chinese //4460. (Harms Oct 2006)
981          CHINA , CNR1 synchros.Oct 8 1450.Huge signal, woman CC singing //5030 with better strength on 981; still hanging in there with fine strength, 1528, and 1540.stringed mx & echoey talk by woman.With Chongquin and Urumqi both far inland, presumably the remaining "multiple locations" have ocean front transmitters to deliver this sort of signal (NHP Oct 2006)
981          CHINA 10/6 1334 CNR1 quite strong w/music w/music  Amazingly strong w/woman in Chinese 1522 10/8.  Still there w/monster signal 1551 10/8.  One of the most consistent Chinese outlets despite being 1 kHz from domestics (bp Oct 2006)
990          CHINA CNR2 unid location, fair with flute mx 1338 Oct. 6, ID’ed by paralleling it to 639. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
990          CHINA 10/6 1440 CNR1 fair o/domestics w/flute music //639 etc (bp Oct 2006)
999          NORTH KOREA Hamhung. KCBS. Oct 6 1431 Female in Korean. Also at Oct 7 1018 Chorus in Korean //2850 mixing with presumed Japanese. (Harms Oct 2006)
999          CHINA Unknown. Oct 6 1431 Woman in Chinese u/North Korea and on Oct 8 1133 Male in Chinese over female in Korean. (Harms Oct 2006)
999          JAPAN various. NHK1. Oct 7 1020 Male in Japanese. Numerous possibilities. (Harms Oct 2006)
999          NORTH KOREA Hamhung fair with operatic mx 1323 Oct. 6. (Hutton Oct 2006)
999          UNID Chinese 1326 Oct .6, not // CNR1. (Hutton Oct 2006)
999          CHINA unid 1152 – 1201 Oct. 8, not parallel to 981 so not CNR1. Took a dive across the hour and I can’t get the ID. (Hutton Oct 2006)
999          N. KOREA, Hamhung, KCBS 1430 10/6 dreamy female vocal //2850 mixing w/unid Chinese, fair in KOMO splatter (bp Oct 2006)
1008        CHINA Unknown. Oct 7 1340 Man and woman talking in Chinese. Not // CNR1! (Harms Oct 2006)
1008        JAPAN Osaka. ABC. Oct 6 1119 Male/female and Rapid Fire Japanese Female with ABC ID several times. Also Oct 7 0937 male and female in Japanese. (Harms Oct 2006)
1008        SOUTH KOREA Sokcho. HLCS KBS3. Oct 6 1118 Female in Korean. Also Oct 7 1021 Female and male in Korean. (Harms Oct 2006)
1008        JAPAN JONR Osaka on top with excited young female 1310 Oct. 6. (Hutton Oct 2006)
1008        CHINA CNR1 various 1315 Oct. 6 rising on top to a nice level with traditional CC music parallel to 981. (Hutton Oct 2006)
1008        CHINA CNR2 someone fair-poor with violin mx 1233 Oct. 7 and clearly parallel 639 at several checks. No CNR2 outlet listed. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
1008        CHINA unID, CC.Oct 7 1401.Fair across hour over low growl (jammer?), may have been two sets of CC pips slightly offset.but if an ID, missed it, a list of something (?) read by man and woman after hour.then pop mx, not sure if the same station (NHP Oct 2006)
1008        CHINA 10/6 1415 CNR1 w/female vocal  music //4460 mixing w/JONR. (bp Oct 2006)
1008        S. KOREA, Yangyang HLCS 1122 10/6 Korean talk mixing with JONR (bp Oct 2006)
1017        CHINA Chungchun. CRI. Oct 6 1410 Female in Korean CRI. Also Oct 8 1143 Female in Korean reading the news. One of the items quoted KBS. Interesting! Besides NHK in Japanese, there was a third station in the mix. MBC? (Harms Oct 2006)
1017        JAPAN Fukuoka. JOLB NHK2. Oct 6 1412 Man in Japanese. (Harms Oct 2006)
1017        TONGA Nuku'alofa. A3Z. Assumed the one on Oct 7 0711 man talking in UI language. (Harms Oct 2006)
1017        JAPAN JOLB Fukuoka fair-poor in EE with a mention of Radio Japan frequencies 1309 Oct. 6. (Hutton Oct 2006)
1017        CHINA Changchun CRI / CNR1 1307 Oct .6 good with man talking and every bit as strong as the SW parallel on 5965. (Hutton Oct 2006)
1017        CHINA Changchun, CRI.Oct 6 1409.Woman talking fair to poor //5965, taking over from NHK2.This seems quite far inland to be broadcasting to Korea (NHP Oct 2006)
1026        CHINA Unknown. Oct 7 1023 Female in Chinese. Echo effect not from a second transmitter running a delay. (Harms Oct 2006)
1026        CHINA unID, CC&.Oct 6 1302.2 CC stations here? one with pips on hour one without; not //1089; fair strength but no readable IDs (NHP Oct 2006)
1026        CHINA 1359 10/6 female vocal & 5+1 pips weaker pips in background then mix of audio from 2-3 stations.  Dominant station possibly Beijing (bp Oct 2006)
1035        CHINA  (t) Various. CNR1. Oct 7 1343 music and singing //4460. (Harms Oct 2006)
1035        SOUTH KOREA HLCP Pohang KBS1 1255 Oct. 6 at fair level but temporarily all alone with no China. Caught my attention as I had just heard the same music on 1044 a second ago. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
1035        CHINA CNR1 various back on top of 1035 (after letting KBS get on top) 1300 Oct. 6, parallel to my 981 reference point. (Hutton Oct 2006)
1035        S.KOREA P'ohang, HLCP.Oct 6 1426.Man talking, poor mostly under unID dominant on the channel //3930 (NHP Oct 2006)
1035        JAPAN NHK2 synchros.Oct 6 1438.EE lessons by woman and man poor to fairly good //774, also heard 1456 Oct 8, woman singing //774 (NHP Oct 2006)
1035        CHINA CNR1 synchros.Oct 7 1345.Western operatic singing by man strong //5030, but quickly faded down (NHP Oct 2006)
1035        CHINA 10/6 1308 CNR1 female vocal tune fair //4460.  Strong at 1333 recheck (bp Oct 2006)
1044        CHINA Changzhou. CRI. Oct 8 1132 Japanese man and woman spoke. Also, Oct 6 1355 female with Chinese language lessons for Japanese speakers. After 1400 heard a good ID in Chinese and Japanese. Was having a problem with the two KBS stations. (Harms Oct 2006)
1044        SOUTH KOREA Jecheon/Samcheok. HLCD/HLCI. Oct 6 1358 male in Korean, time pips and news in Korean after TOH //1305. Under a dominant CRI. Heard KBS time pips at TOH, but not much else in the form of an ID. Also Oct 8 1038 Woman talking to woman in Korean on phone //1305. Finally, after much effort of listening to the clip numerous times I was able to detect two partial IDs from HLCD and HLCI at Oct 8 1059. One female announcer from the weaker of the started before the other. I heard her say "p'al-ship (80) .. kHz .. KBS Ch'ungju ... imnida" The second female announcer faded a few seconds after the first one started and then dominated the channel. She said "Joong-pa x6x (yook-ship - x) kHz, FM 98.9 (ku-ship p'al jo'm ku) MHz KBS Kangneung Radio-imnida HLKR." This was followed by time pips and the news. I am happy with finally sorting this out. This was followed by the usual KBS time pips at the TOH and then the news. (Note that the TOH IDs were for the regional stations over which the two local stations are controlled.) (Harms Oct 2006)
1044        CHINA CRI 1244 Oct. 6 mixing with South Korea but generally stronger 1243 Oct .6, // 7190. (Hutton).
1044        SOUTH KOREA HLCD / HLCI (10 kw each) with semi-new age mx at fair level 1248 Oct .6 but not as strong as China. Easily paralleled against 864 which was good at the time. (Hutton Oct 2006)
1044        S.KOREA Jecheon, HLCD.Oct 6 1423.Man talking //3930, mostly under China (NHP Oct 2006)
1044        S. KOREA, 1605 10/8, KBS1 station still good //1062 (bp Oct 2006)
1053        CHINA  (t) UNID. Oct 7 1136 Female in Chinese with man on phone. Mixing with Japan - baseball game?, SK Jammer, and NK Clandestine. Several possibilities. (Harms Oct 2006)
1053        JAPAN Nagoya. JOAR CBC. A male announcer talking excitingly in Japanese. It sounded like a baseball game. JOAR was trying to break through the South Korean jammer several other times when tuning by, but could not quite break through. (Harms Oct 2006)
1053        NORTH KOREA Haeju. Pyongyang Branch of the National Democratic Front of South Korea. Oct 7 1136 Martial music and singing. Also 1053 Oct 6 1230 With a male in Korean under jammer and Japan. (Harms Oct 2006)
1053        SOUTH KOREA Various. Jammer. Noted Oct 6 1229 and numerous other times when tuning by. It was the channel dominant. The jammer was burying someone was playing Amazing Grace in English under the jammer at 1230 Oct 6. Weird.... I have a clip for any doubters. (Harms Oct 2006)
1062        SOUTH KOREA  (t) Cheongju. HLKQ KBS1. Very good at times on Oct 7 0942 with a man and a woman in Korean talking about tourism to North Korea. Reception was so good, I could clearly hear every word for about 30 seconds. Also at Oct 8 1129 Male in Korean with a sports event, (baseball game?) o/several other stations, one that sounded like Tagalog and another that sounded like Chinese. (Harms Oct 2006)
1062        PHILIPPINES Unknown. Talk in a language that I was told is Tagalog Oct 8 1131. Topping the channel for a few seconds. There are a couple of possibilities, but which one? (Harms Oct 2006)
1071        JAPAN Hiroshima/Obihiro. JOFK/JOWN NHK1/STV. Heard a male in Japanese here, but don't know which one. Was not on the channel long enough to find out nor did I find a //. Oct 7 0948 Male in Japanese. (Harms Oct 2006)
1071        JAPAN JOWM Obihiro with fair jazz program parallel 1440 where it was doing a bit better. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
1071        JAPAN Obihiro, JOWM.Oct 6 1434.JJ pop mx, and talk by man, poor to fair //1440 (NHP Oct 2006)
1071        JAPAN Hiroshima, JOFK.Oct 7 1508.Man talking JJ followed by quiet orchestral mx //594, fair strength.Most others had faded down by now (NHP Oct 2006)
1071        UNID.Oct 8 1600.NHK pips in there, but maybe one or two CC as well.no IDs; chimes just after final set of 3 and 1 pips, but haven't tracked the chimes down, could be an interval signal or other identifier? Became mostly weak CC talk after hour (NHP Oct 2006)
1071        JAPAN Hiroshima, JOFK 1509 10/7 quite good w/inst music //594, then soft-voiced man (bp Oct 2006)
1089        JAPAN Sendai. JOHB NHK2. On Oct 6 1124 heard music and male talking in Japanese o/another station. On Oct 7 at 1134 heard NHK mixing with two Chinese stations and HLCH, South Korea. (Harms Oct 2006)
1089        CHINA unid at nice, good level & clear 1444 Oct. 7 with traditional CC music 1444, on top of weaker JJ, but no ID. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
1098        SOUTH KOREA Jinju. HLCJ KBS2. A male in Korean topping the channel on Oct 6 1058. Also on Oct 8 at 0748 with a male talking in Korean. (Harms Oct 2006)
1107        SOUTH KOREA Pohang. HLAV MBC. Sounder and MBC time pips Oct 7 1300. Thought I heard whiffs of Korean at other times. (Harms Oct 2006)
1107        UNID man in unid lang 1054 Oct. 8 at fairly poor level and tele-talk program. (Hutton Oct 2006)
1110        ALASKA Big Lake-Houston. KAGV. ID as "KAGV" in between musical numbers Oct 8 0714. (Harms Oct 2006)
1116        JAPAN various. JOxx Nankai Hoso. Heard Japanese talk here on Oct 7 at 1233. (Harms Oct 2006)
1116        UNID Heard light music here on Oct 8 at 1615. Did not sound like the typical Japanese late night show. Who else could this be? (Harms Oct 2006)
1125        CHINA (t) /TAIWAN Oct 7 1254 Female speaking in Chinese sounded like there were at least two transmitters a fed delay because of an echo. Several possibilities. (Harms Oct 2006)
1125        JAPAN Various. JOxx NHK2. English lessons Oct 6 1207 //747 and 1386. (Harms Oct 2006)
1125        PHILIPPINES Various. Woman in presumed Tagalog on top of and with NHK Oct 7 1234. (Harms Oct 2006)
1125        UNID with fair-poor talk, mixing with NHK2 (parallel 774) at times 1233 to 1240 Oct. 6. Somewhat animated man talking non-stop in Filipino style. (Hutton Oct 2006)
1125        JAPAN NHK2 synchros briefly fair 1100 Oct. 8 with the little piece of mx NHK2 plays before the hour, then the NHK pips. Paralleled to 774. (Hutton Oct 2006)
1125        UNID.Oct 8 1526.Echoey talk, likely something from China? NHK2 off by now.(NHP Oct 2006)
1134        JAPAN Tokyo. JOQR Bunka Hoso. Oct 6 1053 song (male) in Japanese bouncy beat, o/another station. (Harms Oct 2006)
1134        SOUTH KOREA Kimpo. KBS Liberty 1 (Social Education 1)Oct 6 1203 female and male with News in Korean. (Harms Oct 2006)
1143        TAIWAN Baisha. Assumed BEL3 Yuye Guangbo Dientai. Oct 8 1619 Man in Chinese barely above the mud. Assumed. (Harms Oct 2006)
1152        JAPAN Various. JOxx NHK2. Oct 6 1231 Female talking. (Harms Oct 2006)
1152        JAPAN JORB / JOPC 1027 Oct. 8 with woman in Japanese parallel to 774 at almost good levels. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
1161        SOUTH KOREA Busan. HLKU MBC. 6 Oct 1405. Male in Korean mixing with two other stations. Also Oct 7 1345 man in Korean. (Harms Oct 2006)
1161        TAIWAN (t) BCC country network.Oct 6 1400.Distinctive BCC chimes on hour (courtesy www.intervalsignals.net; thanks Walt S.), followed by man talking; wasn't quick enough to adjust the passband tuning, so pretty muffled; if ID was there I missed it.Fair strength becoming downright powerful with sort of an oriental version of oompah mx.(NHP Oct 2006)
1161        CHINA 10/6 1346 CNR1 fair w/male vocal //4460 separable from KSL (bp Oct 2006)
1170        SOUTH KOREA Kimje. Radio Korea International KBS. Oct 7 1102 RKI in Russian blowing away the domestics on channel. Also Oct 7 1222 RKI in Japanese. Interview of Jang Young-sik by female announcer. Pretty good at times, over the domestics about 60% of the time. Finally Oct 6 1304 RKI Chinese program with female announcer mentioning something about "Meigou" (Chinese word for the USA). (Harms Oct 2006)
1170        SOUTH KOREA Kimje. KBS Liberty Program 2 (Social Education). Oct 8 1545 talk about unification in Korea and exchanges between North Korea and South Korea. ID as "Sahoi Kyoyuk Che-i Bangsong-imnida" (Liberty Program 2) and time check for 1 o'clock at 1600. (Harms Oct 2006)
1170        S.KOREA Gimje, HLSR.Oct 7 1226.man and woman in JJ, excellent signal //5975.(NHP Oct 2006)
1170        S. KOREA, Gimje, 1546 10/8 dominant o/domestics w/Liberty program //1134/972 (bp Oct 2006)
1179        JAPAN  (t) Osaka. JOOR Mainichi Hoso. Oct 6 1137 two men in Japanese o/another station. Also Oct 7 1127 Japanese rapid fire talk and Music o/UI Chinese. (Harms Oct 2006)
1179        UNID someone taking turns with  Japan (and sometimes clobbering them) 1149 Oct 6 with very slightly distorted non-stop rapid talk in a lang that didn’t seem standard Mandarin or Korean or Japanese. My guess is that this is a Chinese variant. Quite clear just before 1500.  + fair to good with non-stop excited talk by man 1130 Oct. 7.  Teletalk with a woman at 1133. (Hutton  Oct 2006)
1179        UNID 1251 10/6 talk in unknown language similar to Chinese; possibly minority Chinese or SE Asian language.  Good-nil mixing w/JOOR.  Possibly a single tone (or splatter from 1180) 1259.55 during music.  Again 1158-1209 10/8 battling JOOR, 2 sets of pips about 5-10 secs apart at ToH (the first was 4 short + 1 long, the second was 5 short + 1 long and higher pitched than the first set)  Same thing 1300 (bp Oct 2006)
1188        JAPAN Kitami. JOKP NHK1. Oct 7 0948 female in Japanese //567. About even with HLKX at times. (Harms Oct 2006)
1188        SOUTH KOREA Inchon. HLKX FEBC. Oct 6 1139 YL in Korean 1188 Oct 7 0844 Male in Korean 1188 Oct 8 1142 Man preaching in English. (Harms Oct 2006)
1188        S.KOREA , HLKX.Oct 7 1228.Man in slow EE w/religious talk, good signal and dominant, followed by choral singing; good full ID at 1229 (NHP Oct 2006)
1188        JAPAN Kitami, 10/7 1128 JOKP Japanese talk //594 mixing w/presumed HLKX (Christian sounding music) in KEX splatter (bp Oct 2006)
1197        JAPAN Various. Oct 6 1028 Japanese banter YL and Male. Not // to 1440. (Harms Oct 2006)
1197        JAPAN Various. JOxx STV. Oct 6 1143 Counted at least 8 carriers. Two or three feds in Japanese. The one on top was // 1440. Oct 7 0826. (Harms Oct 2006)
1197        JAPAN STV synchros 1140 Oct 6 fair with a hollow sounding echo no doubt caused by receiving multiple synchros. (Hutton Oct 2006)
1197        JAPAN 1152 10/6, STV relays //1440 fair w/JJ talk & pop music (bp Oct 2006)
1206        CHINA  (t) Unknown. Oct 6 1026 light music into YL talk, followed by more music. Also a Chinese station lurking behind Yanbian Oct 1310. (Harms Oct 2006)
1206        CHINA Yanji. Yanbian PBS. Oct 6 1306 Female interviewing a couple who moved from Inchon to Yanji. The husband's family was originally from Yanji. Of interest, he referred to Korea as "Hanguk," the South Korean name for Korea, and not "Choson," the North Korean name for Korea. Also Oct 7 0845 Listing phone numbers and business names. 0855 Spot soliciting ads for Yanbian PBS. ID as "Yo'nbyo'n Inmin Bangsong." YL continued with ads, including one for a noodle restaurant. 0857:45 took phone call from lady who wanted the announcer to repeat a number already given. 0858:30 continued more phone numbers. 0900 sounder, but no TOH ID. This was followed but a "Reporters Magazine" segment and talk about anti-US movement. (Harms Oct 2006)
1206        SOUTH KOREA Cheongsong/Jeongseon. HLQR/HLSW KBS1. Oct 6 1314 Female in Korean mixing with station with female Chinese (audible in Yanbian fades). Both KBS outlets are 1 kW. (Harms Oct 2006)
1215        CHINA Unknown. Oct 7 1055 Two stations in Chinese. One with male announcer other with female announcer. There were two sets of  time tips, which were offset from each other. ID at TOH. A partial ID of "Guangbo Dientai" was heard after the second set of pips. Also Oct 8 1046 man and woman in Chinese.  I believe I had CNR2 and CNR7, but without a postive ID, who knows... (Harms Oct 2006)
1215        SOUTH KOREA Jinju. HLAK MBC. Oct 8 1047 Station with man in Korean popping in and out. (Harms Oct 2006)
1215        CHINA CNR7? Oct 7 1353.Likely EE lessons by man? "this is his first trip to America" etc.in slow measured tones, briefly quite good.(NHP Oct 2006)
1224        JAPAN Kanazawa/etc. JOJK/etc NHK1. Oct 7 0901 Man in Japanese on top of channel. (Harms Oct 2006)
1224        JAPAN JOJK Kanizawa 1509 Oct. 7 poor snatches of beautiful music (in the MoR sense of the word) parallel to 594. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
1242        JAPAN Tokyo. JOLF Nippon Hoso. Oct 6 1451 Male and female in rapid fire Japanese. o/Korea. (Harms Oct 2006)
1242        SOUTH KOREA Wonju. HLSB MBC. Oct 6 1452 Male in Korean and song under JOLF. (Harms Oct 2006)
1242        VIETNAM (t), 1117-1124 10/8 woman mixing w/Japan, caught a few words in English.  VoV is listed in English at this time but I didn't hear anything specific to Vietnam (bp Oct 2006)
1251        RUSSIA Ussuriysk. RV70 Voice of Russia. Oct 7 1110 Male in Russian and female in Chinese, who sounded like she was translating for the man. (Harms Oct 2006)
1251        RUSSIA Ussuriysk, VoR.Oct 7 1356.Delicate stringed mx, very good //much weaker 585.CC talk underneath (NHP Oct 2006)
1251        RUSSIA Vladivostok, 1041-1101 10/7 VOR Chinese service fair w/Russian music & Chinese talk, Voice of Russia IS (chimes) repeated several times 1058 then inst music at ToH and into more talk (bp Oct 2006)
1278        CHINA Unknown. Oct 7 1211 Two stations. One with in Female in Chinese and then music. The other with a man and a woman speaking in Chinese. This was be a good channel to stick around at TOH. Several possibilities. (Harms Oct 2006)
1278        CHINA Heibei RGD assumed the Chinese with fair to almost good signal with man in Chinese over Japan 1238 Oct. 7. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
1278        CHINA (t) Tangshan, Hebei RGD Comprehensive.Oct 7 1239.Usual mystery CC, man and woman in CC good strength.commercial sound to it; Bruce P.ID'd as Hebei RGD I believe (NHP Oct 2006)
1278        CHINA Shijiazhuang, 1226 10/7 woman in Chinese, single tone 1230, then fanfare & Heibei Renmin Guangbo Dientai ID, into string of ads. (bp Oct 2006)
1287        CHINA  (t) Unkown. Oct 7 1221 Female in Chinese with echo effect. Over presumed Japanese. Many possibilities. (Harms Oct 2006)
1287        JAPAN Sapporo. JOHR HBC. Oct 6 1037 2 Japanese females (one in studio, one on phone). Also booming in with the 1960's song Oct 7 0815 "Get Ready". Noted at other times. (Harms Oct 2006)
1296        JAPAN JOTK Matsue 1323 Oct. 7 tough in a mix but in 2 quick checks against 594 it seemed parallel. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
1305        SOUTH KOREA Uljin. HLSV KBS1. Oct 6 1023 Male in Korean over station with Chinese. Also Oct 8 1200 with time pips TOH ID as KBS, no calls, into news. (Harms Oct 2006)
1314        JAPAN Osaka. JOUF OBC. Oct 6 1414 Male and Female in Japanese. Heard several mentions of Osaka and two mentions of OBC. (Harms Oct 2006)
1314        PHILIPPINES Paranaque. DWXI. Oct 6 1413 Female in Tagalog and English with scripture readings and talk. Sometimes besting JOUF. (Harms Oct 2006)
1314        PHILIPPINES Paranaque DWXI Oct 6 1415 after alert from Bill. Thanks to Hentik Klemetz who re cognized the program and station so that we could ID this. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
1314        SOUTH KOREA Jeonju. HLCM CBS. Oct 6 1414 Male In Korean. (Harms Oct 2006)
1314        JAPAN JOUF Osaka fair with pop style mx 1319 Oct. 6, mixing with an unid at times. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
1314        S. KOREA, Jeonju, HLCM 1405 10/6 Korean talk briefly good mixing w/Japan (bp Oct 2006)
1323        CHINA Urumchi. CRI. Oct 6 1419 Male in Russian, over and mixing with a Korean station and another UNID station. Also Oct 8 1212 Female in Russian //963. (Harms Oct 2006)
1323        SOUTH KOREA Ulleung/Yeonggwang. HLCU/HLQJ KBS1. Oct 6 1420. A male in Korean under CRI.  HLCU is more likely because it is on an island off the east coast of Korea. (Harms Oct 2006) 
1332        JAPAN Nagoya. JOSF Tokai Hoso. Oct 6 1044 Male in Japanese. Also a rapid fire male on Oct 7 0902 presumably announcing a sports event, and On Oct 7 1512 a man singing in EE, excited female announcer in Japanese, followed by ads by a man and a woman. (Harms Oct 2006)
1332        SOUTH KOREA Chungju. HLAO MBC. Oct 7 1050 male speaking in Korean over Japanese. (Harms Oct 2006)
1341        SOUTH KOREA Kimpo. KBS1. Oct 8 1443 A woman singing in Korean Pansori and talk //711. (Pansori is a traditonal Korean style of singing and story telling. Once you hear it, you will never forget it.) (Harms Oct 2006) 
1341        S. KOREA, Kimpo, 1443 10/8 jumble of audio, KBS1 talk weak //1305 mixing w/unid Chinese (bp Oct 2006)
1350        JAPAN  (t) Hiroshima. JOER RCC. Oct 7 1431 Man speaking in Japanese. Noted numerous times in passing. (Harms Oct 2006)
1368        CHINA unID.Oct 7 1300.Giant signal w/ standard CC pips dominating across the hour, but no ID noted after pips (NHP Oct 2006)
1377        CHINA Unknown. Oct 7 1048 At least two different stations in Chinese. Both female announcers. (Harms Oct 2006)
1377        CHINA Zhengzhou. CNR1. Oct 7 1347 man and woman in Chinese into song //4460. Also Oct 8 1210 Male in Chinese //4460. (Harms Oct 2006)
1377        CHINA CNR1.Oct 8 1104.At tune in, this was poor audio only with language unrecognizable, but news sounder between items was distinctive, and //5030; faded up while listening; end of nx and ID? (NHP Oct 2006)
1386        CHINA Various. Oct 7 1350 female in Chinese mixing with Korea and Japan. (Harms Oct 2006)
1386        JAPAN various JOxx NHK2. Oct 6 1132 male in Japanese //774. Also Oct 7 0806 male with Russian language lessons and Oct 7 0922 EE Language lessons - //774. (Harms Oct 2006)
1386        SOUTH KOREA Mokpo. HLAM MBC. Oct 7 0922 Female in Korean. (Harms Oct 2006)
1386        S. KOREA, Mokpo, HLAM 1105 10/7 excited KK male mixing w/Japan (bp Oct 2006)
1413        JAPAN Fukuoka. JOIF KBC. Oct 6 1050 Two males in Japanese.  (Harms Oct 2006)
1422        JAPAN JORF Yokohoma 1347 Oct. 8 very good in 4 kHz bandwidth, a little surprising this close to a domestic channel. Classical piano music program. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
1422        JAPAN Yokohama, JORF.Oct 7 1252.Man talking in JJ, good signal; heard "JORF" mentioned (NHP Oct 2006)
1440        JAPAN Sapporo. JOWF STV. Oct 6 1150 female song in Japanese //1197 STV. Also Oct 7 0822 Man and woman talk in Japanese. Mention of Hokkaido at 0823:30. Channel dominant most of the time all three nights. (Harms Oct 2006)
1449        JAPAN JOQM Abashiri poor and hard work to parallel it with 1287 but it happened 1341 Oct. 8. (Hutton Oct 2006)
1467        JAPAN Various. JOxx NHK2. Oct 7 0926 EE Language lessons - //774. (Harms Oct 2006)
1467        SOUTH KOREA Mokpo. HLKN KBS1. Oct 6 1448 male in KK. Also Oct 7 0924 Male in Korean //1305. (Harms Oct 2006)
1467        JAPAN 1458 10/8, NHK2 fair-poor w/music, then local signoff ID, too weak to tell who it was.  Pips at TOH, then NA mixing w/Korea (bp Oct 2006)
1467        S. KOREA, Mokpo, HLKN, 1307 10/8 poor w/music //1305/3930, mixing w/NHK2 outlets (bp Oct 2006)
1476        JAPAN 1503 10/8 NHK2 relays very weak w/chimes //774 (bp Oct 2006)
1476        UNID 0307 10/7 mystery TA carrier here, listed stations don't have all that much power except for a UAE station.  Other TA carriers noted from presumed Croatia-1134 & France-216 (bp Oct 2006)
1494        JAPAN Okayama. JOYR RSK. 7 Oct 1429 Song, Man said RSK at 1429, and then man and woman spoke. (Harms Oct 2006)
1503        JAPAN Akita/etc. JOUK/etc NHK1. Oct 6 1449 male in Japanese. Also a male in Japanese Oct 7 0903. (Harms Oct 2006)
1512        UNID 1427 10/8, fair carrier weak audio, 2 men in Asian language not //NHK2.  Chinese talk poor 1504 recheck (bp Oct 2006)
1530        CHINA unknown. Oct 8 1315 Chinese mixing with KFBK. Choral type music. Also heard woman singing. Could not find a // and did not sound parallel to CNR1.  (Harms Oct 2006)
1530        CHINA unid 1312 Oct. 8 fair under KFBK with traditional Chinese opera but no further progress. (Hutton Oct 2006)
1530        UNID 1325 10/8 Chinese music and talk by woman u/KFBK, sometimes briefly o/KFBK.  Possible English lessons w/man in EE & woman in CC 1357.  Woman in Chinese 1359.  Time pips (if any) wiped out by KFBK ID at ToH, but may have had a …guangbo dientai ID a few seconds later (bp Oct 2006)
1539        CHINA  unid location, CNR1 1309 Oct. 8 poor under Japan but the distinctive CNR musical theme came through Japan’s talk clearly. (Hutton Oct 2006)
1539        JAPAN handful of  17 100 Watt NHK2 synchros fair 1309 Oct. 8, parallel to 774. (Hutton Oct. 2006)
1548        AUSTRALIA Emerald. 4QD ABC. Oct 7 1420 A ballad type song in English and then a male spoke in English. (Harms Oct 2006)
1557        TAIWAN  (t) Kouhu. Family Radio. Oct 7 1201 female in Chinese over Japanese. (Harms Oct 2006)
1566        SOUTH KOREA Jeju. HLAZ FEBC. Oct 6 1010 Male with Sermon in Korean. Channel dominant all three nights of course. (Harms Oct 2006)
1566        UNID. Oct 8 1150 Something at the threshold trying to break through HLAZ. (Harms Oct 2006)
1575        THAILAND Ban Phachi. VOA. Oct 6 1135 Interview of male in English. He spoke of “legalizing this and legalizing that.” Over station with rock music (FEN?). Also Oct 6 1425 Male in Khmer 1428:30 Female mention VOA. 14:29:30 ID male in English. This program has come to you from the Voice of America, 1430 - Burmese. (Harms Oct 2006)
1575        JAPAN Various. FEN. Oct 7 0904 Rock music "Barracuda" over a station with a female talking. So much slop could not tell what language she was speaking. Also numerous other times. (Harms Oct 2006)
1575        THAILAND Ban Pachi, 1110 10/8, VOA good in English, science news type program by slow speaking man, weak station in background w/rock music likely one of the FEN stations (bp Oct 2006)
1593        CHINA Various. CNR1. Oct 6 1336 song in Chinese. Also Oct 7 1313 Man and woman in Chinese over Japan CNR1 //4460. (Harms Oct 2006)
1593        JAPAN Matsue/Niigata. JOTB/JOQB NHK2. Oct 6 1335 Korean language lessons NHK. Over a station in Chinese. Also Oct 7 0930 EE Language lessons - //774 and Oct 7 1045 Female listing something in Japanese //1602. (Harms Oct 2006)
1593        JAPAN/China.Oct 6 1329.Mix of JJ talk //774, and CC mx //5030 but with a delay.JJ good for a couple of minutes, otherwise fair to poor for both (NHP Oct 2006)
1593        CHINA 10/6 1305 CNR1 good w/what sounded like 50's doo-wop music & man in Chinese //4460 (bp Oct 2006)
1602        JAPAN Various. NHK2. Oct 7 1045 Female listing something in Japanese //1593. Also Oct 7 1319 Male listing something. ID by at least three stations at 1319:50, none were identifiable. Korean language lessons. Finally, Oct 8 1319 Local ID by at least two stations. Could not figure out the call letters or place names which followed. Another station was lurking in the background, Korean or Chinese? (Harms Oct 2006)
1602        JAPAN NHK2 synchros.Oct 8 1320.The 1320UT local ID on this graveyard NHK2 channel was a complete echoey cacaphony; who knows how many signals? Heard "J-O-garble garble garble garble"; spending time with an audio filter might help? (NHP Oct 2006)
1602        JAPAN 1318 10/8 NHK2 outlet(s) dominant w/weather report, local ID(s) 1319:45 but not strong enough to catch the call (bp Oct 2006)
1725        PAPUA NEW GUINEA GA 10/6/06 1324 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)
1737        PAPUA NEW GUINEA ndb KUT 10/6/06 1323 UTC. (Ratzlaff Oct 2006)

Posted on January 21, 2007

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