Voice of Vietnam transmitter sites

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Voice of Vietnam transmitter sites

Postby Eric Larson » Mon May 20, 2002 0211 UTC

Does anyone know where the transmitter site is for V o Vietnam's
9840 KHz frequency? I know RCI relays some of their broadcasts
but Passport to World Radio said some are transmitted from Vietnam.
I was wondering if 9840 is one of the homegrown variety....
Eric Larson
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Postby Hukunaga Mituhiro » Thu May 23, 2002 1417 UTC

Hi Eric,

I think that 9840's transmitter is located in So'n Tay(105.22E, 20.59N),Vietnam. 6175kHz's tx is in Sackville,Canada.
I can listen the program of 9840-VOV in Japanese with very good signal everyday. It seems that you can hear the VOV program at 6175kHz relayed via Canada.

1)Mr.Alan G.Davies' website,http://asiaradio.crosswinds.net/vtnlocs.htm
2)"WRTH2002", pp575.
4)"Shortwave Guide to South East Asia",1999,Padula Books.
5)"Frequency list" replied from VOV.

Best Regards.
Kyushu Is., Japan.
Hukunaga Mituhiro
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