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Unidentified radio stations from Thailand

If you know the Thai language, I would greatly appreciate your help. I have heard interesting radio stations from this country, but I haven't been able to identify them. This page contains recordings of those stations.

The latest sound files are in MP3 format and the older ones in Real Media format. You need the Real Player software to listen to these files. If you don't have Real Player, you can download the basic version for free from here. Then just listen to the soundfiles, compare your observations with others and please email me what you hear.

(update in February 2006)

 Thailand October 2005 - January 2006
 kHz:  date: time UTC: comments on the station:
684 4.11.2005 1456  
765 29.10.2005 1400  
981 29.10.2005 1335  
 Thailand 2005
 kHz:  date: time UTC: comments on the station:
567 13.1.2005 1416,
there is only one station listed, Jor Sor in Bangkok, but is there anything to indicated that this was indeed local and not some network programming?
1224 9.1.2005 1600 this must be Thor Or (Thahaan Aakaat), but which one: Chiang Rai or Nakhon Sawan?
1224 10.1.2005 1501 a male announcer giving a local ID for a Thahaan Akart station before close-down. There are two listed: Chiang Rai and Nakhon Sawan, but which is this? The female announcer in Thai beneath is the other Thahaan Akart station.
1224 10.1.2005 1531 this was the remaining Thahaan Akart station
 Thailand 2001
 kHz:  date: time UTC: file name: comments on the station:
1161 6.12.2001 1200 lem158_57.rm Alan Davies: Like nearly all MW stations, the one on 1161 is relaying news from Radio Thailand at 1200 so there's no local ID unfortunately (after the usual Radio Thailand pre-news music the man says "thiinii Sathaanii Witthayu Krajaisiang Haeng Prathet Thai" -- "This is Radio Thailand" -- around 10 secs in). As the Bangkok station usually signs off at 1200 this is probably Ubon Ratchathani, I suppose.
Alan Davies: I need to update you here. The Bangkok station now operates 2300-1500, so it could have been this one that you heard.
1305 2.12.2001 1753 lem158_15.rm this must be Yan Kraw, but there any hint of an ID or local programming?
Alan Davies: I agree it must be Yan Kraw, but there's no ID or other clues that I can hear.
1305 2.12.2001 1759 lem158_16.rm the same
1512 6.12.2001 1545 lem158_60.rm Alan Davies: nothing clear. In fact I'm even a little uncertain about the language -- I think the male voice could be speaking Mandarin Chinese judging by the tonal pattern, but maybe there are two stations there.
 Thailand 1990-2000
 kHz:  date: time UTC: file name: comments on the station:
774 6.11.1993 1649
774a.rm a rather long soundfile (4 minutes); very probably Sor Sor Sor from Udon Thani, but no ID? Some commercial spots and talk.
Portzer's Thai friend: Several commercials, but nothing that points to a specific station
909 3.12.2000 1330 909a.rm announcements by a male and a female announcer, but again I have no idea if there is anything hinting on Radio Thailand or whether or not this is local programming. The station is of course Sor. Wor. Thor. (Radio Thailand) from Surin, the only Thai on this frequency, but it would be nice to get some decent program details for a report.
Portzer's Thai friend: Nothing important
1098 4.12.2000 1340 1098a.rm nothing that would indicate an ID, but this is listed here because any Thai on this fq would be a rare catch, QRM by China. Sor Wor Thor (Radio Thailand) in Mae Sot and So. Wor. Phor in Songkhla are listed here. This may have been just some network px, because I believe that the same px was heard at the same time on 1233 kHz.
Alan Davies: Is that possibly a mention of Songkhla at 00:09? Doesn't necessarily prove anything, unfortunately.
Portzer's Thai friend: A poem about the King, then birthday greetings to His Majesty. Nothing that would ID the station
1170 20.11.1999 1400 1170a.rm nothing to would indicate an ID, but this contains the top of the hour announcement. I guess that So Thor Ror 8 Siang Jaak (in Phitsanulok) would be the only active station here, but is there anything to indicate it was that station?
Portzer's Thai friend: Too much noise
1224 6.11.1993 1530 1224a.rm this is probably Thor Or from Bangkok, which is now operating on 1233 kHz? But was Thor Or from Chiang Rai also here, and is there any way to distinguish these two from this soundfile?
Portzer's Thai friend: A monk teaching how to breathe properly and a couple commercials
1224 6.11.1993 2235 1224b.rm a rather long soundfile, the same as previous, more spots.
Portzer's Thai friend: They say the broadcast is coming from a studio at Don Muang airport (the international airport for Bangkok) and mentions Suan Dumnen as an address or location. Could be Thor Or 1, which WRTH and Alan
Davies list as being at Don Muang, WRTH has it on 1224 & Alan lists it on 1233. Or it could be one of the other listed Air Force stations with a relay of Bangkok.
1404 2.12.2000 1727 1404a.rm probably no ID, but commercial spots. Maybe something local? Only Thor. Phor. Neung.(Kohng Thap Phaak Thii Neung) from Suphanburi should be on the air this late, and should in fact sign off at around 1730 (when the signal faded out) but also Sor. Wor. Thor. (in Songkhla) and Jor. So. (in Yasothon) are listed on the frequency.
Portzer's Thai friend: No help (too much France)
1404 15.11.1999 1708 1404b.rm probably no ID, just a commercial spot or some promotional announcement
Portzer's Thai friend: Whoever it is says to call (02)4129919 if you want to advertise on the show. If you can find out who the number is for, you might ID the station.
1422 27.11.1999 1400 1422a.rm ID in the beginning, and again on the hour, but which one of the two Thais on the frequency?
Alan Davies: No positive ID that I can hear -- the clue is at around 1 min 10 sec where the news bulletin comes from 'Khao Pasifik' (Pacific News) which provides the news service for army-run radio stations. Presumably this is therefore Bangkok, not the police-run station in Phitsanulok. The police stations generally carry news on the hour from the National Police Office (Samnakngaan tamruat haeng chaat) in Bangkok -- there's a sample recorded from an FM station here.
Portzer's Thai friend: End of a show hosted by a monk who gave a blessing to everyone, then Pacific News from Army Radio hosted by Sansadee Nakhomson, first news story was about stringent laws against oil smuggling. This seems to match the Bangkok station, which Alan's web site says is operated by the Royal Guard and carries many Buddhist programs.
1440 24.11.1997 2321 1440c.rm probably no ID, but many commercial spots, which might reveal the location. The possible stations are probably Wor Por Tho (Withayu Pracham Thin), Tor Por Song (Kongthap Pak Tii Song) or Tor Por Saam (Kongthap Pak Tii Saam)
Portzer's Thai friend: Nothing worthwhile
1512 14.1.1990 2341 1512a.rm some shouting which sounds like Tor Por Song - or just my imagination? But there are - or at least were - many stations with rather similar names. Where is this station at present?
Alan Davies: I think I can hear 2 Thai stations in the second half, but can't identify either! The station in Surin is now on 666 kHz, using just 5 kW according to their announcements.
Portzer's Thai friend: Nothing worthwhile
1530 1.3.1997 1355-
1530b.rm a long excerpt (5 minutes) with commercial spots, which might reveal something. The possible stations are probably Thor Phor Neung (Kong Thap Phaak Thii Neung) in Chanthaburi and Wor Por Tho 14 (Witthayu Prajaam Thin) in Uttaradit. Perhaps an ID for Wor Phor Tho after the fanfare?
Alan Davies:
After the rather quiet section, goes into the introduction for educational programmes from Ramkhamhaeng
University, Bangkok from 03:35 with no local ID -- I don't think either of the two stations on 1530 still carry this nowadays. The only place name I can hear is Chonburi province in one of the ads (02:24) so this is rather inconclusive.
Portzer's Thai friend: Several ads, then a program from Rankumhang University, which agrees with what Alan told you.
1548 6.8.1990 1915 1548a.rm this is perhaps the one, which used to be listed as Phol Nung Ror Or - now moved to 1422 kHz. Is there anything to confirm the identity?
Portzer's Thai friend: too much interference
1548 6.8.1990 1927 1548b.rm the same as previous
Portzer's Thai friend: ads, one gave a phone number 279-4400 to place an order (Believe the ad was for a musical group promoting their album)
1557 20.11.1999 2258 1557a.rm a long excerpt (4 minutes), again probably no ID, but many commercial spots, which might reveal something. The possible stations are Suun Kaan Thahaan Maa "Siang Adison" in Phetchabun, and So Wor Thor (R Thailand) in Trad.
Alan Davies: No ID or other clues that I can hear. Radio Thailand local MW stations don't generally carry advertising, and you'd expect their station in Trat to be relaying Bangkok at 6 am, so more likely Phetchabun.
Portzer's Thai friend: nothing useful

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