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Unidentified radio stations from North America

Would you like to train your ears with some unidentified North American stations? And help me to identify some of my catches... Listen to the soundfiles, compare your observations with others and please email me what you hear. I would greatly appreciate your help.

The latest sound files are in MP3 format, and older ones in either Real Media or Windows media format.

Updated with comments in March 2006

 North America from 2005-2006
 kHz:  date: time UTC:  comments on the station:
700 31.10.2005 1200 Mika: Is there "Sports Radio KALL(?) with..." at 11 sec? Followed soon by "700 ESPN"? West Coast wire.
Jari Ruohomäki:
I think this is KBYR
Jim Solatie:
KALL on top and under KALL ID "700 ESPN" which would likely be KXLX Spokane (Airway Heights). KXLX is nowadays "Spokane's only 24-hour sports station 700 ESPN The Score".
Jan-Erik Österholm: KALL was heard by LEM224 identifying as "Hot Ticket 700"
800 31.10.2005 1031 Mika: Canadian, is there "800 C..."? I was expecting CKOR, as the antenna was pointing to the West Coast, but doesn't quite sound like CKOR.
840 31.10.2005 1003 Mika: "... Radio" - I was hoping for Max Radio, which would be KMAX Seattle WA, but the intonation doesn't sound right. I heard "Max Radio" slogan at 1022, but didn't have a recorder on... Heard on the West Coast wire.
Jouko Peltomäki: I hear "Fox Radio" twice.
Mika: I agree, probably just Fox R, so forget about this one
930 31.10.2005 0100 Mika: "Newsradio 930 W..., ..." (probably ending with the location. CBS News.
1150 30.10.2005 0831 Mika: "....'s Newsradio 1150 K..." (heard with the West Coast wire, with KSAL and KXMG identifying within a minute from this
1230 30.10.2005 1302 Mika: "From the K... 24-hour newsroom, this ... with Jeff ...on and Stephen Kay (?)" Could be just KKEE, but I was hoping for something better.
Jouko Peltomäki: Just KKEE relaying KAST: "From the KAST 24-hour newsroom, this is ... with Jeff Nelson and Zetty McKay. Good morning, I'm Zetty McKay, hope you're having a great Tuesday so far..."
Mika: I agrees, this is definitely KKEE relaying KAST, thanks!
1230 31.10.2005 0049 Mika: "... Radio 1230 AM W..." Could be WTKG Grand Rapids MI. The network show "Lars Larsen Show" heard here airs on WTKG and WBVP Beaver Falls PA.
Jouko Peltomäki: I agree on "12-30 AM WTKG."
Mika: Thanks, definitely WTKG, unfortunately
1240 29.10.2005 1317 Mika: ".... time for ... weather forecast on ... Radio 1240 K..." - heard on the West Coast wire, talking about switching to normal time
Jouko Peltomäki: "... weather forecast on Pendleton's Sports Radio, 12-40 KTIX"
Mika: Indeed, sounds very much like KTIX, so we can forget about this one as well
1240 1.11.2005 1008 Mika: "Join ... AM 1240 K..."
Jouko Peltomäki: A female presenter with "AM 12-40 KMHI" (Mountain Home, ID).
Mika: Indeed, most probably just KMHI
1250 31.10.2005 0907 Mika: UNID station relaying "94 FM The Fish", which is an FM station in Nashville TN (WFFI 93.7 and WFFH 94.1 FM). Based on information received from Salem Communications, this seems to have been an unauthorized relay, and the company was unable to find out which station on 1250 AM was rebroadcasting their programming! Any ideas?
1360 2.11.2005 2251 Mika: "You're tuned to ... AM 1360" (not West Coast based on the antenna)
1380 2.11.2005 1044 Mika: "1380 ... AM" (not West Coast based on the antenna). KLIZ identified soon after.
Jouko Peltomäki: Sounds like "13-80 Relevant Radio" The only Relevant Radio affiliate listed on 1380 would appear to be WMJR (Lexington, KY).
1390 3.11.2005 0030 Mika: "Newsradio 1390 W...."
Jouko Peltomäki: "NewsRadio 13-90, WT...S" WTJS (Jackson, TN) would fit.
1400 29.10.2005 1159 Mika: "K..." at 3 sec (West Coast wire)
Jouko Peltomäki: All I could hear was a report about the 2003 Valerie Plame CIA leak case.
1400 29.10.2005 1400 Mika: a jingle "K..." followed by oldies rock
1400 30.10.2005 1355 Mika: a jingle "K..." (West Coast wire)
Jouko Peltomäki:
Sounds like "KADR"
1400 31.10.2005 1240 Mika: "... your copy from oldies radio..." and a jingle, perhaps CKGR (relayed on CKCR) or the real thing, CKCR?
Jouko Peltomäki: "KADR"
1490 1.11.2005 1005 Mika: "... (news)radio, K... 1490"
Jouko Peltomäki: "Good News Radio" and a call that sound remotely like KCSA(?).
1490 2.11.2005 1200 Mika: "1490 AM KQDS" (?) - so KQDS Duluth MN? (not from the West Coast based on the antenna)
Jouko Peltomäki: I agree, "14-90 AM KQDS."
Mika: Yes, definitely KQDS; they have confirmed my report
1540 30.10.2005 0832 Mika: weather forecast, ID unclear
1590 31.10.2005 2304 Mika: ID after weather, ending like this "From the 1590 K... weather center, meteorologist ..., 62(?) degrees", definitely not the dominant WAKR, which had its own weather forecast one minute later
Jouko Peltomäki: "From the 15-90 KCNN Weather Eye Weather Center, meteorologist..."
1590 31.10.2005 2330 Mika: "Here's what's happening at K... news center..."
Jouko Peltomäki: "Here's what's happening at KCNN (or KC land?) news center..." The first news item was about the Department of Defense base in Grand Forks.
 North America from 2004-2005
 kHz:  date: time UTC:  comments on the station:
1230 28.11.2004 0826 "Key Country 1230" or "K Country 1230". Likely from somewhere northwestern US.
Bruce Portzer: unfortunately it could be any K-call with that format
1230 10.1.2005 0534 a slogan in Spanish, could be Mexican as well
Jan-Erik Österholm: I hear "1230 AM, La Voz de....???....".
1230 13.1.2005 1016 "K Country 1230"
1230 13.1.2005 1022 "... AM 1230"
Jan-Erik Österholm: "KZZR AM 12-30"
Bruce Portzer: I agree, KZZR
Jouko Peltomäki: I agree, "KZZR"
Mika: Thanks, let's forget about this one, KZZR is a regular station here
1240 10.1.2005 0600 "This is Newstalk 1240 K..."
Jan Alvestad: Newstalk 12-40 KBLL
Jouko Peltomäki: "KBLL"
1340 14.1.2005 1058 "... the Bay(?) Area's ... Talk Radio 1340 K..."
Jan-Erik Österholm: I would say "Talkradio 13-40 KTCR"
Bruce Portzer: The ID sounds like KVBR (Brainerd, MN)
Jouko Peltomäki: I agree, it's "KVBR"
1360 10.1.2005 0605 ID at 0'14 to end the weather: "that's a look at your AM 1360 ... weather forecast"
Jan-Erik Österholm: that's a look at your AM 1360 KSCJ weather forecast.
Jouko Peltomäki: "KS...J", could be KSCJ.
1360 15.1.2005 0300 "... weeknights from 7 to 10 pm ... Talkradio 1360 AM W..., ...." - doesn't fit to WTAQ schedule, so this is hopefully something else (a bit earlier both KKBJ and WTAQ were heard here)
Jan-Erik Österholm: could be WYOS Binghamton NY
Jouko Peltomäki: I agree with Jan-Erik.
1400 14.1.2005 0706 West Coast antenna, but could be Rockies as well
Jan-Erik Österholm: Jamestown (ND) would fit, as well as KQDJ
1400 14.1.2005 1206 "Proud to be a part of the ... community, AM 1400 K..." (the calls are messy, but maybe someone would recognize the pre-recorded ID format)
1450 13.1.2005 1317 in Spanish, perhaps a slogan at 0'38: "... 1450 ..."
Jan-Erik Österholm: Tigre 14-50, which would be KGRE Greeley CO.
1450 14.1.2005 0805 "... 5 to 10 on Newstalk Radio 1450 K..."
Jan-Erik Österholm: KCTI (Gonzales TX) would fit
Roland Sandberg: Could just as well be KQDI (Great Falls MT)
Nigel Pimblett: This one is KQDI in Great Falls, MT (a semi-local here in Alberta)
Jan-Erik Österholm: I agree with Roland, KQDI
1490 11.1.2005 1130 "AM 1490 K...", West Coast antenna
Risto Kotalampi: I think this is KYNR Toppenish, WA. ID as follows: "...1490 KYNR, Toppenish, Washington...".
Jouko Peltomäki: I agree with Risto.
1490 11.1.2005 1140 "1490 K...", West Coast antenna
Jan-Erik Österholm: Could be KTEL (Walla Walla WA)
Bruce Portzer: I agree, it sounds like KTEL
Jouko Peltomäki: "KTEL"
1490 11.1.2005 2325 a website promo, 1490w.... dot com (it can't be WECM, WBEX, WJJM, WCVA, WTCS nor WBTA because their website URLs have a different format or they don't have a website, but how about WCCM, which has 1490wccm.com?), 300-degree antenna, good New England conditions
Jan-Erik Österholm: WCCM would fit well
Jouko Peltomäki: Yes, it's "1490wccm.com."
Mika: Thanks! Earlier I sent a tentative report to WCCM, and got a QSL, so this must indeed be WCCM.
1490 12.1.2005 0058 1490 W...
Bruce Portzer: An interesting one, at the beginning it sounds like "1440 & 1490 then a call like WPCL or WBCO or ??. Then about 14 seconds in, it says "Right here on WW.." I don't know of any 1490 staions //1440.
Jouko Peltomäki: "WCD..." (WCDO, Sidney, NY?).
1490 12.1.2005 0859 "AM 1490 W... community service station"
Jan-Erik Österholm: WDAN (Danville IL) would fit
Jouko Peltomäki: Could not get the call, but WCSS Amsterdam NY would fit. The "CSS" in WCSS stands for "Community Service Station".
 North America from 2001
 kHz:  date: time UTC:  file name:  comments on the station:
810 3.12.2001 0747 lem158_21.rm should be CJVA (rel. 92.9 CKLE), playing non-stop French pop music, but I can't figure out the jingle
1400 6.12.2001 1335 lem158_61.rm K...
Steve Whitt: 2sec OM "win a ticket today"
4.5s "14 hundred AM"
11s siren noise
13s "welcome back to Jez Holland (??) and his morning crew"
1470 4.12.2001 0611 lem158_27.rm "This is all new, ... 1470, W..."
Lars Hedberg: Closest WIJK: W-JK W-KK
1490 5.12.2001 0812 lem158_38.rm W... (jingle)
Brian Smith: Sounds like "WQRT," which is funny in itself if you're a ham radio operator. That probably isn't it, though. The FCC lists no such station.
Bruce Portzer: sounds like WHYC or WHYZ or WAYZ or something similar. I don't see anything close listed. It could be an AM station relaying an FM with a different call, which would be difficult to track down.
Lars Hedberg: Closest WMRC. Sounds like "WKBRC"
 North America from 1990-1998
 kHz:  date: time UTC:  file name:  comments on the station:
1380 27.11.90 0249 U-1380b.wav male ID, K-something?
Paul Swearingen: Sounds like "KGAM" to me, but no match in the NRC AM Log
Jan-Erik Österholm: "13-80 AM. This is W---", definitely like this, so this is not a K-station.
Brian Smith: Got to agree with Jan-Erik. The first words are "1380 AM," then "This is W" (but it's not even the full letter; more like "This is double-") ... then nothing but mush. This one may be impossible, unless you can somehow match the voice with the station.
1400 16.1.95 0829 U-1400c.wav male ID "1400 K..."
Jean Burnell: "K-B-C-H" at about 5 seconds (ref. to the this RM file. Mentions Johnny Mathis (spelling?) a few seconds later. This is listed as a nostalgia station.
Paul Swearingen: Sounds like "KGFP", but no match in the NRC AM Log.
Jan-Erik Österholm: How about KBRB Ainsworth NE?
Roland Sandberg: Could also be KCOG, KBRB also gives FM 92 in their ID.
Bruce Portzer: The call sounds like KVSE KVFE or something similar. CLosest thing listed is KVFD.
Brian Smith: After the "1400" I hear a very distinct "K," then the fun begins: Is the second letter a B, a D, a G or a V? Is the third letter an N or an M? (It doesn't sound like an S, F or R to me; the end of the syllable is smoother.) Is the fourth letter truly an E? Put 'em together and you get something that, to me, sounds most like "KDNE" or "KGNE" ... but then, it could also be "KVME" or ... (and there's nothing even close to any of these on the FCC site, but then if this was in 1995, these call letters may no longer exist ... sigh ...)
Lars Hedberg: Hard one: Sounds like KBME or near
Jouko Peltomäki: Sounds very much like KVFD (Fort Dodge, IA) to me.
1420 16.1.95 0059 U-1420a.wav male ann, sounds K-something, just before the pest, WOC, comes on top just before the hour
Brian Smith: I hear the word "radio" immediately following a two-syllable word (akin to "mobile" or "mogul"), then four distinctly pronounced letters that I would surmise is an ID, something like "KRUB" or "KRUT." But there's nothing close to that on the FCC list, unless the station has since changed call letters. Noticed that the very last word on the recording seems to be "crystal."
1440 1.11.93 0759 U-1440a.wav Two sports stations, the other one is WLPZ from Maine, but what is the other one "This is the heart of the country..." This recording is quite long, but should be interesting to listen to, as the quality is so good - NOTE: BIG FILE SIZE 1019k
1490 4.1.97 1100 U-1490c.wav male ID, "... on K..., ...a" (probably from the Northwest, as 1340 KLKI Anacortes WA was heard at the same time)
Graham Powell: is almost certainly IDing as KVAC which would be in Forks WA, which matches what else you were hearing at the time
Jean Burnell: Graham Powell says KVAC. He has better ears than I. I can only hear at the beginning something about "Dr. Ruth"..."AM"...
Bruce Portzer: Definitely not KVAC. It sounds to me like KVHS or KVHL or something similar. (Side comment on KVAC - I can't hear them in Seattle but I've visited the area around Forks many times. KVAC has always IDed as KVAC-KLLM when I've listened to them, until very recently. When I was in the area last month, they were IDing as "Westside Radio 103.9" except for the legal ID at the top of the hour.)
Brian Smith: I'd have to say that I also hear KVAC -- well, KVA for sure, and the last letter could very well be a C.
Lars Hedberg: I would say KVAC
Jouko Peltomäki: I'd go for KVAC.
1550 4.11.93 0006 U-1550a.wav "currently in .... 51 degrees." The location would be the clue, but I don't get it
Paul Swearingen: city ends in "-ville", and it sounds most like "Huntsville" (WLOR) or perhaps "Jacksonville" (WJIL) to me.
Jean Burnell: I just listened to it again. I think Paul Swearingen is correct: very likely to be saying: "currently in Huntsville it's 61 (or 51) degrees.
Roland Sandberg: Sounds like Huntsville
Lars Hedberg: Agrees with Jean Burnell
1580 21.11.97 2200 U-1580a.wav sounded like K-something with a two-word city-of-license, but at this time only the northeastern corner of the US is in darkness
Bruce Portzer: At the beginning, I hear the letters GCI or VCI, but no K. The rest is unintelligible.
Lars Hedberg: WVCI?
Jouko Peltomäki: "...VCI."
1580 29.11.97 0920 U-1580b.wav a station I'm very curious about, the ID is rather clear, but I can't make it fit
Jean Burnell: 6 seconds into the recording (ref. to the this file) I can hear the ID as K-G-A-F. Since this is a promo for country-and-western music, the format of the station fits also. Nice catch...250 watts!
Paul Swearingen: I'd like to say I heard "WEAM", but all I can pull out is "AM Radio AM". Not enough.
Roland Sandberg: My ears say that this is KGAF
Jan-Erik österholm: "The country music you need (?) more than you hear...ow when you hear your Classic Country on AM 15-80 KGAF"
Mika: seems to be KGAF indeed, have sent them a tentative report, but no reply yet
Bruce Portzer: I caught "The Country music you've been wanting to hear (something, something) Classic Country (something) KGAF", though I'm not 100% sure about the call letters.
Steve: that is the voice of Don Day on a network out of Ft.Worth broadcast over 250 watt AM 1580 KGAF in Gainesville, Texas.
Mika: a tentative report sent to KGAF already a couple of years ago, but no response
Lars Hedberg: No KGAF can I hear, but Oldies KBHC or similar
Jouko Peltomäki: I agree with Bruce. "The country music you've been wanting to hear, now ..... Classic Country 15-80 KGAF(?)".
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