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Unidentified AM radio stations from Japan

If you know Japanese, I would greatly appreciate your help. I have heard interesting radio stations from Japan, but I haven't been able to identify them. This page contains recordings of those stations.

The sound files are in MP3 format. Just listen to the soundfiles, compare your observations with others and please email me what you hear.

(updated in June 2006)

 Japan 2006
 kHz:  date: time UTC: comments
1161 2.1.2006 1055-
NHK1, but I heard so many different locations from Sapporo to Hiroshima that I don't know where this is from, supposed to be a local/regional break. The signal improves greatly towards the end.
Hideki Watanabe: I could not identify the local.
0'40 female; nationwide weekly weather cast.
3'00 male and female; nationwide traffic informations. 4'55 time pips then News.
Mika: Many thanks! It seems that there are no local/regional breaks before 1100 UTC, unlike mentioned in the WRTH.
1584 2.1.2006 0950-
Mika: I hear Aomori mentioned
1585 2.1.2006 0954
1584 2.1.2006 0957-
Mika: Aomori mentioned in the beginning, but the ID at 2'50'' sounds like "JOJG NHK Yamagata Dai-ichi hoso desu"?
1584 2.1.2006 1055-
Mika: I first thought that this would be Hokkaido regional, but may be just national programming after all?
 Japan 2005
 kHz:  date: time UTC: comments
927 31.10.2005 0950-0957 NHK1, the beginning of the local/regional break. I think there are two stations (one female and one male reader). The female signal comes relatively well at 0953 (3'10'' from the start) and again at 0954 UTC (4'08'' from the start and thereafter), just after checking a couple of other frequencies. For some reason I concluded that the male voice would be Hokkaido.
Hideki Watanabe:
NHK-Wakkanai and Kofu.
at 0'06 female: talk about Yamanashi pref.
2'40 male: random shot used air gun from car.
3'00 male: news from Hokkaido.
3'07 female: talk about monthly forecast from Asahikawa, Hokkaido.
4'32 male: talk about national road route 20.
4'40 female: investigation about asbestos in Asahikawa city.
927 31.10.2005 1000 NHK1, the end of the break. Strong interference by a Chinese station, but there is a call-letter station ID by a male voice underneath: "JO.. NHK ... dai-ichi hoso" (?) just before the top of the hour
Hideki Watanabe: NHK-Wakkanai 1kW.
ID "JOCG NHK Asahikawa dai-ichi hoso desu. "
927 31.10.2005 1054 NHK1, with an ongoing local/regional break
Hideki Watanabe: NHK-Wakkanai 1kW.
Male announcer talk about Hokkaido local news.
936 1.11.2005 1119 a jingle
Hideki Watanabe: No way to know.
Mark: It says "Radio (rajio) "something something-- sounds like the city name
936 1.11.2005 1144 slogan "Love Radio" and talk
Hideki Watanabe: 0'03 jingle "Blog Radio B-dio! Tuesday." (not Love Radio.) This is a network program named "B-dio!"(coined word: Blog and Radio). This frequency listed 2 stations ABS and MRT, both stations relay B-dio!"
*The female announcer is Miss. Chisato Kaiho, and male is Mr. Kazuyuki Izutsu who is famous movie director.
*The key station of B-dio is TBS-954kHz.
1161 4.11.2005 1258-1300 NHK1, the end of a regional/local break, but which one of the stations? Do you recognize any city names?
Hideki Watanabe: NHK in Tohoku regional.
0'40 male: speaks about apple burglar at Aomori pref.
1395 31.10.2005 1129 This commercial station seems to give some address information, and perhaps even an ID about one second before the Chinese signal (Nei Monggol RGD) covers the frequency.
Hideki Watanabe: 0'07 female: commercial spot of Kobe Newspaper group. http://mkobe.jp
0'44 time pips then music program by Mr. Norio Oshibe.
1512 4.11.2005 1320 This is very strong. NHK2, I would suspect that the ID is "JOFD NHK Fukushima Daini Hoso", which would mean that the station is JOCD Koriyama which relays JOFD (1602 AM)?
Hideki Watanabe: Yes, JOCD relays JOFD.
Fukushima city is a capital of Fukushima pref.
It is not relate to output power. Koriyama city is a bigger than Fukushima city, but not capital.
1584 30.10.2005 1015-1020 NHK1, not sure if this was a local break or not, on a Sunday
Hideki Watanabe: NHK-Hokkaido.
0'07 male: announced "Tsuzuite Sapporo kara Hokkaido no News wo otsutae shimasu."
mean as "Next, The Hokkaido's News from Sapporo."
0'30 male: dry-weather advisory for the Hakodate.
5'10 program "Radio Meijin Yose"
1584 4.11.2005 1255 NHK1 with a local/regional break
Hideki Watanabe: NHK-Aomori, NHK-Akita, NHK-Yamagata or NHK-Fukushima.
0'09 male: announced "Sendai kara Tohoku-chiho no News desu."
"chiho" means regional.
1584 4.11.2005 1259 NHK1 with a local/regional break
Hideki Watanabe: NHK-Aomori, NHK-Akita, NHK-Yamagata or NHK-Fukushima.
0'09 male: speaks about apple burglar at Aomori pref.
0'34 male: weather cast of Tohoku-chiho.
0'55 male: no local ID.
1602 3.11.2005 1320 NHK2 local ID
Hideki Watanabe: female: ID "JOZB NHK-Matsuyama dai-ni hoso desu."
male: ID "JO?? ..." I could not pick up following words.
1602 4.11.2005 1320 NHK2 local ID
Hideki Watanabe:
male: ID "JOFB NHK-Fukushima dai-ni hoso."
female: heard only "NHK dai-ni hoso desu."

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