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Unidentified stations from India and Pakistan

If you know Hindi, Urdu or other Indian or Pakistani languages, I would greatly appreciate your help. I have heard interesting radio stations from these countries, but I haven't been able to identify them. This page contains recordings of those stations.

The latest sound files are in MP3 format, and older ones in Real Media format (and some in Windows Mediaplayer format). If you don't have the Real Player, you can download the basic version for free from here. Then just listen to the soundfiles, compare your observations with others and please email me what you hear.

(Updated with comments in February 2006)

Many of the unidentified stations are from 1584 and 1602 kHz, and these are the stations which (according to the World Radio TV Handbook) operate on those frequencies. Some of them may not have local programming or may relay some other Indian stations. "VB" indicates the national "Vividh Bharati" channel. If you can recognize those stations, that would also be very helpful.

For reference, here are the stations listed (in WRTH 2005) for the two very interesting Indian frequencies:

1584 kHz:
Keonjhar (relaying Cuttack)

1602 kHz:
Sholapur (not VB according to Jose Jacob)
Varanasi (VB)
William Nagar

 kHz:  date: UTC: file name: comments on the station:
756 25.11.2002 1546 wav-file this should be AIR Jagdalpur, and there is a local station identification "Akashvani ... he", but can you distinguish Jagdalpur mentioned?
VijayaKumar Veeragandham: Yes, it is Jagdalpur MW station which broadcats on 756Khz. Here is the transcrit: "ye akashavani ka jagadalpur kendra hi, raathri ki now bajkar solah minute huye hai ...."
Mika: Thanks for solving this one!
1215 13.1.2005 1440 AIR, but is this the National Channel or Pudducherri? Akashvani mentioned at 0'15
Manosij Guha: Sounds like the National Channel relay from Delhi with a program on astronomy in Hindi. This transmitter is normally for the the External Service to Nepal, but carries the National Service at other times usually late night. This is not part of the domestic setup, hence not listed.
R.M. Shanmugasuntaram: One station i could identify heardat the background is All India Radio Pondicherry which is using a 10KW TX and the station from North India to be identified (Ihope our DX India friends can identify it).
Alokesh Gupta: Didn't find any id in this clipping, however there are 2 stn's one with talk on astronomy & other with hindi songs in the background.
d.prabakaran: This is AIR national channel
1584 5.12.2000 1416 1584f.rm female ID, rather weak
1584 5.12.2000 1422 1584g.rm another weak by a female voice "Akashavani ...bad" (?)
Teemu Juurinen: sounds like "Akashvani Kasmagabad" or something like that
1584 5.12.2000 1429 1584h.rm relatively clear, by a male voice "Akashvani ..."
Teemu Juurinen: I would guess Jamshedpur
1584 5.12.2000 1459 1584i.rm probably the same as before, "Akashvani ...". The same programme was heard on 1602 kHz, so perhaps this could be Vividh Bharati programming? In that case the transmitter location would be Indore?
Jose Jacob: probably Indore
Teemu Juurinen: I would guess Jamshedpur again
1584 5.12.2000 1514 1584j.rm two AIR stations, first a female ID: "Ye Akashvani ...", later the other station with a male announcer
Jose Jacob: probably Indore
1584 12.1.2005 1544 ID by a male announcer
1584 12.1.2005 1600 ID by a female announcer
1602 29.11.2002 1529 wav-file a local station identification, perhaps Sholapur?
Kanwar Sandhu: Yes.
1602 5.12.2000 1430 1602a.rm the first station is of course Pauri, but there are two other Indians as well. The talking male was especially interesting. There's probably an ID at the end of the sound bite by a female voice, but this may be Pauri again.
Jose Jacob: is Sholapur YL. The second one is unid. By the way Sholapur is not VB station.
1602 12.11.1998 1558 1602b.rm an announcement by a female announcer, probably no ID
 kHz:  date: UTC: file name: comments on the station:
1152 5.12.2001 1343 lem158_42.rm Mika: this has to be PBC Rawalpindi, but is this announcement of locally produced programming?
Sarmad Gilani:
The female announcer first finishes a news headline, and then is saying (translated): "You're listening to the news from Radio Pakistan." The male announcer, finishing the clip, begins reading a news story. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the evening radio news is simulcasted throughout Pakistan and would not necessarily be local stuff.
Mika: OK, consider this one solved

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