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Unidentified stations from Europe

If you know Slavic languages, I would greatly appreciate your help. I have heard interesting radio stations from Europe, mostly from South-Eastern Europe, but I haven't been able to identify them. This page contains recordings of those stations. Especially 1584 and 1602 kHz are full of small local stations from that area, and are very exciting frequencies to listen to.

The sound files are in Real Media format. You need the Real Player software to listen to these files. If you don't have Real Player, you can download the basic version for free from here. Then just listen to the soundfiles, compare your observations with others and please email me what you hear.

(Updated with comments on January 22nd 2002)

 Europe 2001
 kHz:  date: UTC: file name: comments on the station:
1584 3.12.2001 0407 lem158_18.rm
1584 19.9.2001 0321 1584_01_09_19 "Radio ..., 1584 AM Stereo"
 Europe 1996-2000
 kHz:  date: UTC: file name: comments on the station:
1161 21.11.1999 1542 1161a.rm "Radiokompanija Balkan", with IDs and several commercial spots. Is this just Bulgarian National Radio, or something more interesting?
1332 22.11.1999 1146 1332b.rm "Reklamnaja Volna". This must be either Radio Volna Baikala from Irkutsk or Radio Russkaja Volna from Krasnojarsk, but which one?
1332 22.11.1999 1148 1332c.rm the same as the previous, with commercial spots, for example for a happening in a local night club
1485 3.12.1996 0430 1485b.rm Ukrainian, "V efire Radiostantsija ...", local programming at this time, until this national programming from Kiev. What is this? I have previously heard Kharkov with local programming here.
Walter Salmaniw: this file apart from the ID as Radiostantsiya Kolos has no other information besides news. It also is in Ukrainian, of course. Does that make any sense to you? No site mentioned, etc. Too bad there was no weather forecast.
1584 21.11.2000 1800 1584m.rm a jingle for "Club FM" or something like that, followed by a spot for "Kolorovyi telefon", probably something from Ukraine?
Mauno Ritola: your Ukrainian on 1584 kHz must be Lyuks FM. But the tx location is still a mystery.
Walter Salmaniw: Yes it's in Ukrainian. No real ID to be 
heard. Non-descript "Klyub FM", then the jinge for Koloroviy telefon, or coloured telephone followed by a phoned in greeting. Nothing there to trace exactly where the station is situated.
1584 8.12.2000 1927 1584d.rm a very short station identification "Radio ...e" between pieces of pop music. 

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