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Unidentified radio stations from China

If you understand Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Mongolian, Uighur, or other minority languages of the region, I would greatly appreciate your help. I have heard interesting radio stations from China and Taiwan, but I haven't been able to identify many of them. This page contains recordings of those stations.

So how do you know what stations operate on which frequencies? Here are two reference sources for you to check when listening to the sound files:
- list of Chinese stations in English (by Bruce Portzer)
- list of Chinese stations in Chinese (by Qiao Xiaoli)

Newer sound files are in MP3 format, and older ones in Real Media format. You need the Real Player software to listen to these files. If you don't have Real Player, you can download the basic version for free from here. Then just listen to the sound files, compare your observations with others and please email me what you hear.

The following abbreviations have been used:
CBS = Central Broadcasting System (Taiwan)
BC = Broadcasting company/corporation
BCC = Broadcasting Corporation of China (Taiwan)
CHN = China, Chinese
CNR = China National Radio
CRI = China Radio International
ID = station identification
PAL = Pacific Asian Log, compiled by Bruce Portzer
PBS = People's Broadcasting Station
QRM = interference
RGD = Renmin Guangbo Diantai
TWN = Taiwan
UNID = unidentified station
UTC = Universal time (add 8 hours, and you will get the time in Beijing time)
WRTH = World Radio TV Handbook

Thanks to Qiao Xiaoli, Liang Zhao, Robert Liu, Nianzhong Ou, Cathleen Liu, Alan Davies, Eric Zhou, Mauno Ritola, Jean Burnell, Zhao Liang, Jim Solatie, Tony Magon, Limeng and Markku Antola for clearing several UNIDs! Last updated with comments in February 2006. A few identified stations have been removed from the list.

 October 2005 - January 2006
 kHz:  date: time UTC: comments on the station:
Note: click on the time UTC to listen to the sound file
648 30.10.2005 1234


801 3.11.2005 1131


801 3.11.2005 1150


927 31.10.2005 0958-


1062 3.11.2005 1107


1179 4.11.2005 1600


1206 30.10.2005 1341


1206 1.11.2005 1606


1260 3.11.2005 1358-


1260 3.11.2005 1559


1314 1.11.2005 1433,

probably all of the same station

1323 1.11.2005 1600


1458 1.11.2005 1406


1476 29.10.2005 1659


1476 29.10.2005 2324


1485 29.10.2005 1326


1512 30.10.2005 1457


1512 2.11.2005 1500


1512 4.11.2005 1500


1512 30.10.2005 1535

in Mongolian

1512 3.11.2005 1346

in Mongolian

 January 2005
 kHz:  date: time UTC: comments on the station:
Note: click on the time UTC to listen to the sound file
792 13.1.2005 0159 This would be a very interesting station, because it was heard so late, so must be from the Western provinces. Perhaps Ordos (Eerduosi) RGD from Nei Menggu or Urumqi News Channel from Xinjiang? Probably an ID at 1'13
Mauno Ritola: the first word after the time announcement (at 1'13) sounds like Xinjiang
Liang Zhao: Zaozhuang, Shangdong Province
792 13.1.2005 1505 no ID, but numbers mentioned, probably as part of commercial spots, and these could reveal the location?
Liang Zhao: Tel numbers 2661792 and 2660792 health advice program
792 13.1.2005 1512 this telephone number could reveal the station
Liang Zhao: Tel numbers 2660792 and 2661792
882 13.1.2005 1410 I think there is an "... RGD" ID at 0'14
Liang Zhao: nothing identified
882 14.1.2005 1535 no apparent ID, but perhaps numbers (?) at 0'47 could reveal something
Liang Zhao: nothing identified
900 11.1.2005 1500 ID at 1'45, "... RGD", too fast for my ears
Håkan Sundman: Shanxi tai Shaanxi RGD
Mauno Ritola: According to info on Pacific Asian Log, Shanxi would be more probable
Robert Liu: ChangChun RGD. It can be identified at 1'45. Changchun is a city of Jiling province which is located in the northeast of China.
Liang Zhao: Changchun PBS, Liaoning Province
927 9.1.2005 2324 "... RGD"
Mauno Ritola: Xiaogan? would be my guess
Liang Zhao: Central PBS ?
927 12.1.2005 2300 this must be Yunnan RGD, although it is not listed on the frequency - but which channel, perhaps News (Xinmen Guangbo)?
Liang Zhao: Yunnan PBS
999 13.1.2005 0200,
this is probably just Xinjiang PBS, but I'd like to be sure... IDs in the latter excerpt at 0'05 and 0'31
Håkan Sundman: Xinjiang RGD
Liang Zhao: nothing identified at 0200, but 0214 is Xinjiang PBS
1044 11.1.2005 1500 probably in Mongolian, ID by a male and a female announcer at 0'16, doesn't fit to anything listed
Mauno Ritola: Sounds like Nei Monggol
Liang Zhao: nothing identified
1071 11.1.2005 1408 Mauno Ritola: same announcer and ID at 0'06 here as in the following one
Liang Zhao: Tianjin?
1071 11.1.2005 1420 first numbers and annoncements, ID at 2'08
Håkan Sundman: Tianjin RGD
Liang Zhao: Tianjin Economic Radio Station
1224 9.1.2005 1629 "... RGD"
Liang Zhao: Heilongjiang PBS
1224 12.1.2005 1300 ID at 0'05 by a female voice, male announcer at 1'01
Qiao Xiaoli: GuangXi Economic Station
Liang Zhao: ? Economic Radio Station
1476 8.1.2005 1600 I was expecting to hear Zibo Traffic and Literary Station in Zibo SD, but I can't figure this out. There is much more of this, if you need.
Liang Zhao: nothing identified
1485 10.1.2005 1500 "... RGD" ID twice, but weak
Qiao Xiaoli: Maybe it is Guang Xi Satellite Broadcasting station, not very sure
Liang Zhao: nothing identified
1494 13.1.2005 0214

There is a Xinjiang RGD ID at 0'03, but what are the FM and AM frequencies announced at 0'09? What service is this? Interestingly, Korla RGD is listed here, but I have never heard a local ID, only provincial programming.
Liang Zhao: Xinjiang PBS

1512 9.1.2005 2317 ID probably in Mongolian
Liang Zhao: Nei Menggu
1512 10.1.2005 0000 ID twice, the same station. Perhaps Chifeng RGD from Nei Menggu, although it is listed in the WRTH here only in Chinese language. For comparison, please check out a recording on 1512 much further down this page, recorded on 7.12.2001.
Mauno Ritola: Sounds like the one on 1044 kHz (Nei Monggol?)
Liang Zhao: nothing identified
1521 9.1.2005 2338 probably in Mongolian, so should be Ulanqab PBS, Jining NM, but is there anything here to confirm the identity?
Liang Zhao: nothing identified
1530 12.1.2005 1430 ID at 0'26 with FM and AM frequencies mentioned
Qiao Xiaoli: Zhe Jiang PBS City Channel
Liang Zhao: nothing identified
1584 9.1.2005 1425 ... RGD
Jim Solatie: perhaps Ma'anshan RGD?
Liang Zhao: nothing identified
 November-December 2004
 kHz:  date: time UTC: comments on the station:
Note: click on the time UTC to listen to the sound file
747 29.11.2004 1355 this is interesting, because the frequency was 746.92 kHz, so it was slightly off the official 747 kHz. Any ideas? I just hope it would be anything other than the superpower Taiwanese station.
Limeng: Family Radio Chinese programme
927 29.11.2004 1416 ID at 0'03
Jim Solatie: this could be a powerhouse from Taiwan
Limeng: Radio Taiwan International
963 2.12.2004 1457 ID at 0'25, I would guess Liaoning PBS?? Is there another Chinese coming on top at 0'33?
Eric Zhou: The file you marked "963 Liaoning" is definitely not Radio Liaoning.
963 kHz you've heard is Xuchang People's Radio Station. I heard a lady announcer invited to listen to her station and told the radio ID.
Mika: Xuchang is not listed in the WRTH, so is this some new transmitter? Only Liaoning, Zhejiang, Handan and Huangshi are listed. PAL also lists Changsha.
Qiao Xiaoli: medical advertisement mentioned telephone number 3823354, can't ID the station exactly. At 0:55' female voice mentioned handphone number 13033912539.
Limeng: unknown
963 27.11.2004 1529 This could be Xinjiang PBS in Kazakh. Contact information is given, and I think Urumqi is mentioned?
Limeng: unknown Mongolian programme
1071 29.11.2004 1300 top of the hour announcements at 0'05, but very weak. Don't pay attention to the interval melody, it belongs to a Kazakh station.
Limeng: unknown Chinese program
1071 29.11.2004 1336 AM and FM frequencies announced at 1'02
Limeng: Tianjin PBS
Mika: Thank you! I already have Tianjin verified, so we can forget about this sound file
1080 29.11.2004 1400 two stations, no obvious ID here, but some numbers announced
Limeng: Voice of Russia Chinese programme + another Chinese programme
Mika: Thanks! I already have Voice of Russia verified here, so unfortunately nothing new.
1152 29.11.2004 1324 is there anything local in these announcements? This Chinese station came on top of Hunan PBS for a while. Hunan had a phone-in program (and great IDs at 1329), while this one played relaxing music.
Limeng: Shenyang PBS
Mika: I didn't find Shenyang listed here?
1287 29.11.2004 1339 A rather clear ID from a mainland Chinese station at 0'25. This would be a rare catch.
Jim Solatie: sounds like "Xizang", but that is not listed. Xuchang would be closest of those listed in the WRTH. The telephone number however could be 'Fuxin Dianhua', from Fuxin.
Eric Zhou: Xuchang People's Radio Station, News Channel. A lady also asked for listeners' letters. It is a making-penpals program.
Mika: Wow! Many thanks for clearing this one. This is new for me, and a new station in Finland.
Qiao Xiaoli: XuChang PBS News service "Sky Literature" programme ("Kong Zhong Bi Hui" in Chinese), also mention address as follows: "Kong Zhong Bi Hui", Literature Department of News Broadcasting, (Bei Jiao, Xiao Nan Hai, Ba Long Lu 72), Xu Chang People's Broadcasting Station, Xu Chang, Henan
461000, P.R.China
Limeng: Tiechuan PBS
Mika: What is Tiechuan PBS? It is not listed on this frequency.
1287 29.11.2004 1400 more than one station, the interval melody could reveal the one on top
Limeng: unknown
1287 1.12.2004 2300 ID given twice at 0'04
Jim Solatie: sounds like CNR?
Limeng: Xuchang or Tiechang PBS (I can't hear it clearly)
1368 2.12.2004 0000 there was a CNR ID just before the hour, but no apparent ID on the hour
Limeng: CNR-Voice of China
 December 2001
 kHz:  date: time UTC: file name: comments on the station:
684 7.12.2001 1329 lem158_84.rm phone-in show, no apparent ID
Cathleen Liu: It should be a Taiwan radio station, according to the accent of Mandarin language.
Limeng: unknown
684 7.12.2001 1332 lem158_85.rm the same as previous, an announcement in the end after much noise
Limeng: unknown
702 7.12.2001 1100 lem158_74.rm Cathleen Liu: No radio ID, but the telephone number that mentioned in the programme was a telephone number in Guangzhou, Guangdong. The presenter or hostess said to the listeners: "if you have any inquiry or questions, please dial our hotline number outside of our studion, it is ... then followed by a number with an area code of Guangzhou, which is 020--. So I guess that maybe it is a radio in Guangdong.
Mika: Does anyone in Guangdong have a chance to listen to this station? Does CRI domestic service have local programming here?
Limeng: Shenyang PBS
Mika: but Shenyang is not listed here?
765 7.12.2001 1419 lem158_87.rm try to ignore the strong interference by a Russian station
Limeng: unknown
846 7.12.2001 1600 lem158_93.rm mainland (Beijing time announcement just before this)
Cathleen Liu: This should be a Taiwan radio station. I didn't hear any radio ID, but the terms in the news that they used would never be used by journalists in mainland.
Markku Antola: "jung hwua ming gwo ywan jang". This is from Taiwan, I think I recognize the voices of the announcers.
Limeng: Radio Taiwan International + unknown
900 7.12.2001 1359 lem158_83.rm three mainland Chinese simultaneously (never mind about the wrong heading of this file)
Limeng: unknown
900 7.12.2001 1500 lem158_88.rm local ID at 4 sec?, mainland time announcement at 41 sec, then probably CNR programming. The ID in the beginning sounds like Shanxi, Shaanxi, Benxi or Yanji to me.
Limeng: CNR
927 7.12.2001 1430 lem158_86.rm Limeng: unknown
954 7.12.2001 1134 lem158_77.rm in Mongolian or other minority language?, perhaps Hulun Buir or Xinjiang PBS? Good quality, but no apparent IDs.
Limeng: Mongolian programme, unknown station
1044 7.12.2001 1618 lem158_91.rm perhaps Mongolian or Uighur? "Radio" mentioned a couple of times.
Limeng: Uighur programme, unknown station
1044 7.12.2001 1632 lem158_92.rm the same station
Limeng: Uighur programme, unknown station
1152 7.12.2001 1100 lem158_71.rm in Mongolian, no apparent ID on the top of the hour
Limeng: Mongolian programme
1152 7.12.2001 1121 lem158_72.rm the same station
Limeng: Mongolian programme
1251 7.12.2001 1043 lem158_86.rm fanfare, announcement "This is the News", then news in Chinese
1350 1.12.2001 2200 lem158_4.rm the Mongolian (or similar) on top is the one I'm interested in, "Radio" mentioned in the ID? Jiangxi RGD can be heard underneath.
Markku Antola: "jung wen gwuan bwo jung sying", a Chinese commercial channel. I think this could be Taiwan. 
1350 1.12.2001 2201 lem158_5.rm the same as previous, listing frequencies
1350 4.12.2001 1524 lem158_31.rm Mainland Chinese, ID in the beginning. Jiangxi would be most probable, but sounds different.
Markku Antola: "gwan bwo duyan tai"
1413 6.12.2001 1022 lem158_52.rm a weak station identification at 4 sec.
1413 6.12.2001 1036 lem158_99.rm station identification by a male voice - if this would be Jiangsu, I already have a better ID from the station
1485 2.12.2001 1356 lem158_13.rm Panjin RGD?
Cathleen Liu: It should be a radio station in China mainland.
Mika: to me it sounds like Panjin, and I've already sent them a tentative report, any comments from others?
1485 2.12.2001 1431 lem158_14.rm the same
1503 5.12.2001 1308 lem158_41.rm no ID, but a very rare frequency, so I'm just hoping for some hint on the identity
Cathleen Liu: Is it Jiangsu Radio Station? The content is the relay broadcast of China National Radio Station's news programme.
1512 4.12.2001 1447 lem158_33.rm no announcements, but hoping for something to indicate Chifeng (which my friend heard here at 1302)
1512 5.12.2001 1000 lem158_39.rm phone-in program over the top of the hour, no ID
Markku Antola: in Mandarin, could this be from Taiwan?
1512 5.12.2001 1004 lem158_40.rm the same station
1512 6.12.2001 1059 lem158_55.rm two different stations, a rather clear ID at 4 sec of the first one
Alan Davies: around 4 secs, I don't think that's an ID. Instead she says, "Now we relay (something) from CNR", the 'something' is lost behind the time pips.
1512 6.12.2001 1600 lem158_59.rm Nianzhong Ou: Radio Jiangsu
Mika: Jiangsu is however not listed here
1512 7.12.2001 1022-
lem158_94.rm NEW! talk in Chinese, loud, but I didn't distinguish any clear reference to location. This is a huge file, which I posted to assist identifying the following one. Do they mention Ningguo at around 4 min? It sounds as if this talk station was taken over by a music station at 7 min. This is however probably the same station as the Chinese announcement in the next sound file (no. 66).
1512 7.12.2001 1029 lem158_66.rm a nice bilingual ID in Chinese and in Mongolian(?), but what station? - or are there two stations? One with ID in Chinese, the other in Mongolian? Both pausing or switching to music luckily at perfect times to avoid interfering each other?
Alan Davies: I think the female voice at the beginning is saying: "Now we relay the ?detailed news from [something] broadcasting station" then there's music and announcements in non-Chinese language with some Chinese just after 30 secs saying CNR, I think.
Liang Zhao: Ningguo, Anhui Province (I don't see this one in my old WRTH!)
Mika: And I don't see it in my new WRTH. Very interesting! But the Mongolian(?) ID still sounds very strange.
Jim Solatie: the Mongolian announcement sounds like "Ourmunski Narski (or: Ardim) Radio Proyekjan", pretty much like what I heard on 1368 // 1584 kHz; "Murmanski Narskina Radio Proyekjan" (or something like that) and still unidentified.
1512 7.12.2001 1032-
lem158_95.rm NEW! Another big file. There are two stations, one in (presumably) Mongolian and another in Chinese, another factor that leads me to believe that the station identifications in the previous recording may actually have been from two separate stations.
1584 4.12.2001 1257 lem158_32.rm ID at 18 sec
1584.25 7.12.2001 1225 lem158_78.rm a weak ID
Liang Zhao: Mainland Chinese station but can't get the ID
 kHz:  date: time UTC: file name: comments on the station:
603 4.12.2000 1230 603b.rm female station identification "... Renmin Guangbo Dientai", weak under Taiwan
Liang Zhao: Unable to ID
711 15.11.1999 2202 711a.rm the end of the news, and an announcement, probably no ID
738 7.11.1998 1400 738a.rm two Chinese stations, and not a very special frequency, but I don't understand the ID on the top of the hour
Tony Magon: Taiwan Fishery BC
792 9.12.2000 1200 792b.rm the top of the hour, but I can't figure out an ID. Some QRM by NHK.
810 5.12.2000 1725 810a.rm not sure if this is an ID or what. A late time, maybe private Taiwanese?
972 17.11.1999 1358 972a.rm could this be Harbin EBS? Interference by the Korean station. No ID, but does the content reveal anything? Unfortunately the station disappeared before the top of the hour.
1077 8.12.2000 1107 1077a.rm this is a long recording (3'30 minutes). There is no station identification, just talk which sounds like news. The only hope is that it would be some local or regional news. Strange split frequency.
Liang Zhao: No ID, and not able to locate station
1179 17.11.1999 1408 1179b.rm I already have Chutian BS from here, but if this would the Taiwanese Kuo Sheng, it would be very interesting
Jean Burnell and Zhao Liang: no ID
1384 1.12.1990 1359 1384a.rm mainland Chinese, strong on this split frequency
Jean Burnell and Zhao Liang: no ID, just frantic ads. Liang says "typical mainland China station"
Markku Antola: I think this is from Taiwan
1440 27.11.1997 2324 1440d.rm "... Radio" (?)
1440 27.11.1997 2331 1440e.rm Not exactly Chinese, I can't even recognize this language - could be Mongolian-related? This might be regional programming from the Russian Altai or some of the Nei Monggol transmitters in China?
1485 6.12.2000 1248 1485a.rm This is a rather long recording (2 minutes 50 sec). No apparent ID to my ears, but this is an extremely interesting frequency, and this low-power station would be a real rarity if it could be solved.
Alan Davies: The only clue I can offer is what I think is a mention of a company in Xi'an around 00:13

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