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Unidentified stations in Arabic
If you know the Arabic language, I would greatly appreciate your help. I have heard interesting radio stations from Arabic countries, but I haven't been able to identify them. This page contains some of those recordings.

Please listen to the files and email me, if you can find out the identity or location of the radio station. The sound files are in Real Media format. You need the Real Player software to listen to these files. If you don't have Real Player, you can download the basic version for free from here. Then just listen to the soundfiles, compare your observations with others and please email me what you hear.

(Updated with comments on April 20, 2003)

 Arabic-language stations from the Middle East and North Africa
 kHz:  date: time
comments on the station:
576 8.11.1998 0157
"Idha'at ... Islam, min ..." There was some interference by another, stronger Arabic station.
576 8.11.1998 0140
"Idha'at sawt al Islam" (?), another one of the two Arabic stations here
Idha'at Nida'i-l-Islam
(Call of Islam)
Yuki Sakagami: Though 576 kHz has not been listed as the official frequency of BSKSA, this is the ID of one of the Saudi official radio's network.
Mika: Thanks for solving the problem! I wonder where the transmitter is located.
1314 28.11.2004 1329 This must be Syria, because I got an ID just a while earlier, but unfortunately I don't have the ID on tape, so I would need to know, is there anything in this recording, that would prove the identity of the station?

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