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 kHz:  radio station, location:  recorded in:  submitted by:
576 NHK1 JOHG Kagoshima (MP3) 2005 Japan Nick Hall-Patch
594 NHK1 JOAK Tokyo (MP3) 2007 Finland Jim Solatie
666 NHK1 JOBK Osaka (MP3) 2007 Finland Jim Solatie
693 NHK2 JOAB Tokyo, tsunami warning (MP3) 2011 Canada Walter Salmaniw
693 NHK2 JOAB Tokyo 1995 Finland Mika Mäkeläinen
747 NHK2 JOIB Sapporo 1987 Finland Mika Mäkeläinen
864 JOXR Naha (MP3) 2007 Finland Jim Solatie
873 NHK2 JOGB Kumamoto 1996 Finland Mika Mäkeläinen
909 NHK2 JOCB Nagoya 2003 Finland Jim Solatie
1116 JODR Niigata 1993 Finland Mika Mäkeläinen
1125 NHK2 JOAD Naha, Okinawa 1993 Finland Mika Mäkeläinen
1386 NHK2 JOHC Kagoshima (MP3) 2005 Japan Nick Hall-Patch
1404 JOVR Shizuoka 1993 Finland Mika Mäkeläinen
1431 JOZF Gifu 1993 Finland Mika Mäkeläinen
1512 JOZB Matsuyama (WAV) 2004 Finland Jim Solatie
1593 NHK2 JOQB Niigata 1993 Finland Mika Mäkeläinen
1602 NHK2 JOFD Fukushima 1993 Finland Mika Mäkeläinen
11925 R Japan (FS) 1994 Germany Aart Rouw

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