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Bjarne Mjelde, Norway

Born in 1958, a DXer since 1972 and specialising in MW DX especially towards North America and Asia/Pacific. My best catches are probably KJAM Madison SD 1390 and 5MU Murray Bridge SA 1125 (both in '97).

Bjarne Mjelde
Bjarne's photo © Odd-Jørgen Sagdahl

My radio shack is built from the "you can only have too few receivers" principle, consisting of an AOR AR7030+, a K+D KWZ-30, a Palstar R30 and a JRC NRD-525.

In Berlevåg I use K9AY loops, in my cabin in Kongsfjord I use K9AY's + several beverages. As recording medium I use minidiscs, both decks and portables.

I have a son, Henning, born in 1989. I live in Berlevåg, a fishing community on the Arctic coast which processes fish products for the equivalent of 30-40 million USD a year.

I work for the municipality of Berlevåg, responsible for area and strategic planning, business development and harbour development.

Impressions and a field test - K9AY loop antenna
Review of Icom IC-746Pro

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